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From these guys, Yang Chen didn’t get any news, but it was a bit of a fuss to deal with a few killers. Since these people have been caught, it was better to leave them to the disciples of the Pure Yang Palace.

Among the killers, there were several Yuanying stage masters, the rest were peak Jiedan stage masters. Letting the law enforcement hall practice with them, he believed that in the history of the Pure Yang Palace Law Enforcement Hall, the opportunity to target Yuanying stage masters, there were only a few.

Meng Xian took a breath of cold air on the spot, such a big undertaking, it was really unbelievable. In the face of the head of the palace and the elders, Yang Chen said that he was attacked by a.s.sa.s.sins and then killed one, and arrested a few. Everyone thought that it was only masters of the Jiedan stage. Who could have imagined that there were so many Yuanying stage masters among them?

Originally listening to Yang Chen saying that he had killed six Yuanying stage masters from the Greatest Heaven Sect. Everyone had an unreal feeling. Now, there was such a Yuanying stage master in front of him, it was very shocking.

With Meng Xian’s eyesight, of course, it could be seen that these masters were the cultivators who have been tested for a long time, otherwise they would not act as killers. It’s just that this time he didn’t know what the cost of the Greatest Heaven Sect was, for them to make this high of a level of experts move. But this also showed that Yang Chen’s situation was getting more and more dangerous.

“Uncle master, the things on them, this disciple has already searched and taken them.” Yang Chen seemed to have no awareness of the danger at all. He smiled and said, “As for what can be obtained from their mouths, I will leave it to the law enforcement hall.”

Meng Xian has been in charge of the law enforcement hall for many years and naturally he had his pride. Yang Chen could catch so many masters. If they couldn’t even dig out some news from these people, wasn’t that a big slap on his face?

Yang Chen said so, but it was a little bit of a spurt. It was time to let Meng Xian’s heroic spirit rush and Yang Chen laughed and said loudly, “Whatever you get, the rest will be handed over to the law enforcement hall!”

“Try not to hurt their lives. If possible, let these guys be the target of the core disciples training.” Yang Chen finally reminded him and then smiled and left.

These people were in the hands of the law enforcement hall and he did not know how they would be treated. However, this had nothing to do with Yang Chen. Since it was their plan to kill Yang Chen, there must be an awareness of also being killed by Yang Chen. If they didn’t die, it’s already their luck.

On the contrary, Meng Xian listened to Yang Chen’s words and his heart moved, staring at the dozen people on the ground, he thought about it. After a long time, he moved, directly rolled up more than a dozen people and then went directly to the head of the palace. What Yang Chen said was indeed a way. With these people as training targets, the actual level of the core disciples would be greatly improved and the strength of the sect would be similarly improved.

This Yang Chen, even the captives were not let go, it seems that there was already a young sect master posture in him, Meng Xian had a smile on the way. With such a disciple, it was the greatest blessing of the sect.

During Yang Chen’s entire attributes condensing dan, at the moment was in the balance of the yin and yang five elements, in the short-term, Yang Chen did not think about a breakthrough, solidifying his current cultivation base was the right way to go. During this time, he could also solve the problem that Yang Chen has been trying to solve for a long time.

Gao Yue was now constantly nourishing the dragon’s horns, she was using her own spirit power and spiritual awareness to wash it over and over again. This kind of process could make Gao Yue and the dragon horn more and more coincident and increase the dragon horns refining success.

However, as a Jiedan stage master, during the time when Yang Chen went out, Gao Yue received another female disciple. It was not any apprentice sister in the memories of Yang Chen’s previous life.

Yang Chen was very surprised. Gao Yue had made a decision, she would only accept female disciples in the future and would not accept male disciples. The look when she spoke, made Yang Chen feel warmth in his heart.

Of course, he knew why Gao Yue would do this, just to prevent Yang Chen from feeling uncomfortable. Although Gao Yue knew that Yang Chen would not care about this, she did it on her own initiative.

With his master’s thoughtfulness, Yang Chen was very grateful. At the scene, there was only Yang Chen and his master, Yang Chen also couldn’t help but sway his master’s waist and put Gao Yue in his arms.

“Are you finally planning to accept Ling’er as a concubine?” Gao Yue did not resist, but just enjoyed being in Yang Chen’s arms. She smiled and asked “This time that Ling’er came back, she has been very happy.”

Gongsun Ling was now with Gao Yue and they were almost like sisters. During the time when Yang Chen went out, Gongsun Ling had already told Gao Yue about everything that happened in the demonic sect domain. Even when she pretended to be Yang Chen’s concubine and even watched Madam Fanghua’s Heav­enly Demon’s Al­lur­ing Dance was not hidden.

Yang Chen said that after returning, he would ask his master, so that his master and his senior apprentice sister would be married to him. This made Gongsun Ling very happy and she did not conceal it from Gao Yue. This was the intimate action of Yang Chen, Gao Yue did not resist.

The relationship between Gao Yue, Gongsun Ling and Yang Chen, whether it was inside the sect or outside the sect, there were many people who understood it. What Yang Chen didn’t know was that the reason why Sun Qingxue and Shi Shanshan united was precisely because Elder Hua pointed out to the two women that Gao Yue and Gongsun Ling have joined forces.

If Sun Qingxue and Shi Shanshan still wanted to fight with each other, they could only make things cheaper for the two women, which was not good for them. On the contrary, if they united they would be able to sneak pastGao Yue and Gongsun Ling and come in front of Yang Chen.

“Master, are you willing to marry me?” Yang Chen said this sentence of marriage proposal with a very weird tone.

“Sweetheart!” Gao Yue made a low sigh, but her face also flashed with a blush: “If you don’t want to, how can I be as light as you are?”

Although it was already known that Gao Yue was unlikely to refuse, but when faced with this moment, there was still some tension.

Listening to the voice of Gao Yue, Yang Chen was overjoyed, suddenly was overcome with happiness so that he did not know what to say, under the ecstasy, Yang Chen’s arms became tight and then he noticed the slight pain of Gao Yue.

Yang Chen suddenly became shocked, he knew that he had cultivated a body refining technique and reinforced his body. After his strength increased, he was able to pull a mountain and he had the power of 300,000 jin. Once he injured his master, then he would be consigned to eternal d.a.m.nation.

Fortunately, even though Yang Chen subconsciously tightened his arm, although Gao Yue’s delicate body was somewhat unbearable, after all, the body still has some flexibility, and it has not caused any irreparable consequences.

“You can’t disappoint Ling’er.” Just after Yang Chen’s long breath, Gao Yue’s faintly whispered: “Ling’er is also ready to die with you. She has a deep affection for you, you have to marry her.”


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