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Chapter 722 – Abuse of Power

“Wa, so pretty….”

I could tell from Meng Yao’s face that she really liked this equipment set. She held the horse’s reins and smiled to me asking, “Brother, am I pretty?”

I smiled, “Yup, my Meng Yao is becoming more and more beautiful. Wonder when she’ll get hitched with a husband~”

Meng Yao blushed, “Brother, you’re teasing me again. I’m only nineteen, gosh. I’m not even at the age for marrying. Besides, what kind of brother are you, always trying to get his sister married. Brother, tell me the truth, do you think I’m dead weight that’s holding you back and that’s why you’re always trying to marry me off, or….”

She mischievously smiled and then whispered into my ear, “Or is Brother and Sister Wan Er in some kind of special relationship, and you’re afraid that I’ll be a third wheel in your love world?”

I stiffened and then smiled, “What are you talking about?”

Meng Yao had seen right through me and she stuck out her chest, “He he, I completely understand! Brother, don’t worry, this winter break I won’t come to bother you. Even if we’re watching a movie, you just have to give me a bucket of popcorn and I’ll quietly watch. I promise I won’t look at whatever you guys are doing…”

Flabbergasted, I messed with her hair and said, “Alright already, where’d you learn to tease me like this? Also, I’ve got another gift for you, you’ll definitely like it.”

“Oh, what is it?”

The moment I put the Verdant Pear’s crystal in her hand, Meng Yao froze. After a few seconds, her eyes slowly lit up with excitement, “Ah? What… what a pretty mount. It’s a Divine Tier BOSS mount. Wu…. it’s even a white horse. Brother, where’d you get it?”

I smiled to her and said with a hint of pride, “It’s a reward from an SSS tier main quest. I think I was the only one that got a Divine Tier reward. Well, do you like it?”

Meng Yao nodded, “Yup, I love it!”

As she said that, she was already beginning the mount contract. The crystal melted away and a mount appeared before her. It was the Verdant Pear. Meng Yao leapt onto the horse. With one hand holding a shield and the other a spear, she smiled to me, “Brother, how is it?”

I replied, “What about the Iron Umbrella of the Moon Elves?”

“It’s been melded with the shield. In reality, my magic defense is already up a lot.”

“So it was like that….”

I smiled and said, “[Zhan Long] will be creating a Moon Elf Knight Corp, Yue Yao Yan will command it and Meng Yao, you’ll be the Deputy. Remember to support her well and study a lot under her tutelage. She is quite remarkable at commanding.”

Meng Yao nodded, “Understood. Don’t worry brother, I won’t let you down.”

“How much health and defense do you have right now?”

“49,000 health, 10400+ base defense, how is it?”

I took a deep breath, “Wow. Just that one Valkyrie Tier armor set’s defense actually brings you higher than my defense….”

Meng Yao grinned, “Brother! I’m a knight, I have the shield to add on to my defense, whereas you’re a swordsman. All you have are your two swords. If you had a shield too, I’m afraid that your defense power would surpa.s.s mine by at least a thousand points!”

“Oh, that’s true too….”

At that moment, two of Meng Yao’s subordinates rode over. They were both part of the Steel Blade Hors.e.m.e.n. As they rode up to us, they addressed me together, “Guildmaster!”

I nodded, “Hey. Are you all Meng Yao’s friends?”

“Yes sir. Guildmaster, we’re actually both Meng Yao’s cla.s.smates, students of Xia Men University. We’re about to go on winter break, so we’re going to spend these days training with Meng Yao.”

I warmly smiled to them, “Ok. Thanks for looking after my sister!”

Meng Yao pouted her lip, “Brother, I don’t need them to look after me. Now that I have Verdant Pear and this Black Flame Set, I can already solo grind….”

I couldn’t help but lightly scold her, “What’s this, are you going to eat and not pay up? Don’t forget, just who was it that grinded your levels up to 115….”

The two Steel Blade Hors.e.m.e.n gave a knowing smile and didn’t say anything.

Meng Yao pouted again, “Hmph, Brother only knows how to bully me. You just wait, in a few days I’ll be coming back from finishing all of my tests. That’s right, Brother you’re living with Wan Er now right?”


“Then I’ll come over and visit you guys.”

“Alright then, come on over!”


Right as I was talking with Meng Yao, I suddenly spotted a cloud of dust rise up in the distance. The person coming clearly had a lot of strength and power. He was riding a Steel Blade Horse and had a sword in hand. On his shoulder was the Zhan Long elder insignia. It was General Li Mu. At that moment, the two Steel Blade Hors.e.m.e.n behind me both shouted, “Brother Li Mu!”

Li Mu was number one in the Valiant Bravery Camp, and in their hearts, there wasn’t much of a difference between his position as leader and my own. Li Mu was second only to me in terms of prestige. It was just as Qing Qian had once secretly said to me that if I weren’t at [Zhan Long], and if Li Mu was more hot-blooded and had the ambition, then the leader of [Zhan Long] would’ve been Li Mu.

“What is it?” I walked up and asked.

Li Mu furrowed his brow and said, “Just south of the Broken Blade Canyon in the Fierce Wind Forests, Ye Lai brought around 500 of [Judgement]’s players and seems to be confronting the thousand men that Rumor had brought from his Run Like Flames guild. It seems that they’re fighting over some kind of a mount. D*mm*t, Ye Lai that b*st*rd. He’s got so much fire in his belly. He definitely won’t step aside for Rumor, that pampered crown prince. What do we do? If they actually end up fighting, then the balance of power in the Chinese Server will become all muddled again!”

I furrowed my brows and gripped my hands, “D*mm*t. The whole business with the Greedy Wolf Raiders hasn’t calmed down yet and now this Rumor is setting off another thing. The Chinese Servers really can’t get any peace and quiet. It’s one thing after another!”

Meng Yao smiled, “The Chinese Server has a lot of people and a lot of land, which naturally comes with many conflicts. Brother, how about you take some people over and check out the situation!”

I nodded and said, “Li Mu, gather all of the Steel Blade Hors.e.m.e.n in the area. We don’t need too many, just around five hundred. Afterwards, follow me and let’s go check it out. [Judgement] is our ally. I’m not going to let anyone else abuse their power and ride on Ye La’s head. Not even the f*cking, Virtual World Department Head’s nephew!”

“Yes sir. Everyone’s ready. There’s a total of 800 Steel Blade Hors.e.m.e.n. Three hundred of them are the Moon Elves that you like. Yao Yan is among them too. Should we set off now?”

“Ok let’s go!”


When Li Mu, Meng Yao, and I arrived at the Bridge of Fate, we saw that all 800 of the Steel Blade Hors.e.m.e.n were ready for their commands. Yao Yan stood at the head with her long sword in hand, and had donned the Black Flame Set. I could see the designs of the Iron Umbrella etched into her shield. Looks like it already has the Iron Umbrella’s attributes now that it had melded together with her shield. She smiled to me, “Guildmaster, are we fighting?”

I nodded, “Let’s go!”

I patted my horse and sped forward. I rode at the very front while the eight hundred Steel Blade Hors.e.m.e.n thundered behind me. All eight hundred of them were wearing the Black Flame Set. Qing Qian was very effective in completing her asks. She had probably distributed the equipments as soon as she received them. These eight hundred were all [Zhan Long]’s elite forces and so, they were Tian Ling City’s most elite battle power.

The Steel Blade Hors.e.m.e.n moved extremely fast. We sped past the Broken Blade Canyon and through the Broken Bone Shrubbery. Just a little further south and we would reach the Fierce Wind Forest. However, the Fierce Wind Forest was a vast map, there were even several medium sized maps within it. Plus, there were several places to grind levels. Based off of the coordinates that Li Mu had given me, Ye Lia was in the Needle Leaf Forest. I could see several Frost Beasts in the forest. As I got closer, they looked less like beasts, and more like, sheep! Sheep that were as tall as humans!

“Sheep!?” Li Mu couldn’t help but laugh, “You’re kidding me. Ye Lai that b*st*rd, is fighting with Rumor because of mountain sheep?”

Matcha pulled on her reins and said, “Yup. However, these aren’t cute and happy little sheep. These monsters are called Frost Battle Rams. They’re a species that are naturally talented in battle. The map north of the Fierce Wind Forests sp.a.w.n these mounts. There’s around a 2% chance of a Level 1 Mount appearing. They’re Level 110 Saint Tier mounts. I believe the stats also give a 10% [Drain] effect. Otherwise they would never be that worth it. Did you think that Ye Lai was some kind of an idiot that would offend Rumor over some sheep?”

I smiled, “To be honest, with the fiery personality that Ye Lai has, even if it were jut over some sheep, he would still get into a fight with [Run Like Flames]…. Last time, you guys didn’t see what happened at the General Appointment Stage. Rumor had such an aloof att.i.tude, all because he has an uncle who is the Department Head of the Virtual World. It’s like he actually thought he was the crown prince of Tian Ling City!”

Li Mu frowned, “What the f*ck, I despise trash like that.”

I nodded, “Same, and so does Ye Lai. But, Ye Lai’s personality is truly fiery, I’m worried… we should hurry!”



The Steel Blade Hors.e.m.e.n charged through the forest and very soon we saw hundreds of blue and orange dots in the forest in front of us. The orange dots were all players from [Judgement], to show that they were our allies.

“Hua la!”

I was the first to burst out of the shrubbery into a large clearing. It was surrounded with short brushes and small trees. The leaves of the weeds were extremely wide and were the Frost Mountain Rams’ favorite food. This was also the center of where all of the Frost Mountain Rams sp.a.w.ned, so it was naturally where the conflict was also centered.

In the clearing, it was clear that the battle had already begun. Ye Lai raised his battle axe and rode on a battle horse. He coldly looked in front of him at his opponents. He didn’t say anything but I could see the blood on his axe and the bodies of several players on the ground. That was probably the masterpiece of Ye Lai. All of the people that had died were from [Run Like Flames]. In terms of battle power in the game, Rumor’s players were far weaker.


Rumor had a very ugly expression. He raised his flaming blade and shouted, “Ye Lai, what is the meaning of this? Is the Chinese Server Alliance just some pretense for you? Don’t you know that you are basically starting an internal war right now? Besides, now that your guild is acting against [Run Like Flames], does this mean you are breaking the treaty?”

Ye Lai coldly smiled, “[Judgement] has held this forest since three days ago. What are you doing here. You just happened to discover that the Frost Mountain Rams sp.a.w.n here, so you want to take a little sip from the cup as well?”

Rumor fell silent for a few seconds and then said, “I was never trying to fight with you over these Frost Mountain Rams. All that happened was that a few of the squad leaders in my guild were pa.s.sing by and happened to tame a few of the Frost Battle Rams, that’s all. I think you’ve misunderstood.”

Ye Lai roared, “Misunderstood? Your, ‘few squad leaders’ brought four hundred people and tamed several of the Frost Battle Rams, and then happened to kill a hundred of [Judgement]’s players? [Judgement] has always quietly grinded levels in Tian Ling City without voicing a complaint. We’ve never provoked anyone. And now [Run Like Flames] wants to battle with us. How is [Judgement] not going to respond in kind? Come. If you’re men, then bring all of the [Run Like Flames] players and battle it out with [Judgment]. Whoever loses gets out of this forest without another word!”


Rumor’s face flushed red, “Now you’re just bullying people with your strength!”


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