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Chapter 658 Turn into a Kiss*ss

In the arena, Fierce Tiger raised his flaming axe. He stared at Swift Thunder. Swift Thunder had practically the same equipment and weapon. Swift Thunder stared right back without moving a hair.

“She’s flirty, did you know that?” Fierce Tiger smiled.

Swift Thunder’s glare was filled with killing intent, “Enough!”

Looks like, Swift Thunder hadn’t completely lost all reason. At least he knew that the world’s players were watching the stage right now. There were probably at least a hundred thousand watching right now. It would’ve been too embarra.s.sing if he were to bring out his dirty laundry now.

The seconds counted down, all the way until the end. The second the match began, Swift Thunder charged out. He couldn’t wait any longer to kill his enemy.

Fierce Tiger roared, activating [Dou Qi Armor]. He then twitched his finger. At that moment, flames burst around his battle axe. The second Swift Thunder got close, he threw three cuts. It was a special skill effect!

“Sha sha….”

Swift Thunder made a side step and beautifully pivoted to the side, dodging the enemy’s attack in one step. He coldly smiled, “I’ve long heard that Fierce Tiger uses the Drunken Sword style. As expected, you have impressive special skills. Unfortunately… they’re all being wasted on this b*st*rd. What a waste!”

As he said that, Swift Thunder activated [Will of the Berserker], greatly increasing his critical attack. He suddenly rammed into Fierce Tiger and then activated [Flame Axe]+[Axe Whirlwind], plummeting Fierce Tiger’s health to critical. As his opponent was fleeing, he took the chance to activate [Battle Axe Throw]!


Fierce Tiger’s body was practically ripped apart. In that one round he lost a point, 0:1.

For the second round, Swift Thunder took the offensive again. This time, he relied on his technique, parrying two of Fierce Tiger’s normal attacks. Right before Fierce Tiger could activate his special skills, he relied on his explosive damage to throw Fierce Tiger back into critical health. He didn’t let up at all and kicked Fierce Tiger’s abdomen. Right afterwards, he dealt a normal attack, cutting right into Fierce Tiger’s neck. He then smiled coldly, “The most important part of being human is knowing oneself. Did you think that as the vice guildmaster of [Flying Dragon], you could act however you like in front of the vice guildmaster of [House of Prestige]? Go take a look at yourself in your own p.i.s.s. Don’t go around making enemies with so little skill!”

Fierce Tiger howled and retreated from the arena. With a 2:0 score, he was killed and teleported outside the border of the arena. Frustrated, all he could do was clench his teeth. He just wasn’t as skilled as his enemy. In terms of battle power and skill, Swift Thunder was much stronger than him.

In the second round, Snow Wolf Spirit represented [House of Prestige] and went to battle while [Flying Dragon] sent out Drunken Spear. There wasn’t much to say about this battle. Little Flower cleanly finished off Snow Wolf with a 2:0. As the joker of [Flying Dragon], it was a must that he earn back some points for [Flying Dragon].

The third match, Soaring Dragon vs Bai Li Ruo Feng. There wasn’t much suspense here either. Bai Li Ruo Feng was ranked fourth in the CBN Battlenet Rankings and was known as the number one archer in the Chinese Servers. With a 2:0 score, he slaughtered Soaring Dragon. In reality, Flying Dragon’s spells couldn’t beat Bai Li Ruo Feng at all. His footwork and dodging skills were just too great. His ability to shoot while moving was enough to make Soaring Dragon lose all hope in fighting.

The fourth match, 2v2. Drunken Spear and Flying Dragon both went to battle. For this battle Bai Li Ruo Feng made a team with Swift Thunder. Bai Li Ruo Feng would’ve acted as the ranged control to counter Soaring Dragon. In addition, Drunken Spear knew that their chances for victory weren’t too great. And so, in both matches, he raised his spear and killed off Swift Thunder first before having his health whittled away by Bai Li Ruo Feng. This was enough to avenge Fierce Tiger, his vice guildmaster. It was another 2:0. [House of Prestige] won with a 3:1.

The last battle was the team battle. [House of Prestige] relied on their strong teamwork to obtain victory. The healer, Yao Yao also partic.i.p.ated in the match. It was the girl from last night! The healer robe made her look even more alluring. The breeze would sometimes flutter her robes, revealing the pale white thighs underneath. However, this time, before Fierce Tiger could touch anything, he was killed by Swift Thunder. Afterwards, Drunken Spear cut down another three players from the other team. In the end, however, he was killed by Bai Li Ruo Feng’s combo. The result was 2:0 again. [Flying Dragon] team had been defeated by [House of Prestige] in a 1:4 match.


“Wow, too bad for Drunken Spear….”

Li Mu was looking at the screen as he shook his head, “Such a strong player. He’s probably one of the top players in the Chinese Server, right? Of the all the knights in the country, Drunken Spear is definitely among the top three. Unfortunately, he’s in an insignificant guild like Flying Dragon. Guildmaster, haven’t you thought of a way to bring him over? [Zhan Long] really needs someone as talented as him. If we get a few more experts like Drunken Spear, then why would we worry about [Legend] and [Hero’s Mound]? Besides, Drunken Spear has pretty good character too and he appears to be on good terms with you. He’s always speaking up for you on the forums….:

w.a.n.g Jian added, “That’s right Brother Xiao Yao. Think about it, if the [Zhan Long] camp got Drunken Spear, hehe, then just how strong would we become?!”

I helplessly smiled and shook my head, “You don’t know how stubborn Drunken Spear is. He’s got patriotism and loyalty straight to his bones. Now that he’s joined [Flying Dragon] he won’t easily betray that guild. He’s like a faithful official who won’t recognize any other master. For a man like that, no matter what I do to convince him, he won’t change guilds. If I tried decimating [Flying Dragon], I’m sure Drunken Spear would just leave the game before choosing another guild. What would be the point of that…”

Wolf smiled, “We can plan it out… get someone else to kill off [Flying Dragon] and then have Drunken Spear join [Zhan Long]. That would be good….”

I leaned against a pillar and said, “Nevermind. No one mention Wolf’s suggestion again. I don’t want to turn into the type of person I hate the most.”

Wolf nodded, “Yes sir.”

Li Mu agreed, “That’s true… however, the reality is, society is one big pot. There’ll always be moments where we’re forced to do things we don’t want, or say things we don’t mean. In the end, we’ll all become the person that we hate.”

w.a.n.g Jian waved his hand, “Then I’ll just hate on rich people…”

Li Mu, “You f*cker, you messed up the somber mood of my words of wisdom. Can’t you be a good bro….”


The next round quickly pa.s.sed by. Jian Feng Han went up against the [Emerald Porcelain] team. This was Ba Huang City’s number one guild against Fan Shu City’s number two guild.

In the first round, Jian Feng Han killed Death’s Contract, winning with a score of 2:0. This duel between guildmasters proved that in the end, Jian Feng Han was truly one of the top players in the game. Even though Death’s Contract was completely covered in Divine Tier equipments, he still was killed by Jian Feng Han’s battle technique. Furthermore, in an age where Q-Sword began the Pulse Break Style trend, Jian Feng Han persisted with his own battle style, without changing anything.

For the second round, Fallen Wolf lost to [Emerald Porcelain]’s swordsman, Forgotten Desolation, with a score of 1:2. There was no other way. Berserkers always attacked in one wave. If they don’t finish off their opponent in that one wave, they would be killed in turn. That’s because they don’t quite have a lot of defense on their own. On the other hand, Swordsmen had explosive skills like Combos, [Flying Sword], and [Sword Break]. Breaking through the weak defenses of Berserkers was as easy as cutting through vegetables.

In the third match, Simple defeated an a.s.sa.s.sin from [Emerald Porcelain] with a 2:0. There wasn’t any suspense since Simple was renowned as Ba Huang City’s number one mage. The only person who could shake her spot was Dong Cheng. Unfortunately, Dong Cheng didn’t seem to have any interest in being number one. She’d much rather follow Wan Er and I in our adventures in the game world.

After that, there were two matches back to back. As before, Jian Feng Han’s team won. All in all, they won 4:1 against [Emerald Porcelain]. The overall impression that [Emerald Porcelain] gave was that they weren’t too strong. Maybe it was because they didn’t have much explosive power. Even their guildmaster was a monk. As for the rest, there was no need to address them. However, the most terrifying aspect of a guild like this was their ability to draw battles out. Later on, whether it was in a guild battle or a country battle, [Emerald Porcelain]’s true strength will slowly reveal itself.


The next round quickly began. It was [Enemies at the Gate] vs [Team Mu Xuan]. After the players were teleported onto the stage, I saw that the Queen Mu Xuan was wearing a tight dress. She brought a sack with her onto the stage. Her flirtatious posture stupefied Misty Cloud, Reborn Sword and the others. Furthermore, the four members that Mu Xuan brought with her were all beautiful girls. In reality, having the [Appearance Alliance] attend this tournament was very pleasing.

Misty Cloud glanced at Mu Xuan and smiled, “What team formation are you planning?

Mu Xuan smiled, “Well well, is Guildmaster Misty Cloud trying to grab me? Not a chance! In that case, I won’t say when I’m fighting. Don’t worry, when I fight I will take a point!”

Misty Cloud rubbed his nose, “Alright then….”

Very soon, the team formations appeared. Mu Xuan had chosen to be the second to go to battle, while Misty Cloud chose to be third. He hadn’t gotten the chance.

First match, Vice Guildmaster Natural Beauty represented [Appearance Alliance] and went to battle. She claimed victory against Reborn Sword with a 2:1 score.

Second Match, Mu Xuan represented [Appearance Alliance] in the battle and defeated Fighting in Blood with a 2:0 score.

Third Match, Vice guildmaster Wild Swan had been KOed by Misty Cloud with a score of 2:0. [Enemies at the Gate] countered with a point.

The fourth battle was 2v2. Misty Cloud relied on his special skills and defeated his enemy 2:1. Now both sides were tied with a 2:2.

The last battle was a team one. Mu Xuan began to reveal her top tier strength. She continuously used [Dimensional Leap] to deal damage from different positions. She managed to dodge Misty Cloud’s pursuit. Furthermore, she supported the rest of her team, finally finishing [Enemies at the Gate] with a 2:0. In the end, [Appearance Alliance] entered the top eight with 3:2!


“Alright, our turn…”

Wolf stood up from his seat beside me. He lifted his helmet and smiled, “Even though the enemy is strong, we cannot give up. Defeat [Prague]! Let’s follow Brother Xiao Yao into the Top Eight!”

I nodded, “Yup, good luck!”

On the other side, Yan Zhao Warrior brought Six Ya, Twilight Bamboo, Traveler and Tornado out to battle. After both sides set up their teams, a list of names popped up onto the big screen——

1v1: Strawberry Matcha Lv114 Phantom Knight VS Yan Zhao Warrior LV 117 Swordsman

1v1: Wolf Totem LV 114 a.s.sa.s.sin VS Yayayayayaya LV 115 Flame Swordsman

1v1: Ran Min LV 114 Berserker VS Traveler LV 115 Knight

2v2: Strawberry Matcha LV 114 Phantom Knight and Dancing Forest LV 115 Archer VS Yayayayayaya LV 115 Flame Swordsman and Yan Zhao Warrior LV 117 Swordsman

5v5: ALL vs ALL



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