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Chapter 389 The Brewing War


In the jungle’s chaparral, a drove of brawny boars covered with p.r.i.c.kly spikes were digging up the soil. They seemed to be searching for some lush roots. The bodies of these boars were glowing, but not with divine brilliance, it was the sheen of plant oil. They had been rubbing against the trees ever since they were born, and had not taken a shower for a few hundred years. The thick layer of pine oil had formed an armor that was comparable to iron, impenetrable to knives and swords. As well, the p.r.i.c.kly spikes they were born with that pa.s.sed through the layer of pine oil like spear points on a shield.!

Thorn Forest Boars, a level 80 Phantom Tier monster with medium attack strength, high defense, high health and high speed, they also possessed skills like [Charge], [Drain], etc. These creatures were basically the kings of Boar Forest. Because of their high level, players didn’t normally come here to grind for levels. There was no problem in monopolizing Boar Forest.

I roughly counted and found that there were around 200+ Thorn Forest Boars here. There were just too many. I had to keep the [Zhan Long] players away from them, otherwise it would bring us endless troubles if they were pursued by these monsters.


After learning the situation our surroundings. I held my sword and returned to [Zhan Long]’s campsite. In the distance, the members of [Moonlit Lake] charged forward as imposing as rainbows. The group of berserkers, knights, and swordsmen roared furiously as they blindly dashed forward, only to be p.r.i.c.ked by the thorns halfway. They howled in pain as their health rapidly dropped. When they finally arrived within 40 yards of [Zhan Long]’s frontline, only 50% of their health remained.

Dancing Forest lifted her long bow and yelled, “Everyone, shoot! Attack indiscriminately and kill them all!”

Above the campsite of [Zhan Long], numerous arrows and magic spells flew out, and blood splashed among the crowds with a “PuPuPu”. Dozens of people were instantly killed while painful howls were continuously being screamed. Before the battle even started, at least 200 members of the [Moonlit Lake] were dead. This was the result of acting recklessly without any understanding of the topography.

“Stop a.s.saulting!”

At the rear of the crowds, a beautiful swordswoman clothed in heavy armor drew her long sword abruptly and shouted, “Draw up in battle arrays. Healers, follow closely, and we will advance forward step by step. Crush everything as we move! Don’t let the members of [Zhan Long] use the terrain to their advantage. Everyone, listen to my command. Prepare to attack!”

This was none other than the guildmaster of [Moonlit Lake], the enchanting beautiful swordswoman Gong Zi Ying, who looked no older than 22 years old. Beside her, stood her equally beautiful vice guild master, Mu Xue, a level 70 mage. Besides these two, it would seem that the players of the guild were mostly men. It didn’t take much thought to reason that these two beauties had seduced a bunch of idiotic men. Perhaps it was not beauty alone, because Gong Zi Ying possessed a very keen sense of judgement. This was no surprise, smexy guild masters were far and few between, she’d need more than just beauty. It was no wonder how [Moonlit Lake] could have a place in Jiu Li City. Beautiful but nothing more than a thin veneer of transient looks that will fade with the pa.s.sing of time. There is no substance.

Under the command of Gong Zi Ying, [Moonlit Lake] began their tactic of advancing gradually and entrenching oneself after every step. The players in front advanced slowly, while the healing healers at the back followed. This way, the damage caused by the thorns became chocolate trifle.

[Note; for those interested in the recipie, http://allrecipes.com/recipe/19017/chocolate-trifle/ ]

“Prepare to attack!” I stood on the frontline and said, “Brothers, let’s fight them; the more we kill, the more we earn. Everyone, do you best. [Zhan Long], battle for the city war points!”

Qing Qian wore a defeated expression as she asked, “Brother, wasn’t our slogan, battle for the weak?”

I laughed out loud and answered, “There is no difference between the good and evil in city wars. It’s all for the city war points. A man should be honest and kind. Right now, [Zhan Long] is fighting for our honor and dreams, and for the points!”

“Okay, really practical!” One Second Hero burst out in laughter and exclaimed, “Then we shall battle for the points!”


Faraway, my [Seven Star Fragment Slash] and [Great Realm of Desolation] were sent out almost at the same time. Flaming Tiger G.o.d also charged back and forth, killing under the “care” of Darling Duck. A battle of almost ten thousand people started in the Boar Forest!

Although the comprehensive battle strength of [Moonlit Lake]’s members was not comparable to [Dao Jian Xuan] and [Emperor’s Blood], they had a great number of people that every two deaths on the frontline would result in the death of one [Zhan Long] player. Under such strenuous war, we only had 1000 people left after they were annihilated. With only 1000 people, how could we destroy guilds like [Legend], [House Of Prestige], and [Judgement]?”

I pondered over and over, and decided that we couldn’t continue acting recklessly like this. At that moment, a plan appeared in my mind. I called Qing Qian to my side, and whispered a few words in her ear. The young lady chuckled as she heard my words, and nodded in response, “Brother Xiao Yao, you are so shameful……”

“It’s nothing. Quick!”



The army divided and Qing Qian and I left the campsite together. I went into the heart of the jungle from the right side, while Qing Qian went in from the left. After I pa.s.sed through the dense trees, I immediately accelerated and hovered around the thorn forest wild boars. One by one, I attracted the agro of the boars by moving past them in a zigzag pattern again and again. Soon, the 200+ boars all chased after me. Unfortunately, their speed did not allow them to catch up with me. My [War Swept Cloak] possessed 15% of the [Ride The Wind] effect which increased the movement speed by 15% finally came in handy!


I dashed out of the jungle, leading my “ boar army” and headed from the side towards the campsite of [Moonlit Lake]. The earth trembled slowly, and each Thorn Forest Boar was like a moving fort. Each weighed at least 500 kilograms and they all were pursuing me with a whooshing motion.



A team leader at the side of [Moonlit Lake]’s camp gaped and screamed, “Motherf*cker. Oh no, Xiao Yao is coming to us with a bunch of boars. d.a.m.n, it feels like we’re being cheated!”

“What should we do?” An archer who was rendered speechless by Xiao Yao Zi Zai finally asked.

“What else can we do. Prepare to slay Boars and kill Xiao Yao Zi Zai!” Gong Zi Ying held her sword and gnashed her teeth, “Fang Ge Que, Baili Ruo Feng, and Ye Lai weren’t wrong. The most terrifying opponent was not Jian Feng Han, but Xiao Yao Zi Zai. His brothers are too strong and his mind is too intelligent. Charge forward and kill those boars!”

I darted forward while surveying the local terrain. With an abrupt movement, I activated [Blade Rush], and disappeared into the thorn forest; [Camouflage] was effective in gra.s.s, and shrubbery regions, so I endured the piercing thorns to obtain the invisibility effect. The 200+ Thorn Forest Wild Boars lost their original target and immediately turned their aggro towards the [Moonlit Lake]’s players in front, charging forward furiously with a whooshing motion!


Under the brutal a.s.saults, in addition to the [Blood Drain], dozens of [Moonlit Lake]’s members were killed. This was a happy scene. Gong Zi Ying wielded her sword on the frontline and moved forward to kill the boars instead, causing the pressure on [Zhan Long] to instantly reduce. At this moment, movements were heard from the left side. A pretty girl charged forward with at least 150 wild boars behind her. The second she approached [Moonlit Lake], she activated [Absolute Step], and disappeared into thin air while gifting another 150 level 80 Phantom Tier Monster to them. This time, there should be enough to tire them out!

“What are we waiting for?” Li Mu raised his long sword and laughed out loud, “[Zhan Long], advance towards the frontline and crush them!”

Old K used a [Whirlwind Slash] to break the enemy’s formation. Dong Cheng Lei, One Second Hero and the others also charged forward, yelling and screaming. A strike of Sister Matcha’s [Phantom Ray Slash] killed a bunch of the players with low health, and her attacks chilled the members of [Moonlit Lake] to the bone.

Because of the influence of many factors, the balance of this battle had tilted completely in [Zhan Long]’s favor. After Gong Zi Ying solved the “Wild Boar Crisis,” about 1500 people of [Moonlit Lake] had already been killed by [Zhan Long]. The number of people [Moonlit Lake] had left now couldn’t compare with [Zhan Long]. With only 2000 people, they had to fight against at least 2800 people of [Zhan Long]!


“Hold your ground!”

Gong Zi Ying held up her sword, gnashed her teeth and said, “Shift from offensive to defense. We can’t fight recklessly now. Everyone, remember: Guard this field. Our allies will arrive soon!”

Mu Xue also raised her staff and yelled, “Hold your ground! Victory belongs to Jiu Li City!”

As [Zhan Long] advanced forward step by step, we began to take control of the battle field. The facts had proven that [Zhan Long]’s 5000 people have the strength of 50000. As long as we maintain our good battle strategies and timing, we’ll continue to be an invincible mighty force!”

Hearing Gong Zi Ying’s words, Li Mu was slightly worried and asked while attacking, “ Gong Zi Ying said there are reinforcements. What should we do?”

I checked the time and grinned, “Just in time. Once their reinforcements arrive, we will immediately back down and retreat. Great timing! Also, we have to appear slightly hopeless to lure the enemy into chasing us. For this to be successful, our acting skill is very important!”

Li Mu positioned his sword and smiled, “No worries. As veterans that have wandered the internet for years, we are all great actors!”

“Heh Heh, great……”


It was 9:55 at night when a huge cloud of dust swirled in the air. As expected, reinforcements arrived. It’s a team of more than 5000 people that belonged to a guild from Jiu Li City——[Iced Red Tea]. They dashed forward under the command of the beautiful mage Luo Shui Red Tea who was the good friend of Gong Zi Ying. [Iced Red Tea] was also an ally of [Moonlit Lake]. True, if [Moonlit Lake] combined forces with these 5000 people to form an encirclement, with the combined forces of 7000 people, they would be able to devour almost all of [Zhan Long]’s 3000 people.

“Guildmaster, what do we do?” One Second Hero held up his metal spear and asked angrily, “Should we fight them?”

“Fight my a.s.s……” I backed away with my sword in hand, and laughed out loud, “[Zhan Long], abandon the field. We have earned enough, and retreat with me now. Retreat at full speed! Whoever runs slowly and gets killed, will be punished by me for it!”

The crowds burst out in laughter and retreated. Faraway, Gong Zi Ying stomped her feet in anger and exclaimed, “Humph, Xiao Yao Zi Zai, you are thinking of leaving? No way! Leave one of your levels as an apology gift!”

Smokes and dust billowed behind us as the big army of 7000 men pursued and charged towards the 2700+ people of [Zhan Long].


After ten minutes of dashing, a verdant valley appeared right ahead. This was the Bowl Valley that we were heading towards. I unconsciously glanced at the left and right side, and saw that smoke billowed on the plains and there were signs showing that a large amount of players were fighting. Yes, [Prague] and [Vanguard] also were able to get the enemy to chase them here. Misty Cloud of [Enemies At The Gate] also sent a message, saying that a group of small guilds from Jiu Li City that they are pursuing will pa.s.s through Bowl Valley!

“Into the valley!” I waved my sword and led the members of [Zhan Long] into the valley.

“Di” a sound rang and it was a message from Han Bei Song that said, “Guildmaster Zi Zai, 3300+ people of [Blood Contract] have arrived at the southward exit of Bowl Valley and are all waiting for you guys. Come here quick. We will initiate a surprise attack promptly at 10 o’clock. Heh heh, I heard you guys were having a hard time, being pursued by Gong Zi Ying and what not!”

I burst out in laughter and replied, “Don’t even talk about that, just prepare to welcome the climax battle of this city war!

“Yes, everyone is ready!”


Smoke and dust billowed on the plain, and headed towards the Bowl Valley with a regular pattern. However, the influential forces of Jiu Li City never expected that the moving battle was a conspiracy. But when they realized, it would be too late. The waters retain no constant shape and warfare retains no constant conditions. With some concealment, the baiting tactic became extremely subtle!


In the jungle, a group of people stormed out. They were the members of [Flying Dragon]. Around 2000 people of the [House Of Prestige] followed behind them and pa.s.sed by us. Baili Ruo Feng stared at [Moonlit Lake] blankly and yelled from afar, “Gong Zi Ying, why are you guys here?”

Gong Zi Ying paused for a second and replied, “We’re pursuing and killing [Zhan Long]. Why……?”

Baili Ruo Feng shuddered, “Oh no, I have a bad feeling……”

Gong Zi Ying widened her beautiful eyes and said, “Don’t…… don’t scare me……”


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