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Chapter 252 – Public Map


Fallen Wolf clenched his battle axe, his eyes showing his anger, “Even [Prague] has come to take a bite, what the heck are you planning? Fushen Thousand Blade, when will our men arrive?”

Fushen Thousand Blade answered, “In 10 minutes…”

“Healers, revive the Guild Master!”



Just as a Healer was about to revive Jian Feng Han, Wolf immediately appeared behind him with his daggers and posed with [Twin Harmony Strike] ready to fire, “Anyone that dares revive Jian Feng Han will be the one responsible for him dying straight away again!”

Fox’s equipment was already pretty decent, and Old K, Yue Qing Qian and Li Mu were all standing next to Jian Feng Han’s dead body. If Jian Feng Han was revived at any time, then even he would not stand a chance with so many experts nearby.

Fallen Wolf was extremely p.i.s.sed, “Guild Master Zi Zai, it seems that you want [Zhan Long] and [Vanguard] to fight to the death? Don’t tell me that’s the way you settle disputes?”

I pulled out the Frost Rain Sword from the mud and laughed, “Fallen Wolf, you brought 14,000 players from [Vanguard] to fight against [Zhan Long]; how can this not be how [Vanguard] does things? Either you win or you compromise but [Vanguard] is defeated as of this moment. Are you really going to pretend to be the victor here and lecture us on what we should do?”

Fallen Wolf grew angry but Fushen Thousand Blades extended his arm out to prevent him from doing anything. Walking forward, he said, “Xiao Yao Zi Zai, not so long ago, we could not be considered friends. Even with this current development, our situation has not gotten to the point where it can’t be alleviated in any way. Arctic Fox Forest…this is a public map; perhaps it really can’t be controlled by any single guild. How about this then, we shall compromise: [Vanguard] will allow [Zhan Long] to enter the Arctic Fox Forest’s depths.”

I stated neutrally, “Then [Ruined Bones], [Winds of Battle], [Misty Palace], and [Blood Contract] are a part of this agreement?”

“They all will be able to go to the depths of Arctic Fox Forest!”

“Then…what about the other guilds and single players?”

“This…don’t be excessive with your request…”

I couldn’t help but laugh, “Say what you will, but did you think [Zhan Long] fought for Arctic Fox Forest for our own selfish reasons? Actually, you’re wrong. I just couldn’t stand seeing [Vanguard] monopolize Arctic Fox Forest, that’s all. Today, we either fight until the end or you open Arctic Fox Forest to any guild or player so that they can freely enter. This means whoever has a high enough skill level and whoever can harvest whatever ore they find. Let’s give this game a fair environment.”

Fallen Wolf’s face ashened, “Xiao Yao Zi Zai, are you an idealist or something? Wanting a fair environment and the Arctic Fox Forest to be open to everyone? Do you even have awareness that you are the leader of a super strong guild!?”

“Yes, so?”

Bringing up my fist, I brandished it into the air and exclaimed, “On this earth, there will always be idiots that will leap out and try to defend the order, like how there will always be those that will fight for the weak. When those people don’t have any strength, they will be called fools by everyone, but when they do have strength, these same people that call them fools will praise them as heroes! Fallen Wolf, I’ll show you proof with each and every step of the way, no matter if I am a fool or a hero, my fists will be my proof; I will use [Zhan Long]’s thousands of brothers’ strength as proof! There will always be people on earth to defend the order. If there aren’t, then I, Li Xiao Yao, will be the first to do so!”

Fallen Wolf’s mouth dropped open in silence before he finally uttered a word, “Stupid…”

Fushen Thousand Blades had a face of awe, “Guild Master Xiao Yao, since you want to open Arctic Fox Forest to the public, that can be discussed later. After all, rules are established by the people. But first, will you let us revive our Guild Master please?”

I took a few steps back and waved my hand, “Go for it…”



Jian Feng Han revived with 50% of his health and his face still with a deathly glow. His Flaming Cloud Sword trembled slightly as he stared at me coldly, “Xiao Yao Zi Zai, you really are a piece of work!”

I was undisturbed, “This was on you!”

Behind us, Misty Cloud, Sword Reborn and Fighting in the Blood were all revived. With an ashen face, Misty Cloud scooped up his battle axe, “Jian Feng Han, what strong face you have, to be able to look at us after that fight…”

Jian Feng Han clenched his fist, “No need to speak further, we need to agree on some rules. I will punish the Healer but [Vanguard]’s honor isn’t something you can freely trample on.”

Misty Cloud smirked, “[Vanguard] is already on the verge of collapsing, I’m just helping to tip it over, that’s all…”



At this time, a large group of people rushed forward; all of them were from [Vanguard]. The war was finally over but everyone was still taking precautions, though the desire to kill no longer existed.

Simple came running on over with her staff over her head, “Ah Han!”

“Sister…” Jian Feng Han clenched his teeth, “Arctic Fox Forest is no longer ours to own. Xiao Yao Zi Zai thinks that it should be open to the public so anyone can enter; what do you think?”

Simple nodded her head and looked at him softly, “Arctic Fox Forest was originally open to the general population, so let it stay open to the public….but…”

She looked off to where Yan Zhao Warrior was in the distance, “But I don’t know why Yan Zhao Warrior would bring 2000 players to fully encircle this place; what is his reason for doing so?”

Yan Zhao Warrior laughed and waved a hand, “It’s nothing, I have the same intentions as Li Xiao Yao. I came here to keep the peace; if Arctic Fox Forest remains free for the public to use, then that will be to everyone’s benefit…”

Simple then looked at me and asked, “Xiao Yao, state your conditions. Public or not, this isn’t a question you can answer with just one sentence.”

I lifted my Frost Rain Sword and stepped forward so that I was right in front of Simple. Looking straight into her two eyes, I said, “It’s really simple; we keep order and our guilds will help provide that order with our names backing it up. Within the Arctic Fox Forest, players will not be allowed to PK another. Whoever first finds the mineral will be the one to mine it. No one will be allowed to h.o.a.rd or forcibly take it from another. In the case that someone attacks someone else for it, then they’ll have to deal with [Vanguard], [Prague], and our 5 guilds, because it would be like an insult to our faces. What do you think?”

Simple laughed gently, “It looks like the legends behind Xiao Yao Zi Zai aren’t just empty truths after all. If you think this is fair, then let it be; I will agree as the representative of Jian Feng Han.”

Jian Feng Han kept silent and let his elder sister do all of the talking and ruling. At this moment, he resembled an unintelligent and impulsive child who had provoked someone and his older sister was playing mediator. He was somewhat helpless, somewhat angry, but he definitely had no say.


“[Prague], what are your thoughts?” Simple asked.

Yan Zhao Warrior held onto his sword with both hands and shook it it, “[Prague] will defend the fairness in Arctic Fox Forest with honor; whoever has the patience to harvest all the ores they can find, then let them. The ways of the world were originally like this anyways!”

Simple laughed, “That’s good then…”

Convinced, she looked at Misty Cloud, Han Bei Song, Sword Reborn, and Fighting in the Blood with a complex look. After a few seconds, she smiled and laughed, “Perhaps this is already a new age…[Zhan Long], [Misty Palace], [Winds of Battle], [Ruined Bones], and [Blood Contract]; five guilds have joined together and were able to be a match for [Vanguard] even in a tough situation like this. You all deserve your t.i.tles of experts but in the future, [Vanguard] won’t underestimate our enemies a second time. Ba Huang City’s power struggle won’t be as simple as you think, just you wait and see…”

Li Mu raised his sword, “Since the rules have already been put into place, the words said by each of the Guild Masters will be uploaded to the forums and that will be the start of opening of the mines, correct? Guild Master Jian Feng Han, please remove your guards from Arctic Fox Forest since it no longer requires their services!”

Jian Feng Han clenched his teeth and held up his hands, “Withdraw!”

Quickly, the 100 players that were at the entrance to the mine shafts all retreated.

Yan Zhao Warrior laughed and held his own hand up, “What are the blacksmiths of [Prague] waiting for? Go on and harvest already…”

The group all dispersed and at least 100 players specialized in ore mining were in the mines. With everyone’s dumbstruck faces, we understood that this was the fruit of experience. Yan Zhao Warrior had benefited from this battle without spending a single warrior. Bringing so many blacksmiths with him, the amount of ores they would be able to collect would not be small…



Old K slapped his leg, “I almost forgot; I’m a Lv 6 miner. Hold up for me… I’m going to go mine too…”

I looked behind myself, and saw Palace Decree carrying his hammer and shovel with a smile, “Guild Master Xiao Yao, shall we both enter the mines now?”

I nodded, “Yea, I’ll be protecting you!”


Yue Qing Qian and Matcha followed me with smiles, “And we’ll protect the Guild Master…”

Li Mu and w.a.n.g Jian looked at each other and snorted, “In that case, we’ll protect the beautiful Vice Guild Masters!”

Yue Qing Qian decided not to say anything about that.

As a result, a party of the 20 strongest people from [Zhan Long] came to protect Palace Decree in the mine shafts. The reason was simple; we were unable to confirm if [Vanguard] would really not quarrel with us. With 20 players on the inside, there wouldn’t be any bullying at all!


On the road, the ores were all sparkling from their places in the wall as Palace Decree looked around, “Level 6, 7, or 8 ores won’t get me enough experience to level up my proficiency with blacksmithing, so I just need the Lv 9 mineral– Blood Gold.”

Yue Qing Qian said, “And so the Blood Gold will be at the very end!”


While looking around in the pitch dark mining shafts, we headed straight down into the depths of it. Finally, we reached a cliff side that was covered with a golden ore; this was the Blood Gold that was mentioned!”

Palace Decree was extremely excited, “Woah, there are so many here. Palace Spirit becoming a Lv 10 blacksmith is definitely attainable now!”

Li Mu crossed his arms across his chest and laughed, “Right now, the amount of Lv 8 blacksmiths can be counted on a single hand, Lv 9’s…those are quite legendary. But Palace Decree, can you mine the Blood Gold? [Vanguard] knows that no one in them can harvest Blood Gold, so they don’t have anyone guarding this area…”

Palace Decree tinkered and mined at the ores for a while and at the end, a single ore of Pure Gold was already resting within his palm.

Li Mu rubbed his nose, “d.a.m.n, that’s amazing; how did that happen?”

Palace Decree laughed, “The first day went online, I was already in here practicing as a half attack half health Knight. Killing monsters was easy and it was hard to die. By the end of the first week of being open, I was getting around 4 hours of sleep and was already exploring every single area in the region. Entering Ba Huang City, I knew that I couldn’t be lazy, so I became the first Lv 9 blacksmith…”

“No wonder your eyes are so red…”


Yue Qin Qian took out her dagger. This beauty was guarding me as she faintly laughed: “If Jian Feng Han knew that we brought a Lv 9 blacksmith here, he would be full of regrets…”

I said, “Yea, for sure.. ”

I narrowed my eyes before continuing, “My Emperor Qin’s sword, I have to restore its jade body… ”

Matcha was fl.u.s.tered, “Boss, what are you saying, why is it that I don’t understand…”

Yue Qin Qian was speechless…


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