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Chapter 313: What Do You Mean?

When she came out, she saw s.h.i.+ Jin’s song playing in the living room. She was really annoyed just by looking at s.h.i.+ Jin. So she immediately found a waiter and changed the music to Chu Ling’s song.

At a time like this, they should be playing Chu Ling’s music. Who was s.h.i.+ Jin?

Pei Jun looked towards the direction of the voice and said to Chu Jia, “Then I’ll have to trouble you to make way for us first. We’ve spoken to the manager and we want to broadcast a birthday wish.”

Chu Jia knew that she could order birthday blessings here. Since they wanted it, she had no reason to stop them. She said, “No matter what, we have to wait until Chu Ling’s song is over before ordering it, right?”

She had a point. Pei Jun said to He Ziheng, “Ziheng, what do you think?”

“Alright, I haven’t finished eating yet anyway.”

Lan Tian said, “Then I’ll give Sister s.h.i.+ Jin a call and see when she’s done eating. I’ll give her a surprise.”

When Chu Jia heard Lan Tian’s words, she realized that these people were s.h.i.+ Jin’s friends.

Because she had always been studying and had never cared about her family matters, she did not know much about He Ziheng and the others’ ident.i.ties.

When she heard that they were going to congratulate s.h.i.+ Jin, she immediately said, “The s.h.i.+ Jin you guys are talking about, is that the same s.h.i.+ Jin who refuses to leave the s.h.i.+ family and wants to cozy up to Chu Ling every day?”

The four of them had not been paying much attention to her at first, but upon hearing her words, they turned to look at her simultaneously.

Chu Jia felt guilty under their gazes, but she would not let them off easily. “So I was right. s.h.i.+ Jin is that person. To think that you still treat her as a friend. What is someone like her even worth?”

“So you’re s.h.i.+ Xuexin’s friend?” He Ziheng looked at her with a faint smile. The others’ gazes quickly turned cold.

Chu Jia was very confident in her family. She puffed up her chest and said, “I am Chu Jia, Chu Ling’s cousin. s.h.i.+ Xuexin is not only my friend, but also my future sister-in-law.”

Normally, as long as she revealed this information, the people around her would look at her in a different light and treat her kindly. However, as soon as she said that, the four people in front of her were not intimidated. Instead, they started laughing.

Pei Jun said lazily, “Oh, so that’s how it is.”

“What do you mean?” Chu Jia was annoyed. “Today, the Chu family and s.h.i.+ family are holding a birthday party here. The whole family is here. Do you still want to humiliate me?”

“So what if I’m humiliating you?” Pei Jun’s provocative eyes made the others feel a bit afraid.

Chu Jia took a step back. “Did I say something wrong? s.h.i.+ Jin has always been that kind of person. I advise you to stop while you’re ahead and stop being friends with people like her. Even my cousin Chu Ling has broken all ties with her. Think about her character.”

Lan Tian, who had been silent all this while, said slowly, “Isn’t Chu Ling giving up on Sister s.h.i.+ Jin because he’s blind? What has that got to do with Sister s.h.i.+ Jin? Besides, isn’t it just Chu Ling? He wears makeup all day and even plagiarizes others’ songs. If he’s a man that even I don’t like, Sister s.h.i.+ Jin would definitely dump him. Isn’t that normal? Don’t you remember the song ‘Scram’? Do you want me to sing it for you personally?”

After being bombarded by Lan Tian’s questions, Chu Jia started to babble incoherently, “What nonsense are you spouting?”

“Am I spouting nonsense? Didn’t Sister s.h.i.+ Jin dump Chu Ling? It’s a well-known fact!” Lan Tian mocked.

“What’s the benefit of kissing up to s.h.i.+ Jin like this?” Chu Jia couldn’t argue with her and started to attack her. “Do you think she will bring you into the entertainment industry and give you stuff? Do you think you can do anything with s.h.i.+ Jin?”

Lan Tian laughed. “That’s right. We’re happy to be relying on Sister s.h.i.+ Jin. What about you? You’ve been kissing up to your precious s.h.i.+ Xuexin every day. What does she give you? Could it be that she wants to introduce you to a sc.u.mbag like Chu Ling? Right?”

Chu Jia felt helpless.

He Ziheng watched the show as he said to the other two, “As expected, we have to deal with this kind of person. We can only use her own words to attack her. Lan Tian’s tactic of fighting poison with poison is not bad.”

Chu Jia stomped her feet angrily and walked into the side hall.

“Heh, are you going to complain to your parents? Is that the trend these days?” Lan Tian was shocked by her actions.

Chu Jia went in to look for Yuxiu Hua. After she whispered something to her, Yuxiu Hua brought a group of guests out and stood in a large area in the waiting room.

There were so many people around that no one noticed He Ziheng and the others.

Yuxiu Hua said with a smile, “Thank you, everyone, for coming to Breeze Wind Pavilion to attend Xuexin’s birthday party. Actually, after coming back, we would normally hold a birthday party for her every year, but today’s a little different.”

“We will donate a sum of money to charity on Xuexin’s birthday every year to help those who need help and to honor Xuexin.”

“Today, we would like to continue donating to a birthday charity fund for Xuexin. Furthermore, we welcome everyone to partic.i.p.ate.”

Everyone applauded and welcomed her words.

Everyone knew that the s.h.i.+ family was a newly wealthy family and was involved in philanthropic work. It was very admirable that they were doing such a thing.

Chu Jia smiled and said, “In other words, we are partic.i.p.ating in a compet.i.tion today. Whoever gives the highest donation amount will be able to stand on stage and give Xuexin her birthday song. The funds will be donated directly to charity.

“This is not only for Xuexin’s birthday, but also for a good cause. ”

Everyone below the stage nodded in agreement.

The manager was stunned. He hadn’t expected Yuxiu Hua and the s.h.i.+ family to take the initiative to organize such an event. They hadn’t even informed the hotel.

He was about to go forward to negotiate when He Ziheng blinked and stopped him. “Manager.”

“Please speak.” The manager hurriedly bowed.

“Let them do it,” He Ziheng said. “Don’t stop them.”

“Yes,” the manager said in a low voice. After all, everyone in the waiting room could stay there. As long as they didn’t cause too much trouble, it wouldn’t be a problem.

He Ziheng then said, “That Chu Jia is really too funny. Did she think that she could occupy the big screen and not let us use it? She even came up with this trick. It’s really laughable.”

Pei Junyi chimed in, “No wonder Sis-in-law was always unhappy when she was at the s.h.i.+s’. It turns out that there’s so much rubbish around them.”

“Then let’s see what else they can do today,” Lan Tian said. “We’re free today anyway.”

Chu Jia picked up the microphone, and her face appeared on the big screen. She said, “Now, we’ll begin bidding for s.h.i.+ Xuexin’s birthday song. The bidders can come up on stage and sing for Xuexin!”


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