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Chapter 809 Visiting The Little Guy…

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“You did nothing wrong to apologize to me, brother, and you don’t need to feel bad about me as I am doing fine,” said Jiang Yuyan.

Not knowing what to say, Jiang Yang stayed silent, and his sister continued, “I would like if my brother stays strong like always.”

“You too,” he commented.


“If there is anything, you know brother is always there,” said Jiang Yang.


It was the first time there was nothing more to talk about between these two. Things turned so different for everyone that they ended up drowning into their own sorrows, mistakes, and regrets.


The next week, Jiang Yuyan got the news that she was waiting for.

“Boss, Victor Magnus is hospitalized after the plan was successful,” San Zemin informed as he called his boss in the night.

“What’s the situation?” she asked.

“Not sure yet, but the predictions are he won’t be able to get out of the bed for the rest of his life, which is what we wanted. Mr. tang’s men perfectly planned the accident.”


She hung up the call and stood up in the gallery of her room while looking at the sky. All the people she had planned to take her revenge with had gotten what they deserved, but she didn’t feel like being happy.

There was a hidden sadness inside her about what she had done until now and felt empty. There was nothing to be happy about as life turned monotonous and bland with nothing more to do than just keep living for its sake.

Looking at the dark starry cry, she mumbled, “Lu Qiang, I thought after giving them pain, I will feel better, but I don’t….I am not feeling anything.”

Tears rolled down her eyes as she put her hand on her heart, “Here, it feels empty, and I..don’t know what to do.”

She continued crying as if she was feeling pain in her chest. All these days, she had occupied with so many things. As everything had set on their places, she had nothing which would be challenging to keep her busy. From this day onward, her life would be colorless.


It was a month since Lu Lijun left home, and Ning Jiahui wished to visit him. Lu Feng was already planning it so he decided to accompany his aunt.

Ning Jiahui went on shopping to buy something for him, and other family members too had something to send for him.

The day was fixed, and just two days left for them to leave. Jiang Yuyan left the office after work and instructed the driver to go to a nearby mall. She got out of the car and ordered Xiao Min not to follow her.

After half an hour she came out with one shopping bag in her hand and sat in the car. In the night, she went to Lu Feng’s room and seeing her at the door at the late hour; he felt worried thinking if there was any problem. But before he could ask anything, she put forward the shopping bag in her hands.

“This is for Lu Lijun,” she informed.

Accepting the bag from her hand, Lu Feng spoke, “He would be happy to see the gift from you.”

“It’s from you, not from me,” Jiang Yuyan instructed.


“I know you understand why,” Jiang Yuyan interrupted him, and he accepted her decision.

“I will give it to him,” Lu Feng a.s.sured her.

Not saying anything further, Jiang Yuyan turned and left while Lu Feng didn’t stop her or ask her to come inside the room.

If she didn’t want to let him know she had sent it, then there was no use in sending the gift, but it showed how much she cared for him and didn’t matter to her if he doesn’t know it.


The next night Lu Feng and Ning Jiahui left for England. They deliberately planned to go there on the weekend so that they could spend time with Lu Lijun. The next morning they reached the bungalow where Lu Lijun was staying.

Jerome and Martha were ready to welcome them while Lu Lijun followed his routine, not disturbing it just because others were coming to visit him.

“Welcome,” Martha and Jerome greeted them.

Accepting it, Ning Jiahui asked, “Where is he?”

“Young master is in his room,” Martha replied as she looked at her wrist.w.a.tch. “He would be downstairs in half-hour for breakfast.”

Martha was familiar with Lu Lijun’s schedule, which was fixed. Jerome showed the other two their rooms, which were ready for the guests already.

Lu Feng and Ning Jiahui came to this bungalow for the first time and seeing they felt happy that Lu Lijun got the perfect place to live. It was exactly what he would like, the place surrounded by nature, which was always so helpful to keep him calm.

Lu Lijun came downstairs exactly after the half-hour, and Lu Feng came out of his room at the same time after freshening up. He was eager to meet his younger brother, but the same didn’t apply to Lu Lijun. He was normal as if the arrival of his family members didn’t make much difference for him.

“How are you, Lu Lijun?” Lu Feng asked as he sat on the chair opposite to Lu Lijun around the dining table.

“I am good, elder brother,” he replied, not talking much.

Lu Lijun sat in the chair, which meant to be the head of the family, and he looked like he was the owner of this house while others were his guests.

Just then, Ning Jiahui came out of the room, feeling excited to see her son, but there was no excitement on Lu Lijun’s face to see his mother. He was calm and greeted his mother normally when his mother expected him to at least hug her.

“Good morning, Mother,” he said.

“Good morning, son.” Smiling, she sat on the chair beside him.

Martha served the breakfast for them, and seeing her son cold, Ning Jiahui looked at Lu Feng, who signaled her to be calm for a while.

“How is your school, Lu Lijun,” Lu Feng asked as they started eating.

“It’s good,” he replied, not adding any more details to it.

“Did you make friends here?” Ning Jiahui asked.


“Are the people around you good here? I hope you are not facing any problems,” Ning Jiahui asked just to get a shocking reply from her son, who focused on the food in front of him.

“Mother, I am sure you all must be getting even a minor detail about me daily, as the spies are always around me,” Lu Lijun commented, and others froze with shock.


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