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Chapter 804 I Don’t Blame Her…

Lu Feng nodded as he informed, “Hmm! Just a previous night, she got to know it. She was so shocked to handle everything and asked me to take her away….”

“Then, how can you say that you didn’t get a chance to tell me then. When I was there, why didn’t you tell me when I asked what was troubling her,” Jiang Yang interrupted as he was not in a mood to listen to any excuses from Lu Feng.

“At that time, I was worried about Nicky, and I didn’t know how you would react. Moreover, I thought once Nicky was fine, I could find a way and tell you about it, or she might want to tell it herself.”

Lu Feng explained, but it was still not enough for Jiang Yang.

“What did you think I would react like? Did you think I will confront her for what her brother did? Also, how can you expect her to tell me her brother killed my friend and my sister’s husband. Her brother was the reason for all the disaster in our lives?”

“Listen, Jiang Yang, I am sorry, and I am wrong this time to not think about your side. Please calm down now. If you want to take out your anger, you can hit me even, but calm down.”

“You made me feel like I am a fool. I have nothing to say to you.” Saying Jiang Yang buried his face in his palms as he leaned forward.

“You can do whatever you want with me or scold me, but don’t let it affect what is between you and Nicky,” Lu Feng requested.

“There is nothing left to be affected now as the damage has done long back,” said Jiang Yang.

“What do you mean?” Lu Feng asked.

“She was away from me just after the few days of Lu Qiang’s accident. I could feel something was not right, and we had already grown distance between us, but now I know the reason,” Jiang Yang replied.


“After living with that person for long, she must know what her stepbrother was capable of and must have predicted it already. That was the reason for her changed behavior,” Jiang Yang replied.

“Don’t tell me you blame her for all this,” Lu Feng warned.

“I don’t blame her, Lu Feng, but I blame myself.”

Lu Feng didn’t like it and exclaimed, “Jiang Yang, stop thinking too much. We have already lost so many things, so you can’t….”

“Yeah, we have lost our friend and unknown to me, I am the reason,” Jiang Yang interrupted as he continued looking at the floor as he leaned forward. It made him look helpless and regretful.

“You are not the reason….”

“I am, Lu Feng. Nicky was in her cage prepared by that b.a.s.t.a.r.d, but I pulled her out of it. She had everything in her hand, and if I had taken her away, he would have lost everything. He must have wanted to part us away, but because of Lu Qiang, he couldn’t, and from what I know, Lu Qiang helped Nicky’s mother fight back with him. So, I can’t deny I was one of the reasons.”

Jiang Yang spoke as she mumbled to himself, regretfully, “Only if I had listened to both of your warnings to not fall for her; all this wouldn’t have happened.”

Lu Feng was short for words now. There were so many reasons, and he couldn’t deny Jiang Yang might be the one.

“I will say forget everything, and from now on, we can start anew as the person who caused all this is no more. From now on, let’s just try to be happy as we can’t continue our lives like this,” Lu Feng suggested.

“How do you expect me to be happy when my sister had lost everything, and I was one of the reasons for it. How can I even think of having a good life and be happy when she is left alone to be sad forever?”

This worried Lu Feng as he asked, “Don’t tell me now you are planning to break up with Nicky.”

“I don’t need to do anything as there is now a wall between us that impossible to break. Even if we try to break it, it would be hard to live happily together, so it would be better ….”

“Stop the bulls.h.i.+t, Jiang Yang. You can’t….”

“I won’t do anything, but things will happen, and I don’t wish to stop them,” said Jiang Yang as he added, “And you too don’t meddle in the things. Let it happen as I don’t have a wish to continue with anything.”

“You can’t give up on Nicky.”

“I won’t, but forcing it to continue would be even worse, and from how much I know Nicky, I am sure she must have already planned on giving up,” said Jiang Yang.

Lu Feng could say nothing and sat there silently. What Jiang Yang said was right. Things had broken like the cracks on the gla.s.s, which won’t repair the way it was before until you recycle it, but human life had no option of recycling.

Once the damage has done in the relations.h.i.+p, it was hard to repair as if nothing had happened, but there was one thing that humans had and that to forget the things as time pa.s.sed, which would help things settle down in the future.

“I won’t meddle in your business, but I will just hope things to get better sometime in the future,” Lu Feng commented.

“I doubt it too,” Came the firm reply from the hurt man.

Lu Feng got up from the chair and went to the refrigerator just to pull out the two beer bottles. Coming back to the living room, he put one beer bottle on the center table in front of Jiang Yang and spoke.

“Have it and calm down. I don’t wish to hear more bulls.h.i.+t from you as I already had enough of it.”

Not saying anything, Jiang Yang picked up the beer bottle as he still looked stressed and started to drink being in deep thoughts. Lu Feng let him be and accompanied him silently as what his friend needed was the time to go through it.


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