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Chapter 790 Am I A Good Son?

Xi Cheng went to Song Meilin’s room, where he stood near the chair, on which Song Meilin always sat. Touching the armrest of the chair, Xi Cheng spoke. “I have been the stuck bone in your throat, stepmother. I hope from now on; you would be able to live in peace.”

Thinking about something for a while, he spoke again, “Stepmother, I did my best to make you hate me so that you can get the reason to continue living after Xi Guo left you. I don’t regret what I did as it was the choice I made, and I am not sorry about it. It’s just that I can’t see her hating me this much and even trying to kill herself. Instead of seeing her dead, I will prefer to die. This bad man wants to do at least one good thing, and this time I am doing it for the sake of the person who is precious to both of us.”

Leaving Song Meilin’s room, Xi Cheng went to his father’s room. He looked the portrayed hanging on the wall in which Xi Guiren was sitting in the chair, and his three children were with him. Those were the happy days which won’t come back ever.

“Father…” he paused for a while, “I know I am not the real son, but I am happy that I got to experience the love of father because of you and whatever is the truth, for me you would always be my father.”

Putting one letter on his father’s work table, Xi Cheng spent time in the room for a while as he remembered all those memories from his childhood days that he spent with his father.

Once he was downstairs, he straight went to his mother, who was sleeping. Not disturbing her sleep, he sat at her feet, silently in the dark.

Realizing someone’s presence there, Han Ju spoke, “Xi Cheng, is that you, son?”

“Hmm!” Nodding, he realized his mother would turn on the light, so he stopped her, “Don’t turn on the lights, mother. I just wanted to be with you for a while.”

“Did something happen, or are you not feeling well?” Han Ju asked as she sat in the bed.

“I was not able to sleep so…” Saying Xi Cheng s.h.i.+fted towards his mother and rested on the bed while keeping his head on her lap.”

Not thinking much, Han Ju patted his head and commented, “You are still the same. whenever something troubles you, you always come to me and act like you are still a child.”

Not replying to his mother, Xi Cheng closed his eyes as he spoke, “Mother.”


“Am I a good son to you?” he asked.

“You have always been, and I am blessed to have you as my son.”


“Hmm! I pray, in every lifetime, I should get only you as my son.”

“But your son is a bad man now.”

“I don’t care what others think, but I know what my son is. It sad that no one can see the good side of my son.”

“It’s okay as long as my mother still loves me.”

“I will always love my son even if the whole world is against him.”

A painful smile painted on his lips as he knew he would hurt his mother soon, and she will cry a lot. He did everything for his mother’s happiness, but now he would be the reason for her worst pain.

Xi Cheng fell asleep beside his mother, forgetting what the next morning would bring it to him.

When Han Ju woke up, Xi Cheng was not beside her, and she thought he must have gone back to his room. As no one was in the home, the mother and son had breakfast alone.

“Mother, is there anything that you wished for long but yet to get it?” Xi Cheng asked as he served food in his mother’s dish.

“Why do you ask, son?”

“I was just curious, mother.”

If I say there is something, will you give it to me?” Han Ju asked.

“I will try.”

Smiling, Han Ju replied, “Hmm! Then get me a pretty daughter-in-law and let me see grandchildren before I die.”

Her words made Xi Cheng choke with food, and he stayed silent.

“I am not forcing you so you can relax,” said Han Ju.

Xi Cheng just nodded a little, and both finished the breakfast in silence. While going out, Xi Cheng hugged his mother. Till now, Han Ju ignored the change in her son’s behavior, thinking he must be tired because of too much work, but now she felt suspicious.

“What happened to you. Is everything alright?” Han Ju asked.

Xi Cheng continued to hug mother as he replied, “Today, I need the courage to do something, and Mother’s hug is best for it.”

“Are you going to do something bad?” she asked worriedly.

“No, mother. Your son is tired of bad deeds now.”

“Good to know it. My blessings are always with you, and I wish you to be successful with what you are going to do.”

“Thank you, mother,” saying, Xi Cheng finally let go of his mother, and she said, “See you in the evening. Today I will personally cook dinner for you.”

Feeling his chest getting heavy with all this talk, Xi Cheng couldn’t speak as he was afraid he might end up crying and just hummed. Xi Cheng left not turning to look at his mother as it might make him drop what he had decided.

Smiling, Han Ju continued looking at her son’s retreating back as she waved her hand to say bye.

When Xi Cheng reached his car as he wanted to drive by himself, his a.s.sistant was already present.

“Boss, I will drive,” the a.s.sistant offered.

“Shen Li, you can take off today,” said Xi Cheng.

After so long, Xi Cheng called his a.s.sistant by his full name, and his a.s.sistant understood it was one bad day.


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