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Chapter 76 I Marked You As My Boyfriend…

After leaving Jiang residence, Lu Qiang decided to go to the office. On the way in his car, he was still thinking about Jiang YuYan. He didn’t know what to do, so he thought to spend some time alone.

When he reached the office before the office timing, guards were surprised to see him so early. They greeted him and he went to his office.

There was a lounge attached to his office. He went straight there and laid down on the bed. He closed his eyes and crossed his arms on his forehead which covered his eyes under them.

After few moments, Jiang YuYan’s crying face flashed in his mind and her last words ‘Please stop’ in her painful voice were started to ring in his ears. After remembering last night again, he felt uncomfortable and immediately got up from the bed. He sat down on the edge of the bed and moved his hands through his hairs.

He couldn’t take it anymore, so he walked towards the huge gla.s.s window in the lounge and he was staring at the sky.

Lu Qiang was waiting for Jiang YuYan from the last several years. The promise which they made in the past, was just a child’s play at that time because he was 15 and she was 10, but still, he never took it lightly.

When Jiang YuYan went to America, he realised how much he missed her. He kept all the gifts which were given by her safely with him. He even didn’t know when his simple feelings turned into the special ones.

Eights years back….

When Jiang family’s was leaving from China, at that time, Lu Qiang went to the airport with his parents to see them off.

All four friends Lu Qiang, Lu Feng, Jiang Yang and Jiang Yuyan were there. They were sitting in the waiting area.

Jiang Yuyan was younger in age but she never called Lu Qiang and Lu Feng as a brother. She always treated them as friends and called them by their names.

It was ecause of her brother. She was habitual to follow him for whatever her brother did. If her brother called them by their names, so it was obvious that she would do the same.

Jiang YuYan was looking at Lu Qiang and Lu Feng and asked ambivalently “Both of you won’t forget me, right?”

Lu Feng patted her head and softly said: “How can we forget you, princess?”

Even, Lu Qiang confirmed “Yup! We will be in contact and we will come there to meet you once in a while too”.

“Hey! n.o.body is asking me. I am also going away” Jiang Yang complaints.

Lu Feng teased him “We don’t need to remember you. We know, you will never let us forget about you”.

Lu Qiang again confirmed “True!”

Jiang YuYan wrinkled her brow and looked at Lu Qiang with her puppy eyes, “Lu Qiang! You won’t forget your promise too, right”?

Lu Qiang looked at her and a.s.sured her “Of course not”.

Both Lu Feng and Jiang Yang looked at these two and curiously asked, “What promise?”

Jiang YuYan looked at both of them with her twinkling eyes showing hope and replied happily “That he will marry me”.

“Ohhhh!” Both said together as they remembered about it.

Jiang Yang looked at her and teasingly asked, “What if he would find a girlfriend for himself, when you will be away from here?”

Jiang YuYan pursed her lips and looked at Lu Qiang innocently with her twinkling eyes.

Lu Qiang understood what she was thinking and therefore he a.s.sured her “I won’t”.

When Lu Qiang said it, Jiang YuYan’s face had a huge bright smile then she leaned forward and kissed him on his cheek. “With this kiss, I marked you as my boyfriend. Now you can’t make someone else your girlfriend”.

All three boys couldn’t help but laugh at her action. Lu Qiang patted her head while grinning ear to ear on her innocent behaviour and said, “Ok! I’ll be your boyfriend from now on”.

She was very happy to hear this and confirmed again, “When I’ll be back, you will marry me, right?”

Lu Qiang nodded and said, “Yes! I’ll wait for you and I will marry you once you are back”.

She was overjoyed by hearing his promise and she hugged him with her hands encircling around his waist. Lu Qiang affectionately patted her back like she was a baby.

On remembering those sweet memories, Lu Qiang was smiling while standing near the gla.s.s window of the lounge and was staring at the sky,


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