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Chapter 752 Send Him Away…

“Don’t make me repeat, mother.” Saying Lu Lijun stood up from the chair. “I am done eating.”

Ning Jiahui or anyone there couldn’t say anything. If they were to scold him, then they were sure to see the worst of him. Also, because of what happened with him in the past, no one ever wanted to anger him.

Lu Lijun looked at Jiang Yuyan who didn’t look at him at all. “Finish it all. You ate nothing.” Instructing her, Lu Lijun left the dining room and others felt as if they didn’t want to eat anymore.

There was one person who was happy and continued eating, Su Hui. She was waiting to see what trouble Lu Lijun would bring into Jiang Yuyan’s life.

Jiang Yuyan lost her appet.i.te and was about to get up but Ning Jinahu stopped her, “You need to eat Yuyan. We will sort it out later, don’t worry.”

“She is the one to bring disaster upon herself so she needs to deal with it,” Su Hui commented.

“Su Hui, not a word more,” Lu Chen warned as he was aware of what had just happened in the home the early morning.

Lu Feng pa.s.sed his mother a displeased sight and she had to stop.

“Yuyan, we will sort it out,” Lu Jinhai a.s.sured.

Somehow Jiang Yuyan finished her meal and Lu Jinhai asked her to see him in his room.

Jiang Yuyan went there and saw other than Lu Jinhai, Ning Jiahui and elders were present there too. Jiang Yuyan felt guilty about this situation as it was all her fault that everyone had to face this day.

“I am sorry, father.” Jiang Yuyan apologized, not giving any explanation about why she had to take the decision of marrying Lu Lijun. All she could do was to blame herself.

“First have a seat,” Lu Jinhai instructed calmly and Jiang Yuyan sat in one chair which was beside the couch where the elders were sitting.

“You don’t need to apologize as I believe there was a reason you had to do it and the way things happened, I am apologetic for it. Now we just need to find a solution about how we can stop Lu Lijun,” said Lu Jinhai and others nodded.

“What do you have in your mind, lu Jinhai?” the elder asked.

“I thought about it and I have decided to send him away for studies and that way he will forget about it as the time will pa.s.s,” Lu Jinhai replied.

“He would be angry when he would get to know about it. I don’t think he would agree with this and forcing him might turn everything in the wrong way,” Ning Jiahui commented.

“I agree with the mother. He is just out of one shock and if we force him to do something, it might worsen his condition,” said Jiang Yuyan.

“But we have no other option but to make him ready for it. Seeing Yuyan all the time, won’t let him forget it and we can’t forget the fact that he is growing up,” said Lu Jinhai.

“You are right,” grandma agreed.

“I hope you understand what I mean Yuyan,” Lu Jinhai asked and Jiang Yuyan looked back at her father-in-law not knowing what to say.

Lu Jinhai continued, “Right now he just calls you wife but as he will grow up, he will understand the meaning of being a husband and a wife.”

Jiang Yuyan understood and tears rolled down from her eyes.

“Why are you crying? Don’t feel bad. We can still handle the situation,” said elder Lu.

“I am feeling guilty for messing up with the life of one kid. If it was not for that wedding, he wouldn’t be like this and we won’t have to send him away.”

“Don’t blame yourself. He would be fine,” Ning Jiahui consoled her.

“Mother, I want him to be with us and grow up as a good man just like his brother but sending him away worried me how he would grow up.”

“He is one Lu and I trust he will be fine even if we send him away,” Lu Jinhai a.s.sured.

“I need to talk to An Tian before we take any decision,” Jiang Yuyan suggested.

“Hmm! Do that.”

After talking for a while Jiang Yuyan came out but didn’t go back to her room.

She called for her car and went back to the secret mansion. She didn’t want to talk to anyone and wanted to be alone. Somewhere she blamed herself for this situation and didn’t know how to handle it.

When she went out, no one stopped her and thought to give her some time alone. When the butler and San Zemin got to know Jiang Yuyan was coming to the secret mansion, it scared San Zemin while butler felt worried too.

There was nothing important that Jiang Yuyan was coming there.

“Ye Bai, do you think the boss is coming here to ask again about the person we didn’t tell her about yet?” San Zemin asked.

“No. Xu Dui informed me beforehand that why the boss is coming here and I am worried about her situation,” Ye Bai informed as he added, “One after another the problems are following her and this time it is something really difficult to deal with.”

“What happened?” San Zemin asked.

Ye Bai narrated him everything and San Zemin too felt worried as he commented. “Seems like she is coming here to be away from everything.”

“Hmm! Let’s not disturb her once she is here.”

“When the boss is serious or upset, it’s time to be alert. I am worried she will ask me again about the person.”

“What have you decided about it?” the butler asked.

“In such a situation, I can’t tell her about it or it might affect her badly. I don’t even want to imagine her reaction once she will know it,” said San Zemin.

“If she insists, tell her and it might help her to decide on so many things,” the butler suggested.

“Are you sure, it won’t hurt her?”

“It will and you might not see her for a few days but it’s not good to keep her unknown to it as she is doing her best to get back at those people.”

“I will think about it,” said San Zemin.


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