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Chapter 750 What Did I Just Hear?

Her son’s words hurt her but Su Hui still didn’t want to give up. In her opinion, she was always right.

“I did nothing wrong. Even though she is a widow, I gave her the chance to marry my son, one good man so that she can forget her pain as soon as possible.”

Lu Feng looked at his mother in disbelief. He left out a soft chuckle that confused Su Hui and others.

“Mother, when you know Yuyan is a witch and your son is one good man as what you claimed, then how can you ask a witch to marry your son? Don’t you love your son, huh, or you love money more which that witch would bring after marrying me?”

Su Hui felt shocked and short for words and looked at her son, not knowing how to defend herself this time.

Lu Feng continued, “Mother, it was you who forced her to take that step and she married Lu Lijun. You are the one at fault so stop blaming her for anything. After this, if I ever hear you acting like this again, I promise you, you will never ever get to see me in your entire life.”

Everyone present there could only look at Lu Feng because of the way he stopped his mother and for the first time ever he talked like this with her.

“Lu Feng, stop it now,” said Jiang Yuyan.

She knew Lu Feng loved his mother as this is what she got to know from Lu Qiang. He was arguing to his mother for her sake, didn’t feel right to Jiang Yuyan. She wanted to stop him earlier but seeing him furious, she couldn’t do it.

All the time Lu Feng was holding Jiang Yuyan’s hand, showing he cared for her and he was there to protect her. When he turned to leave with Jiang Yuyan and Lu Lijun, they stopped with the shock.



Lu Feng and Jiang Yuyan both said it in a shock as Lu Feng let go of Jiang Yuyan’s hand while Lu Lijun had no change of expressions. When all were busy arguing, Lu Jinhai heard everything while sitting in his chair. He looked shocked at what he had just heard.

When Ning Jiahui ran out of her room after hearing the smas.h.i.+ng sound of the vase, Lu Jinhai was in his wheelchair and followed his wife. When he came out of the room, he stayed away to see what happened as Lu Lijun and Su Hui were arguing.

He wanted to go ahead and stop them but when he heard Li Lijun calling Jiang Yuyan as his wife, it shocked him thinking he must have misheard something. He decided to stay back and hear it all as he was sure there must be a few things he didn’t know, and no one told him.

One after another he got shocks from the conversation he heard till the end and didn’t know how to react to it. It was one more failure for him that his loved ones suffered in his absence and he could do nothing.

Hearing Lu Feng and Jiang Yuyan, everyone looked at where these two were looking and felt shocked too.

Ning Jiahui cursed herself for forgetting about Lu Jinhai once she came out of the room. Stepping towards her husband in hurry, Ning Jiahui asked, “Why are you out of the room? Do you need anything?”

Ning Jiahui acted normal as if nothing happened, expecting her husband heard nothing.

“What did I just hear?” Lu Jinhai questioned in a disbelief.

“What did you hear? It was a normal argument between family members. It’s nothing new,” Ning Jiahui replied trying to pull out a smile.

Elders and others didn’t know how to face this now as it was already decided that Lu Jinhai should not know about what happened in the village and about the wedding happened there.

“Get me back to the room,” Lu Jinhai instructed, not asking anything but his expressions looked very serious.

Nodding, Ning Jiahui pushed the wheelchair and they left while Lu Feng and Jiang Yuyan didn’t know what to do.

“All of you go for your works,” elder Lu instructed and went back to his room.

Elder Lu and his wife didn’t go to their son as they believe Ning Jiahui will handle everything.

Nodding with the confusion, Lu Feng, Jiang Yuyan, and Lu Lijun left. When they reached outside of the mansion, Jiang Yuyan instructed to Lu Lijun, “Sit in the car.”

She wanted to talk to Lu Feng so she had to send Lu Lijun away, but she got to hear something even frustrating from Lu Lijun.

“Don’t worry about father, as one day he would have known that you are my wife,” saying Lu Lijun sat inside the car, leaving the other two in shock.

“I will talk to you later,” said Jiang Yuyan and Lu Feng nodded.

Jiang Yuyan sat inside the car thinking how to deal with this new problem and looked like Lu Lijun would create trouble with what he just said. She pressed her temples as they left in the car. She had a headache with everything just happened and didn’t want to talk about anything.


Inside Lu Jinhai’s room…

“Explain to me everything and this time I won’t forgive you if you hide anything from me,” Lu Jinhai warned his wife, his voice cold and expressions serious.

As there was no other option left, Ning Jiahui told her husband everything about what happened in the village and how Jiang Yuyan married Lu Lijun.

Lu Jinhai couldn’t believe it. More than Jiang Yuyan marrying his son, he was shocked by what kind of a treatment Jiang Yuyan got when she was so hurt and needed to console.

He was angry and regretful about it and he couldn’t change what happened.

“You people left me with no face that I can go in front of my friend.” Lu Jinhai sounded sad as his eyes turned teary.

“I am sorry,” said Ning Jiahui as tears rolled down from her eyes. “I don’t know why I was so weak at that time and why I couldn’t stop Su Hui.


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