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Chapter 63 I’sll Inform Before Kissing You…

Both got ready and left in their car for dinner. Jiang YuYan was wearing a lavender colour sleeveless dress long upto her knees, paired with cute matching booties while Jiang Yang was wearing blue colour t-s.h.i.+rt with off white pant and sneakers. They reached to the restaurant in half an hour. There was a private room already booked for them. That restaurant was one of the famous restaurants in the city and known for the varieties of international cuisines. They both walked inside the room and sat there. Just then the door opened and a man entered.

Jiang YuYan looked at him and asked in surprise, : “Huuu! Why are you here?”

“I wonder why people come to the restaurant?” The man replied with a smile.

“Hey detective YuYan, take it easy. I called him for a dinner.” said Jiang Yang. He was expecting this kind of reaction from his sister. He then looked at him and said, “Have a seat Lu Qiang.”

She didn’t said anything and kept quiet while looking in the other direction.

Lu Qiang came directly from the office. He was carrying his suits jacket in his hands. s.h.i.+rt’s sleeves were folded upward and top b.u.t.ton of the s.h.i.+rt was undone. His tie was not there to be seen. He looked handsome like that too. He didn’t bother to be in his usual perfect dressing in front of his friends. He put his suit’s jacket on the back of the chair and sat in it.

It was a square shaped four seater dining table. Jiang Yang and Jiang YuYan were sitting opposite to each other. Jiang YuYan was at his left side and Jiang Yang was at his right side. All three could see each other’s faces. It made YuYan uncomfortable but both freinds ignored her and started their conversation.

When waiter came, they ordered the food. Jiang YuYan left it to her brother to order anything for her. Jiang Yang knew what she liked so it was not difficult for him to do that.

Jiang Yang and Lu Qiang started to recall so many memories from their childhood and were laughing on it. In between Jiang Yang was pulling his sister’s leg by reminding her silly behaviour. Jiang YuYan was listening to it and was smiling too.

When she was looking at both laughing friends, her sight stopped at Lu Qiang’s face. She saw him laughing like that after so many years and she found it too attractive. His smile was so beautiful that for few moments she forgot to move her sight from his face. Just then waiter entered and disturbed her from seeing such an eye-catching view. She came out of her trance and looked in other direction.

When her eyes met with her brother’s she felt uncomfortable as she thought that her brother might have seen her looking at Lu Qiang. But Jiang Yang didn’t show any signs of it. He just continued his conversation with Lu Qiang.

Jiang Yang noticed her staring at Lu Qiang’s face but this time he avoided to look at her or to tease her. Nothing could hide from his sight and if it’s about his sister then it was impossible that anything could pa.s.s unnoticed by him.

Waiter served the food and all three started to dug in their feast. Two friends were enjoying it but Jiang YuYan was eating very slowly as she didn’t have an appet.i.te.

Jiang Yang got a message on his cellphone, so he excused himself to make a call. When he left the room, Lu Qiang looked at Jiang YuYan and asked, “You are not eating much. Haven’t you liked the food?”

Jiang YuYan : “No! It’s good but I don’t have much appet.i.te.” She said while looking at her dish thinking about what to eat.

Lu Qiang : “You look weak. You should eat properly?” He said and put a piece of meat in her dish. He also picked up few vegetables from salad dish and put them in her dish too.

She was just looking at her dish which was now looking colourful and completely filled because of the food he served. She then looked at him and said, “I am not weak.”

Lu Qiang : “I know how strong you are that you couldn’t even resist properly when I kissed you.” He said while looking at her, straight into her eyes.

Jiang YuYan tried to behave confident and tried to pretend that she was not affected by him but his bold and shameless words always broke her determination and made her fall short for words.

Jiang YuYan : “T…That’s because it was too sudden.” She said it and avert her sight from him.

Lu Qiang : “Really?” He said with his one eyebrow raised upward.

Jiang YuYan : “Huuu!” She nodded and picked mouthful of vetables in her chopsticks and ate it. She was avoiding him by pretending to be hungry and wanted to finish all the food in her dish.

Lu Qiang : “Next time I’ll kiss after informing you. Then I’ll see how strong you are! Ummm! Let’s try it right now?” He asked and put the chopsticks in his hand on the table while pretending to be ready for what he just said.

Jiang YuYan : “Cough**Cough!” She almost got chocked with the food in her mouth.

Lu Qiang pa.s.sed her a gla.s.s of water. She drank it and cleared her throat. She was still coughing a little so Lu Qiang asked her to look up at the ceiling and she obeyed it. Her face was red because of coughing.

Jiang Yang return back and he asked, “What happened?”

Lu Qiang : “Nothing! She liked food here a lot that she almost got choked up.” He replied.

Jiang Yang : “Ohh!”

Lu Qiang : “What happened? You are looking serious after making a call.”

Jiang Yang : There is an emergency in the hospital. The patient looked quite serious. If they had to perform surgery tonight then I might have to left for the hospital.” He said and sat back in his seat.

Jiang YuYan : “But you just came back in the evening.” She didn’t want her brother to stay at the hospital for whole night.

Jiang Yang : “Right! But emergency never arrives according to the doctor’s schedule.” He then looked at Lu Qiang and said, “If I have to go to the hospital then you have to drop Jiang YuYan at home.” He said and started to finish his food in the dish.

Lu Qiang : “Huuu!” He nodded and continued eating too.

Jiang Yang : “I’ll try to come back soon after the surgery if the situation is under control.” He said while looking at Jiang YuYan.

Jiang YuYan : “Ok!.”

They finished their dinner and were about to leave the restaurant, again a message came on Jiang Yang’s cellphone. He read it and said, “I need to go. Bye!” He left in a hurry towards his car.

Lu Qiang : “Let’s go.” He said while looking at her. She just nodded and followed him towards his car. He didn’t bring driver along with him as he liked to drive by himself unless it was an official work.


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