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Chapter 610 Need To Make Him Cry…

After Lu Lijun and Jiang Yuyan finished the food, Jiang Yuyan wiped Lu Lijun’s mouth with the napkin and took away the tray to put it on the center table. She went to the table where the water was kept and filled one gla.s.s to bring it to Lu Lijun. Once he had water, she went back to the table, drank water and returned to Lu Lijun.

The surprising thing was, all this while, Lu Lijun’s sight never left her even for a single moment. His sight followed her everywhere she went as if she will disappear if he moved his sight away.

An Tian and Lu Feng were observing him from the gallery of the room where both were standing, not intending to disturb the harmonious atmosphere between the two.

An Tian had relaxed expressions on his face and said, “She is the medicine for him.”

“Hmm! I can see, the moment he saw her, he changed, but why is he looking at her all the time? Does he want to say something to her but able to say it?” Lu Feng asked.

Giving out a deep sigh, An Tian spoke, “From what I see, after Lu Qiang, she is the person precious to him. I don’t know how their relations.h.i.+p is, but he values her a lot. He is afraid that she might disappear from his sight just like his brother, that’s why his sight is following her everywhere.”

“Like this, it would be hard for her to leave him alone. I mean, she can’t be with him all the time. Also, she is yet to heal completely, to exhaust herself by taking care of him the whole day.” Lu Feng showed concern about her.

“I understand, but for the time being, let the things go as they are right now. We can think about other things later. She knows what she is doing so let her do it.”

An Tian suggested while Lu Feng agreed and looked at Jiang Yuyan who was talking to Lu Lijun who was not saying a single word in response.

“She is suppressing her own pain just to take care of him,” Lu Feng commented.

An Tian nodded, “Hmm! I think you won’t need me here now.”

“How about we watch TV Lu Lijun,” Jiang Yuyan asked. Her voice was calm and pleasant. Lu Lijun didn’t react, so she said again, “I want to watch cartoons, will it be fine with you?” she was trying her best to make him talk.

Not replying again, Lu Lijun moved his sight towards the TV in front of him. Jiang Yuyan turned on the TV and sat on the couch. She was watching TV but Lu Lijun was looking at her.

Jiang Yuyan noticed it and waited for some more time, but it was still the same. She turned off the TV and went to Lu Lijun.

Sitting at the edge of the bed, she asked calmly, “What happened, Lu Lijun? Do you want to say something to me? If so, just say it as you already know I have a birdie brain and not smart enough to understand the things by just looking at you.”

She waited for him to say something, but he didn’t reply and moved into the bed, so he could lie down.

“Ah! So you wanted to sleep.” Saying, she pulled the quilt to cover him.

The moment she moved to go away from him, Lu Lijun held her hand. She stopped to see if he wanted something and sat back in the bed.

“Do you want something?” she asked but not replying, Lu Lijun held her palm in his and closed his eyes. It was a tight grip as if he didn’t want her to leave.

Understanding him, Jiang Yuyan sat there and once he fell asleep, she got up. An Tian and Lu Feng came to her.

“Yuyan, you should rest too as you are still not recovered,” said Lu Feng and Jiang Yuyan just nodded.

Looking at An Tian, she asked, “What can we do more to improve his condition?”

“We need to make him cry,” An Tian replied.

“Hmm!” She just hummed and went back to sit on the couch, just to say something again while looking at Lu Feng, “I need a cellphone.”

Lu Feng Nodded and left with An Tian. Jiang Yuyan’s cell phone was damaged after the accident, so she needed the new one.

Once they left, Jiang Yuyan asked the servant to bring Lu Qiang’s laptop to her. Lu Lijun was sleeping and Jiang Yuyan started to work on the laptop. She had something in her mind which she wanted to do as soon as possible.

There was one folder in Lu Qiang’s laptop, which he showed her once. He told her that there was information about his trustable people. Those were the biggest support in his journey, and if she ever needed them, she can go through it to contact them.

That folder was locked securely and only Lu Qiang could open it, but later he changed the setting to give its access to Jiang Yuyan too. At that time she took it lightly and never, ever thought that she would actually need it one day.

Unlocking the folder, Jiang Yuyan went through the information about everyone. The first person she saw was the one she wanted to meet as soon as possible, and that was San Zemin.

She remembered one more thing that Lu Qiang told her. Just knowing these people was not enough. If she wanted them to work for her, she needed something important that showed Lu Qiang’s approval to it.

There was one more locked file that needed a pa.s.sword to open it and not that easy to do so. Even for the smartest hacker, it was next to impossible. There was just one attempt given to try the open the file and if it failed, then that file will get destroy on its own.

At that time she didn’t listen to him and ignored what he said, but now she needed this file and only then she could get those people to work for her. Unlocking that file meant Lu Qiang told the person pa.s.sword himself as there was no chance for trying luck and if he told it by himself, that meant Lu Qiang wanted those people to help that person and take the person as their boss.

There was one more meaning to it. If the person other than Lu Qiang could access that file, that meant Lu Qiang was in trouble.


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