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Chapter 508 Moments He Thought…

Feeling overwhelmed with the words from her mother-in-law, Jiang Yuyan couldn’t help but thank her for understanding. “Thank you so much, Mother.”

“As you called me a mother, I wish you to think about me like it. No need to feel hesitant in front of me. Just be like how you are with your mother.” Ning Jiahui said, and Jiang Yuyan nodded.

Jiang Yuyan didn’t know what to talk more. Even though she was living in Lu mansion, she didn’t talk too much with Ning Jiahui. Not only Ning Jiahui but her conversation was limited with other family members, too. Jiang Yuyan was not a talkative kind of person, instead, she preferred to listen to others more and once she was comfortable, one could see her talking to them freely.

Her not talking much to others might be because of her past, where she always preferred to be isolated and never made friends. Nix.x.xie was an exception, who could become her friend.

It was her brother, who kept everything alive inside her, not letting the social behavior inside her to die and she was thankful for it. If it was not him, she would be the loner for her entire life.

Some time pa.s.sed by quietly at the dining table while Jiang Yuyan was eating quietly not knowing what to talk further and Ning Jiahui was smiling, looking at her pretty daughter-in-law.

“I hope my son is not troubling much,” Ning Jiahui said, making Jiang Yuyan to stop eating and to shake her head. “He is good to me.”

“Glad to know it.” She continued, “He is one good man and I am proud that he is my son.”

Jiang Yuyan nodded. “He is.”

“I am happy that he found his happiness, finally.” Ning Jiahui spoke and Jiang Yuyan wondered what she meant, though she somewhere got the meaning.

“Thanks for coming into my son’s life and giving him the happiness he deserved.”

As Ning Jiahui said, Jiang Yuyan looked up. “Instead, I should say thank you as he changed my life.”

“It’s good that both of you feel the same way and became the reason to find lost happiness in your lives.” Ning Jiahui said and just then someone entered the dining room.

“Is my wife complaining to you about your son, mother.”

As Lu Qiang was getting late for the work, he came to the dining room and he could hear some part of their conversation.

“I would be happy if she complains, but it’s sad that my son won’t give her a chance to complain and let me pull his ear.”

Hearing it, Jiang Yuyan smiled while Lu Qiang said, “So mother wishes me to trouble my wife so that mother can fulfill her wish to pull my ear?”

“Well, to fulfill my wish I won’t want you to trouble her but if there is something, I would like to take advantage to fulfill it.” Saying Ning Jiahui looked at Jiang Yuyan, “Now it’s your responsibility to make my wish come true so even if there is nothing much of an importance, feel free to come to me to complain about him.”

Jiang Yuyan nodded slightly while smiling.

“It’s a nice way to ask her indirectly to be friendly with you and talk to you often,” Lu Qiang said.

“Can’t I as she is my only daughter-in-law?”

“Of course, you can, mother only if it’s not taking away her time with me,” Lu Qiang replied.

Giving out a deep sigh, Ning Jiahui said, “One more greedy man from Lus, as expected.”

Hearing it, Jiang Yuyan giggled and Lu Qiang smiled, “I have to leave for office so I hope mother will take care of my wife and use that time to find a reason to pull my ear.”

“I will.”

Jiang Yuyan finished her breakfast and went out of the mansion to see him off. As they reached the car, Lu Qiang pecked her on the lips to say bye in his way, but Jiang Yuyan immediately stepped back. “We are outside.”

“So what? We are married now.” Saying, he pulled her closer and was about to kiss, her sight fell on Lu Lijun and Lu Feng who came there from the garden.

“Lu Lijun!” Jiang Yuyan exclaimed in a low voice and Lu Qiang looked at him just to let go of Jiang Yuyan from his hold. He forgot that Lu Lijun and Lu Feng were in the garden.

Jiang Yuyan didn’t like that Lu Lijun saw them as he was a kid, though she didn’t have any problem with Lu Feng seeing them.

Clearing his throat, Lu Qiang went to Lu Lijun. “Had your breakfast, Lu Lijun?”

Lu Lijun nodded. “Hmm!” The expressions on his face were the same as always as if it didn’t affect him by seeing them almost kissing.

He spoke again. “I and brother Lu Feng was sitting there for some time.”

“Good. I will go to work so take care of Yuyan.”

Lu Lijun nodded while Lu Feng was enjoying the awkwardness Lu Qiang had on his face as Lu Lijun saw what he was doing.

Lu Feng noticed that Lu Qiang and Jiang Yuyan were standing there but before he could divert Lu Lijun, the deed had already done and they were standing nearby so it was impossible to take action in a short time.

He already did his job by taking away Lu Lijun from the dining room as he knew there would be some bold talk but he was not prepared for this situation.

Lu Qiang looked at Lu Feng, who was smiling teasingly to see him fl.u.s.tered inside with the thought that his younger brother caught him in an action. Lu Qiang said nothing to him and let him enjoy it for a while.

Lu Feng’s sight as if indicating- you enjoyed a lot seeing me in embarra.s.sing situations now it’s your turn, brother.

Lu Qiang’s sight as if indicating- Enjoy for a while, I will deal with you later.

Lu Qiang and Lu Feng both left in their cars while Jiang Yuyan was waving at Lu Qiang’s car. Lu Qiang was seeing her through the side mirror smiling pleasantly. These were the moments he thought about his happy life ahead with Jiang Yuyan.

Lu Lijun was standing beside her and once his brother’s car was out of their sights, Lu Lijun said, “Let’s go inside.”

Nodding, Jiang Yuyan followed him.


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