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Chapter 258 Aproval Of Elder Ming..

Jiang Yuyan didn’t know what to say seeing him so serious and kept quiet. His intense-looking eyes and the way he was looking at her made her speechless.

Seeing her awkward, Lu Feng immediately averted his sight from her face and stood up to go near the railing of the patio facing his back towards these three.

Lu Qiang and Jiang Yang looked at each other as not knowing what to do then suddenly Lu Qiang spoke looking at Lu Feng’s back, “You are better with Jiang Yang then as there won’t be anyone and women are trouble for you.”

“Yeah! he deserves my annoying brother only,” Jiang Yuyan too joined Lu Qiang.

Lu Feng heard them and said without turning to look at them, “Before that why don’t you guys just kill me. It would be better than being with annoyance all the time?”

“Woohoo! Who is annoying here. I am a loving, caring and funny person,” said Jiang Yang.

“Yes, and that’s what makes you annoying sometimes,” Jiang Yuyan replied as enjoying to tease her brother while Lu Qiang was looking at Lu Feng who was silent.

Soon few days pa.s.sed by and Lu corporation released a statement regarding Lu Qiang and Jiang Yuyan getting engaged and revealed who was the mystery girl with Lu Qiang in that wedding a few days back.

Lu Qiang continued keeping bodyguards with Jiang Yuyan whenever she went to university or somewhere out as he didn’t want anyone to trouble her and disturb her peaceful life. Moreover, she was the woman of one powerful person so n.o.body dared to disturb her in any way.

The engagement was decided to hold on in the next few days as Jiang Yuyan was going to have her first-semester exam next month and Lu Qiang didn’t want any disturbances in her studies.

After her exam, there was going to be a winter vacation but he didn’t want to do it in winter so as a result of it he decided to do it before her exams. Moreover, it was Autumn and better than Winter. Jiang Peizhi and Mo Ruolan stayed back in China as they had to prepare for the engagement of their daughter.

Mo Ruolan and Jiang Peizhi personally went to Ming Mansion to visit the elder Ming and to inform him about it even though he was already aware of this since he saw the picture of Lu Qiang and Jiang Yuyan being together, holding each other’s hand.

As they reached Ming Mansion, Zhao Jei welcomed them as knowing the reason for their visit. She was happy for Jiang Yuyan because she knew Lu Qiang was the best man any girl could get. Even though both families had bad relations, Lu Qiang’s capability and the kind of person he was, that was not hidden to anyone.

Elder Ming was in a living room waiting for them as Ming Ruolan already informed him about their arrival. She was worried about how her uncle will react to it but she knew it would be better to inform him herself.

As they sat on the sofa, elder Lu greeted them and didn’t show any sign on his face that he knew why they came to visit him. In a while, once they finish a drink offered by Zhao Jei, Mo Ruolan decided to speak and said, “Uncle! Jiang Yuyan’s engagement has been fixed with Lu Qiang.”

“Hmm!” That was the only reply she got from elder Lu who was sitting silently waiting for her to speak further which made her feel even more nervous and her heart started to beat faster.

Ming Yuysheng too didn’t react to it as his father was silent but he was happy for Jiang Yuyan to know Lu Qiang was a good person.

Zhao Jie sensed this silence and spoke to vanish the awkwardness around, “That’s a great news sister Mo Ruolan. We are happy for her. She then looked at her husband and asked, “Isn’t it?”

“Hmm!” Ming Yusheng replied as agreeing to his wife and not wanting to disappoint his cousin and her husband as they were their guests.

Mo Ruolan smiled and waited for her uncle to say something while Jiang Peizhi kept his hand on the backside of her palm to calm her down.

“I too think it is good news as my granddaughter is getting engaged.” Finally, the elder Ming spoke and everyone gave out a deep sigh of relief. They waited for him to speak further.

“That boy, Lu Qiang, he would be the best man for our Jiang Yuyan and I am sure she would be happy with him,” said elder Ming while looking at Mo Ruolan which made her smile brightly and her heartbeats to calm down.

Others too had a smile on their faces. Mo Ruolan took a deep breath and asked, “Uncle, I wish you to come in the engagement to give her your blessings. Without ur blessings, it won’t be complete.”

“I said I am happy for her and she had my blessings with her always, so there is no need for me to come there personally.” Elder Lu’s words were straight forward and no one could ever force him to do what he didn’t want.

“I understand uncle,” saying it Mo Ruolan kept quite. She had a smile on her face as the approval of her uncle matters a lot for her even though he declined her wish for him to come personally to the engagement ceremony.

Ming Rusheng was standing upstairs, listening to the conversation between elders. He was angry to hear this news though he already got to know it through the news. He didn’t expect his grand-father to approve of Lu Qiang and call him the best man for Jiang Yuyan.

Ming Lan too heard them but she handled herself as she already accepted the reality and she was aware of there was no use of feeling bad about it as Lu Qiang can’t be in her life ever.


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