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Chapter 19 Secret In The Family…

Lu Jinhai looked at his son Lu Qiang, who was sitting calmly in his chair but his eyes were observing them suspiciously. He understood that he must have observed their quite an uncomfortable behaviour. Lu Qiang was very smart in this aspect just like his father. Nothing unusual could pa.s.s their sights which is why both of them were very successful in the business and handling the people, specifically the trouble makers.

Lu Qiang looked at his father with neutral face and didn’t gave any reaction as indicating he didn’t know what was going on. Then he looked at his watch and said, “Father, I am going to office now. I am already very late. Though I have informed Xio Min to handle everything, I really need to go now.” Then he and Lu Chen left for the office in their cars. Lu Jinhai told them that he will be there for the other half of the day.

Elder Lu Huan and Lu Shuang left for their room. Lu Hui was talking to Lu Jiahui.

Lu Jinhai : “I have something to discuss with father and mother about tomorrow’s event so I’ll be in their room.” He said to his wife who in response smiled and said, “ok”.

Elder Lu’s room was on the ground floor unlike everyone’s room on 1st and 2nd floor. It’s because of the problem in Lu Shuang’s knees and also because she liked the garden around the balcony of that room. Through the balcony she had a direct access to that garden and could go there any time.

Lu Jinhai reached to his parent’s room and knocked the door. When he entered the room he saw his mother was sitting on the chair silently while his father elder Lu Huan was standing in front of a gla.s.s window in his room, staring blankly outside without any expressions with his hands tucked inside his pants pocket.

It was his habbit to stand like this alone and keep staring blankly at a distance, whenever he couldn’t think about anything. He looked very different from his usual playful and blantant personality as if he was wearing a mask on his face. This side of Lu Huan was only known to his wife and his elder son Lu Jinhai.

Lu Jinhai : “I knew, both of you would be like this when I’ll come to your room.” He said calmly while sitting in the chair next to his mother. Then he took his mother’s hand in his and asked with a gentle voice, “Mother!! What are you thinking? You know, there is nothing to be worried about.”

Lu Shuang : “I am worried about your father and the promise he made back then.” She said holding her son’s hand and looking at him with hurtful expressions.

“Father!!”, Lu Jinhai looked at his father and called him but there was no response. Lu Jinhai didn’t bother him again and looked at his mother back. This side of Lu Huan was quite frightening for them, as one could see the coldness around him. No one could imagine there is this side of mischievously naughty and talkative elder Lu Huan. Withoutng a single word he can make a person in front of him tremble on his two feet.

“No one should ever know about this!!” After few moments Lu Shuang and Lu Jinhai heard these commanding words from Lu Huan. Both of them looked back to Elder Lu Huan but he was still in the same position as before, staring outside of the window.

Lu Jinhai : “Rest a.s.sured father. I’ll take this secret to my grave.” He then calmed his mother down and took a leave without talking much.

______ _____ ____

At Jiang residence….

Jiang Yang was reading a news paper and Jiang YuYan was searching something online on her laptop in the living room, while their parents were busy with their work in the study.

“Hey little sis!! I am reading todays horoscope in the newspaper. Do you want to know, what’s written for your zodiac sign??” He asked with an excitement

“Not interested” she said without looking at him and continued with her work.

“But there is something interesting about your zodiac sign. You should check it.”

He didn’t get any response from her as she was not interested at all, so he continued, “It says that today in the noon you are going to face the most exciting thing in your life and there is a warning that something might get stolen from you”.

“Rubbis.h.!.+ I have already faced today’s most exciting thing in my life in the morning, that’s my art room and I don’t have anything valuables to get stolen?” She said with an annoyed tone.

“So you were listening and I thought you were not interested”. He said looking at her with his one eyebrow angled up.

“You keep buzzing in my ear like a mosquito so how can I avoid it?”

“Who knows, you might face thief and he will steal something from you. Isn’t facing a thief an exciting thing? As in….., he might be handsome and steal your heart”?

“Brother Yang!! When will you stop spouting nonsense? I wonder why didn’t you become a lawyer instead of a doctor.

Jiang Yang was a doctor. He completed his medical studies in the sates from one of the renowned University. He was a bright Student too just like his parents and younger sister. He was a cardiologist. After completing his study there, he decided to come back to china. He wanted to use his talent, knowledge and skills for his home land. He was quite patriotic like his father.

“I was just thinking, you were ok to hook up with a beggar before, so there should not be any problem with a thief.” He said, trying to tease his sister.

“Why you guys are still here? Aren’t you going out for shopping?” Jiang Ruolan came out of study and asked them.

“Yeh Mom!! We will be leaving, once brother Yang done emptying his quota of nonsense for today”.

“Whenever you are with me, it doesn’t take much time to empty it out.”

Jiang Ruolan : “Both of you get ready. Car is ready in a parking lot for you.” She said ignoring there fight and went back to the study. Then both got ready and left for the shopping.


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