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Chapter 1254: My Heart Is Working Too

Though Lu Lijun was in the hospital, he was fine and Jiang Yuyan had to go to the office. The doctor said he had to stay in the hospital for one more day so it was not possible for both of them to be away from the office at the same time. Moreover, there was no need to let the family know what happened to him and why he was outside in such a cold till so late in the night.

“I have to go to the office. I will be back in the evening,” Jiang Yuyan said. 

Lu Lijun looked at her but said nothing. Finally, he got the chance to be with her and this woman still thought about the work. 

“I have to be in the office or everyone will ask about why both of us are not there. I am sure we don’t want everyone to know why you were sitting in the cold.”

“I don’t mind telling them,” Lu Lijun said. 

“But I mind. I’ll send your friend to accompany you,” she said coldly. 

“You will return here after office, right?” he asked.

The way he asked, for a moment it reminded her about that kid Lu Lijun from the past who used to wait for her every day when he was dependent on her. Jiang Yuyan didn’t have the heart to say no and she nodded, “I will. I have to leave now.”

Just then, there was a knock on the door and Noah entered the room. With his head lowered, he greeted Jiang Yuyan, “Good Morning, President Lu.”

Jiang Yuyan accepted it with a light nod and instructed, “Take care of him.”

“Rest a.s.sured, President Lu,” Noah said and Jiang Yuyan left. 

Once she left, Noah went to Lu Lijun and sighed, “Such an idiot.”

Lu Lijun didn’t react and Noah asked, “How are you now?”

“Not so good. Might have to take a few days rest,” Lu Lijun replied. 

Noah gave him a narrowed-eyed look. “That I can see but I sense something nasty behind your reason for resting.”

“Then do one thing for me,” Lu Lijun replied. 


“Take a two to three days leave from work.”

“What?” Noah exclaimed.

“You haven’t gone to meet your parents for so many months already. Such an unfilial son you are. I am giving you a chance to be a good son.”

Noah could see through him now and chuckled, “Not sure about me but my parents would be glad to know their son has such a filial friend. You sly fox.”

Lu Lijun looked at him calmly, “You can use this opportunity to tell them not to search someone for you and you have already found a son-in-law for them.”

Noah gave him a displeased look, “I am not in a mood to go on leave,” and sat on the couch.

“Don’t you want to know when Jake is returning?” Lu Lijun asked. 

“I don’t want to. He can go to h.e.l.l,” Noah countered. 

“Fine. Don’t go,” Lu Lijun said calmly and closed his eyes.

After a moment of silence, Noah spoke, “I am going but just for your sake. I know why you are sending me away.”

Lu Lijun smiled at him, “Book a flight for tonight.”

Noah agreed.


In the evening Jiang Yuyan returned as and Lu Lijun could finally sigh a relief. 

Noah stood up to greet her and left as he smiled at Lu Lijun. 

Jiang Yuyan was not in her office clothes but had changed into casual once, which means she was going to stay there with him and nothing could make him feel better than this.

“How was the day?” Lu Lijun, who was sitting while leaning back at the bed, asked.

“It was fine,” she replied while keeping her bag on the couch and sitting on it. “You can rest. I’ll be doing some work.”

“Aren’t you here to take care of me?” he asked. 

She looked at him annoyingly, “What do you want?”


Jiang Yuyan was not surprised by his reply and frowned, “Rest quietly or I’ll leave.”

“If I need something, who should I ask?” 

She opened her laptop and answered, “We have nurses here.”

“But I am not comfortable with nurses while helping me get to the washroom.”

“I’ll arrange the male nurse.”

“I am fine with you if you help me,” he said.

She gritted her teeth, “Stop being a pervert, Lu Lijun.”

“Fine, I’ll go on my own.” He put the quilt aside and stepped out of the bed. He was still weak and his head still hurt badly so his footsteps were unstable. 

Jiang Yuyan put her laptop aside and went to hold him. 

“I can go on my own,” he said.

“I can see that,” she said and took him to the bathroom. 

Standing inside, he waited and she looked at him to know what. Frowning, she pulled his s.h.i.+rt up and untied the knot on his hospital pajamas. “Rest you can do.”

“I don’t mind if you help me,” he said as the teasing smile appeared on his lips. 

Jiang Yuyan was turning red with anger. Not answering him, she turned, “I’ll wait outside.”

In a while, Lu Lijun came out and Jiang Yuyan helped him walk towards the bed. He stood next to the bed and looked at her. She understood and again lifted his s.h.i.+rt and tied the knot. 

In a while, Xiao Min brought dinner for them which was prepared in Jiang Yuyan’s home as she had instructed. 

“How are you, Fourth Young Master?” Xiao Min asked.

“I am good,” he replied and Xiao Min left after he talked to his boss. 

Jiang Yuyan arranged the meal on the bed table for Lu Lijun. It was light and nouris.h.i.+ng food. 

Jiang Yuyan pa.s.sed him a spoon and he said, “My hand is numb after IV shots.

“Those were on your left and as far as I know, you eat with your right hand.”

“That numbness transferred to my right hand too,” he replied shamelessly. 

She frowned and swallowed her annoyance but couldn’t help but say, “You are so sick that nothing is working except for your sly brain.”

“My heart is working too. Wanna check it?” he asked, looking at her playfully. 

Jiang Yuyan stuffed the food in his mouth, “Just eat.”

After so long Lu Lijun was getting to spend time with her and tease her so he didn’t wish to let go of a single moment. As he was finally sick, he didn’t wish it to go to waste.


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