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Chapter 1231 – Outburst Of Tears

It was the night when Lu Lian woke up in her room in the hospital. Her sight was blurry as she opened her eyes and stared at the ceiling in a daze. Her mind tried to process the situation as she looked around and realized someone had just left the room. From the corner of her sight, she could guess that it was the nurse. She looked at the window of the room and it was dark outside and remembered what had happened before she went unconscious.

Her heart beating faster in fright, she turned anxious and sat up in the bed. When she went unconscious, it was morning and now it was night. That meant so much time had pa.s.sed by.

‘He..he had only an hour left…what did they do with him? How can I sleep…?’ Getting angry at herself and the fear of losing him made her panic as she put the quilt aside and stepped out of the bed.

The next moment she fell on the floor as her legs felt like they had no strength left in them. Not thinking about anything, she stood up while taking the support of the bed and breathed deeply.

‘I need to go to him…I need to see him…,’ she continued to repeat in her mind and stood up again and walked towards the door with her slow steps.

Getting out of the room, she entered the empty corridor and walked towards where they had kept Ming Rusheng. With each step ahead, she was saying to herself in a light mumble, “He is there…I know he is still there..waiting for me..just wait for me…I will be there quickly…”

The nurse who had left the room for a while, returned and saw Lu Lian out in the corridor and walking slowly while taking the support of the wall in between.

“Ms. Lu, you are so weak. You should rest. Let me help you back to your room.” The nurse was about to hold Lu Lian’s hand to support her.

As if Lu Lian didn’t hear her, she shrugged her hand annoyingly and continued to walk.

“Ms. Lu…” The nurse looked here and there to see what to do and thought to get the Lu family members but couldn’t leave Lu Lian alone like this and continued to walk with her in case she fell down.

They reached the corridor which had two turns ahead, the left one led towards the operation theater while the right one led towards the waiting room and ICU ahead of that.

Just as Lu Lian was about to take a turn to go towards the ICU, she heard some voices and looked at them. Lu Lian saw Jiang Yang coming out of the operation theater with another doctor wearing doctor’s clothes for the surgery room and one older man in the black suit accompanied by the older doctor from the hospital went towards Jiang Yang.

“Doctor Jiang, Thank you so much for performing this heart transplant surgery on my son. I can not tell you how…”

Lu Lian didn’t want to hear further as her mind was stuck on the Heart transplant words and felt like her entire world had collapsed. She let herself go and kneeled on the ground as she could do nothing but cry, lowering her head and resting her hands on the floor.

“Ms. Lu…” The nurse exclaimed and it captured other’s attention.

Jiang Yang hurried towards her and kneeled in front of her, “Lian…”

She shrugged his hand that raised to hold her and she mumbled, “You murderer…Don’t touch me…” and cried out loudly with loud sobs.

It shocked Jiang Yang but it was time to take care of her. “Lian, listen to me.”

“I told you he was there….I told them to wait but…why?…why didn’t you listen to me…you all killed him…You took away his heart and gave it to someone…” she was loud and was not in a situation to listen to anyone. Her crying voice echoed in the entire corridor.

Lu Lijun, Lu Feng, and Jiang Yuyan arrived there who were with the Ming Family.

Jiang Yang tried to speak, “First, listen to me, Lian…”

“Go away…Go away you murderer…” she shouted.

Her brother immediately came to her. Lu Lijun sat next to her, “Elder sister.”

With her teary eyes, Lu Lian looked at her brother and said, “They killed him…they took him away from me….” she continued to cry.

Lu Lijun hugged her and patted her head to calm her and said, “He is alive.”

She was so engrossed in her crying that she didn’t hear him.

“He is alive, elder sister,” Lu Lijun repeated and Lu Lian froze in her place.

She looked at him with her teary but hopeful eyes and heard him again, “He is still there. Waiting for you.”

Hearing it, she broke into an even louder cry as she buried her face in Lu Lijun’s chest. Lu Lijun hugged her back and continued to caress her head. His eyes turned teary, seeing his sister like this. Not just him but others were the same. Jiang Yuyan couldn’t hold her tears back either and Lu Feng who was standing next to her stretched his arm around her and caressed her arm to console her.

Lu Lian stopped crying and looked back at Jiang Yang, “That heart….”

“You should first get fresh and go see him, looking nice and not like this with a crying face. Don’t you want to?”

She nodded like a little girl who was being coaxed. “I want to see him right away.”

“Dirty-looking visitors are not allowed there?” Jiang Yang said as he first wished her to regain her strength and calm herself down.

Not having any option, she listened to him and Lu Lijun took his sister back to her room.

The nurse helped her getting fresh and change into other clothes while Jiang Yuyan asked her to drink something. Lu Lian was so eager to go see Ming Rusheng there was no patience left in her.

“I am absolutely fine, Yuyan. Please let me go to him first,” she insisted having only one sip of the juice.

Jiang Yuyan could understand her and agreed. Jiang Yang waited for her to come out and personally, took Lu Lian to see Ming Rusheng.

Lu Feng, Lu Lijun, and Jiang Yang were still silent.

“He still has lots of complications.. I don’t know how she will take it,” Lu Lijun said worriedly while looking at the retreating back of his sister and the other two were silent.


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