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Chapter 1121 – In Her Bed

It was dark in the room except for the mild light coming inside from the outside lights around the mansion.

Feeling angry at herself to let it happen again, what Lu Lijun did, Jiang Yuyan was about to leave the room, but Lu Lijun held her hand.

“Watch out,” he said.

Not saying anything to him, she pulled her hand back with a strong tug, the anger evident in her behavior.

Lu Lijun blocked her way and informed, “You will b.u.mp into that center table.”

The way she was ready to leave in anger and not noticing what came in her way, Lu Lijun was sure she would hurt herself in the dark.

Jiang Yuyan glared at his slightly visible face. She controlled herself from saying anything harsh before, but it’s a limit for her. “I am hurt, or even if I die, don’t concern yourself with it.”

“Not gonna happen,” he replied calmly and added, “I would never let you hurt yourself… And dying?… It’s out of the question because you are not allowed to leave me. If you do, we will leave together.”

“Insane!” she mumbled, as her anger couldn’t find any other way out. Whatever words she would use to curse him, she knew he wouldn’t mind, and he would only turn stubborn.

“Can’t be sane after coming back to my wife after so many years.”

Feeling frustrated to her bones, Jiang Yuyan growled. “Not again,”

Lu Lijun could only look at her annoyed and angry face in that dim light. However she was, she always looked pretty to him.

“What are you thinking? It’s not possible between us. Don’t you get it?” She asked, her voice frustration filled but low as she didn’t wish her mother-in-law to hear anything again.

“What’s not possible?” Lu Lijun asked nonchalantly.

“What you said…and claimed me as your …..” she stopped.

“Wife, it is,” he completed her unfinished line and asked, “And why is it not possible between us?”

She stared at him and talked, keeping her voice low. “First, there won’t be anyone ever other than your elder brother. Second, you will always be that kid, that young, innocent Lu Lijun for me who I considered as my younger brother….” she closed her eyes annoyingly and mumbled in gritted teeth, “I can’t even call you as younger brother….because of what….”

“…what I did,” he again completed her line calmly and stared back at her, “First I never asked you to forget my elder brother. Second, I was never your younger brother to start with….” his eyes turned colder from the calm ones, “And third, I am not that innocent Lu Lijun, nor I am a kid. I am a man who looks at you as my woman, as my wife.”

“Stop it, you…” she stepped back. “For me, you will always be that young Lu Lijun even after the next hundred years pa.s.s by.”

Lu Lijun was still calm and asked. “Do you mean what you just said?”

“Of course I mean it….”

“Good for me,” he interrupted her, smiling lightly.

It puzzled her. “What do you mean?”

“I agreed to what you just said. Shouldn’t you be happy?” he countered.

His intentions didn’t seem right to her, and she didn’t know what to think. She was about to say something, but Lu Lijun interrupted her.

“Do you want someone else to come to recheck this room, and we two hide behind that curtain, and then we kis…”

“Stop,” she warned and turned to leave.

‘Has she always been so adorable like this, or I just noticed it now?’ Lu Lijun thought as a light smile painted his lips.

Jiang Yuyan left, and Lu Lijun too left to go to his room. He saw Jiang Yuyan walking with light steps, holding her home slippers in hand to avoid making any sound while pa.s.sing in front of other rooms, especially her mother-in-law’s room.

With his hands tucked in his pants pocket, Lu Lijun continued to walk slowly, not willing to disturb one cute bunny from acting so sweet. That bunny reached faster on the second floor than Lu Lijun.

She entered her room without turning to look back. Lu Lijun saw the door closing with the sound of a lock.


It was a usual lock that could be opened from outside by moving the door handle, but Lu Lijun again heard another sound of the door lock.


It was the lock that the person couldn’t open outside of the room. He sure scared her a lot to lock her door securely, which she never had to do all these years.

Lu Lijun had already expected it from her and smiled, saying, “No use,” and entered his room.


Making sure she had put the lock properly, Jiang Yuyan gave out a sigh of relief and went to her bed. She couldn’t stop feeling angry and frustrated. The things she wouldn’t like were happening, and she was helpless not to let it happen. Every time Lu Lijun would do something impossible to stop, or the circ.u.mstances made her bear with it.

“Next time, I’ll break….” She stopped and felt like crying. “I can’t hurt him…I can never….”

Collecting herself, she turned determined. “There won’t be any next time. It won’t happen again.”

Jiang Yuyan once again glanced at the door to make sure it was locked and closed her eyes feeling relieved that she didn’t have to worry about Lu Lijun coming to her.

She had a nice deep sleep for the next few hours, till the sunlight brightened the sky nicely. She felt great with a nice sleep, and her brain seemed to be more relaxed than how chaotic it was before she went to sleep.

With her eyes still closed, she stretched her hands to give her body a nice twist and stretch. Her right hands touched something that didn’t feel like the pillow next to her, but…

In a shock, she looked at her right side only to see what she touched was the face resting on the pillow next to her pillow. Feeling like it was an illusion, she poked the cheek and got the shock of her life.

It was not an illusion, but Lu Lijun was sleeping next to her in her bed.


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