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Chapter 664 – Missed

The middle-aged man respectfully said, “It was a flying sword. This junior looked at it and saw that it was very ordinary. Perhaps it really did have something special about it, but I don’t believe it was strong. That kind of treasure doesn’t meet the requirements of our pavilion.”

He didn’t dare to show any disrespect to the old man. Although this old man was only at the early stage of Soul Formation, he had a very high status in the pavilion. The middle-aged man vaguely knew that this old man had once reached the mid stage of Soul Transformation, but due to his injuries, his cultivation fell to the Soul Formation stage.

The old man looked at w.a.n.g Lin’s gradually disappearing figure. There was a hint of doubt in his eyes, but soon he shook his head and walked back into the Whole Treasure Pavilion.

“That person is somewhat familiar…” The old man appeared to be extremely tired. After he returned to the building, he sat down on a rocking chair in the corner. He bitterly touched his chest before letting out a sigh and silently staring at the ground.

w.a.n.g Lin left the Whole Treasure Pavilion and walked toward the elegant Green Bamboo Pavilion. Although this pavilion wasn’t large, it had a sense of elegance. Upon stepping inside, w.a.n.g Lin looked around and saw wooden shelves lining the walls. There was a small box on each shelf, and the inside of each box was lined in yellow silk. All kinds of magical treasures, pills, and other things were placed in them.

There was a young scholar sitting inside the pavilion. He had an ancient book in his hand, and he seemed to be reading with great interest. When the youth noticed w.a.n.g Lin entering, he put down the book, got up, and smiled. “Although our shop isn’t large, we have quite a collection of goods. I wonder what friend needs.”

This person’s cultivation was only at the early stage of Nascent Soul. When he saw w.a.n.g Lin, he didn’t show the arrogance the person from the Whole Treasure Pavilion showed. Instead, he had an easy and enthusiastic greeting.

w.a.n.g Lin faintly smiled. He slapped his bag of holding and the flying sword came out. He asked, “Would fellow cultivator accept his sword?”

When the young man looked at the sword, his eyebrows slightly wrinkled and he revealed a wry smile. “Fellow cultivator, this sword… Forget it can you let me examine the sword?”

The youth’s att.i.tude was extremely easygoing. w.a.n.g Lin smiled and pushed with this right hand. The flying sword gently flew toward the youth. The youth scanned it with his divine sense and said, “This sword is extremely ordinary. I’m afraid…Eh!!”

The youth only spoke half a sentence when his eyes suddenly opened wide. He stared at the ordinary-looking flying sword with eyes filled with shock.

He suddenly raised his head to look a w.a.n.g Lin and quickly said, “Fellow cultivator, the spell inside the flying sword…”

w.a.n.g Lin smiled. “You’ll know when you try it!”

The youth took a deep breath and suppressed the shock in his heart. He had checked the inside of the flying sword with his divine sense and found a spell inside it. He couldn’t see through this spell, but the pressure it gave off made his nascent soul tremble.

He cycled the spiritual energy in his body and injected it into the flying sword. The moment the spiritual energy touched the spell inside the sword, a powerful sword energy immediately burst forth. At the same time, the youth felt like he had become one with water.

His eyes revealed a pleasant surprise. Although the spell on the sword hadn’t been activated yet, just the spiritual energy integration already cla.s.sified it as a mid quality magical treasure.

He didn’t immediately try to activate the spell but manipulated the sword and pointed at the large high quality spirit stone outside the shop. The sword shot out in a ray of light toward the spirit stone. Without a sound, the sword pierced through the spirit stone and flew back.

“Good sword!!” As the youth looked at the flying sword, his eyes revealed admiration. However, there was a hint of regret in them. “This level of integration can be considered mid quality. Such fierce spiritual energy can even be considered high quality. Unfortunately, its speed doesn’t match the sword. What a pity! What a pity!”

As he spoke, he activated the spell inside the flying sword, and at that instant, his pupils suddenly shrank. He watched the flying sword disappear before him and reappear one hundred feet away.


The youth’s body trembled and he immediately stepped out of the shop. He waved his right hand and the flying sword immediately teleported back. The youth’s eyes were no longer filled with ecstasy but shock. He sucked in a breath of cold air and pointed at the spirit stone again. The flying sword teleported and pierced through the spirit stone.

“This… this is teleportation!!!” The youth had his mouth wide open. He quickly called the flying sword back and held it in his hand. His heart was as complete mess right now. Generally, it was impossible to leave a teleportation spell inside a flying sword, because a sword couldn’t handle the friction of teleportation. Also, without a heavenly cultivation level, it would be impossible to brand a sword with a teleportation spell.

More importantly, even if one had the cultivation, unless they had extremely powerful methods and a special domain, it would be impossible to make the teleportation spell last forever.

w.a.n.g Lin’s life and death domain was what allowed the flying sword’s teleportation spell to last forever. However, if the balance was broken, the spell would still expire.

The youth grabbed the flying sword. He hurried back into the shop while looking at w.a.n.g Lin and hurriedly said, “Fellow cultivator, this shop wants this sword! Are ten thousand high quality spirit stones enough?”

w.a.n.g Lin slightly frowned. The cultivation level of the youth before him was too low. Using spiritual energy, he was only able to use one-tenth of its power.

The youth saw w.a.n.g Lin frown and pondered for a moment. He clenched his teeth and said, “Fellow cultivator I can add fifty thousand more high quality spirit stones. Although this sword is a top quality spiritual treasure, I have already given a very high price.”

w.a.n.g Lin frowned and asked, “Do you guys have Soul Transformation cultivators?”

The youth was startled. He revealed a look of displeasure and asked, “What does fellow cultivator mean? Do you think my cultivation level isn’t high enough to see through the flying sword? We do have Soul Transformation seniors, and since you asked, I’ll ask for one to come!” The youth slapped his bag of holding and a jade flew out. After leaving a message in it, he threw the jade and it flew out of the shop.

After sending out the jade, the youth silently sat in the chair and started playing with the flying sword in his hand.

With w.a.n.g Lin’s cultivation, he naturally wouldn’t bother with a low-ranked cultivator. He had already reached the status of a master. At this moment, he smiled and looked around at the magical treasures in the shop.

By contrast, the youth wasn’t nearly as calm. After some time, his gaze fell on w.a.n.g Lin and he revealed a hint of shock. In his eyes, although this cultivator was only at the late stage of Core Formation, for a instant, he felt like he was looking at his family’s patriarch or elders.

w.a.n.g Lin’s casual and calm expression was not something a Core Formation cultivator should have, but this person was indeed at the late stage of Core Formation. He did consider that w.a.n.g Lin could be hiding his cultivation, but the Green Bamboo Pavilion had formations placed by the family’s elders. Unless someone had reached the Ascendant stage, it would be impossible to hide.

Not long after, a gentle breeze came from outside. After the breeze disappeared, an old man stepped into the pavilion. The first thing the old man looked at was the flying sword in the youth’s hand. When he saw the sword, there was a flash of light in his eyes.

When the youth saw the old man, he immediately stood up and respectfully said, “Junior Sun Mu greets Elder.”

The old man softly replied and his gaze swept w.a.n.g Lin. His expression didn’t change as he calmly asked, “Was it this person who asked for a magical treasure to be tested?”

The youth quickly nodded and respectfully presented the sword in his hand.

At the moment the old man entered, w.a.n.g Lin took a glance and withdrew his gaze. This old man was at the late stage of Soul Transformation. Although not at the peak, he had obviously been tested with many life and death situations, so his mind was much more tempered compared to the four little fellows he met before.

The old man didn’t waste any time. He waved his right hand and caught the flying sword. After he swept it with his divine sense, his calm expression was replaced with shock.

“Elder, junior has looked at this treasure…” The youth beside the old man spoke. As he spoke, the old man suddenly shot a look at the youth that caused him to swallow the second half of that sentence.

The old man flicked the flying sword with his finger. It released a crisp sword hymn that immediately echoed across the building. This sound was like heavenly music and was pleasing to the ears. His eyes were filled with even more shock as he waved his right hand. The sword flew out and disappeared.

This time it teleported more five hundred kilometers away.

The next instant, the sword appeared next to the old man and circled him. The sword gave of celestial spiritual energy, and the fierce sword energy was like a drawn bow.

More importantly, there were strands of lightning moving along the sword. The old man stared at the lightning and pondered for a bit. He raised his finger and touched the lightning.

A crisp bang echoed across the room, then the old man’s expression immediately turned pale and he took several steps back. It took him a while to recover. Not only did he not reveal any anger, his face was filled with ecstasy.

The youth was completely startled after seeing all of this. He naturally saw that under the old man’s control, this sword had… celestial spiritual energy!

“Celestial treasure… This… This is a celestial treasure…” The youth was dumbfounded.

“Not celestial treasure, but a pseudo celestial treasure! There is a greater teleportation spell engraved in it, and in addition, the lightning is what makes the treasure precious. Without this lightning, this object could only be considered a normal pseudo celestial treasure. However, this lightning makes a big difference!” The old man didn’t try to deliberately hide anything. As he spoke, he looked toward w.a.n.g Lin.

“This should have been gifted to you by your family. Are you sure you want to sell it?”

“Three thousand celestial jades!” w.a.n.g Lin didn’t reply but quoted a price.

The old man’s eyes narrowed and carefully examined w.a.n.g Lin. Without a word, he slapped his bag of holding and a pile of celestial jades immediately appeared on the ground. Dense celestial spiritual energy immediately filled the entire Green Bamboo Pavilion.

w.a.n.g Lin waved his sleeves and put the celestial jades inside his bag of holding.

The old man looked at w.a.n.g Lin and asked, “Do you have other pseudo celestial treasures?”

w.a.n.g Lin’s expression was still neutral as he touched his bag of holding. He immediately took out a bronze mirror and threw it at the old man.

The old man caught it and his expression immediately changed like it never had before. This time he was even more shocked than he was at the flying sword. He exclaimed, “Inheritance pseudo celestial treasure!”


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