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Chapter 596 – Heaven’s Might

The 100 Fingers of Death created a ray of death as they charged through the sky and collided with the red lightning!

Then an even louder thunder echoed across the sky. At this moment, the entire sky trembled as if it was about to be flipped upside down.

The Finger of Death absorbs life force and converts it into destruction. At the moment the Finger of Death collided with the red lightning, it had absorbed a lot of life, but it was still no match for the divine retribution lightning!

Under the force of the red lightning, the black light from the Finger of Death rapidly dissipated until it was completely gone. The red lightning continued descending, but its color was a bit dimmer than before!

w.a.n.g Lin’s hair flowed in the wind as he looked at the red lightning with an unyielding gaze. He decided to simply remove all of the life seals that were protecting him and turn them into more than 3,700 strands of slaughter energy. His right hand pointed at the sky and the slaughter energy gathered at his hand.

More than 3,700 strands of slaughter energy rushed out like a storm. As w.a.n.g Lin stood inside this storm, his eyes revealed powerful killing intent.

“Kill!” With one shout, the slaughter energy in his hand quickly condensed. From more than 3,700 strands into one, it turned into a black dragon, a dragon of slaughter!

w.a.n.g Lin’s eyes turned red. Not only did he have killing intent, he also had a heart of slaughter! He wasn’t the type of person to have killing intent toward the heavens, but this was enough to make him a genius of the generation! A true genius!

w.a.n.g Lin had a personality that was willing to do whatever was needed. It didn’t matter if you were the heavens or the heavens’ dao. If you wanted to kill him, then he’d kill you no matter who you are!

With his heart of slaughter and his killing intent, the dragon formed by the slaughter energy seemed to gain a life of its own. This dragon represented w.a.n.g Lin’s intent to defy the heavens!

“Slaughter!” The dragon let out a roar and directly went to devour the red lightning. Even the divine retribution of the heavens seemed to dim at the moment it was devoured by the dragon!

But divine retribution was punishment from the heavens, and it carried the killing intent of the heavens themselves. Although the slaughter dragon was strong, it still wasn’t enough!

The dragon collapsed, but its collapse caused the red lightning to dim even more and its size to shrink down!

The roar of the dragon was still echoing in the sky as the red lightning pierced through the dragon and charged directly at w.a.n.g Lin!

At the moment the red lightning descended, w.a.n.g Lin’s hair began to flutter in a strange way, and a strange, black light appeared on his right index finger.

“Demonic Finger!” The red light in w.a.n.g Lin’s eyes disappeared and was replaced by a light that could only exist in the eyes of a demon!

All of the celestial spiritual energy in his body moved like crazy as it turned into demonic spiritual energy!

At this moment, the small hill of jades below w.a.n.g Lin’s feet, which was milky-white before, now started to turn black as if black ink was being poured over it.

In the blink of an eye, the entire small pile of celestial jades turned completely black!

All of the celestial spiritual energy inside was completely changed into demonic spiritual energy!

The Demonic Finger looked completely different from before. Even if Situ Nan were to come here personally and use the Demonic Finger, it wouldn’t be much stronger than the one w.a.n.g Lin was using right now!

This was because w.a.n.g Lin didn’t only convert the celestial spiritual energy in his body but also all of the celestial spiritual energy in the small hill of celestial jades below his feet into an endless amount of demonic spiritual energy!

What was inside the black light at the tip of his finger wasn’t only demonic spiritual energy but also his dao! It didn’t matter if it was the celestial dao or demonic dao; this contained the defying nature w.a.n.g Lin had toward the heavens in his heart!

The black light also contained strong attachment, w.a.n.g Lin’s will to keep his lingering feelings for Li Muwan, and his courage to defy the heavens. It also contained the determination and unyielding nature from when he was a mortal who experienced many disasters and went through countless dangers as he walked down his own path in cultivation!

This finger moved everyone’s hearts!

The black light rushed at the red light. At this moment, it was as if the world had reverted to the time of primordial chaos. The red was the sky and the black was the earth!

The red represented divine retribution, and the black represented heaven-defying intent!

The collision of red and black was heaven-shaking, and at this moment, the entire Sky Demon City trembled. The earthquake traveled to the surrounding mountains and plains as well!

Sounds of explosions came from the ground as if there were countless bombs going off underground!

An unimaginable force was created from these explosions, causing the entire square to completely collapse! All of the surrounding stands collapsed as well, sending countless people flying.

All of the demon generals quickly retreated as if they would be they be caught up in this if they were one step too late.

All of the commander-in-chiefs’ expressions changed and they retreated, except for the Heaven Commander-in-Chief. He was the closest, and he saw everything before letting out a sigh. Then he touched his bag of holding and took out a jade bottle. He gave the jade bottle a meaningful look before throwing it at w.a.n.g Lin and leaving.

In the sky above w.a.n.g Lin, the red and black cancelled each other out. With the power of the restriction flag, 100 Fingers of Death, more than 3,700 slaughter dragons filled with w.a.n.g Lin’s heart of slaughter, and countless celestial jades converted into demonic spiritual energy to create the most powerful Demonic Finger w.a.n.g Lin has ever created, the red light was finally neutralized after all these spells were fused.

The moment the red light disappeared, the ground stopped shaking and everything seemed to start returning to normal. But at this moment, the panic from the countless people in Sky Demon City created a depressing atmosphere that surrounded the entire city.

At the moment the red lightning disappeared, w.a.n.g Lin’s face was extremely pale. He caught the jade bottle the Heaven Commander-in-Chief gave him. There was one pill inside the bottle, but he didn’t consume it. He looked up at the sky with a serious expression.

w.a.n.g Lind didn’t believe that the heavens would only send one bolt of divine retribution lightning when it wanted to kill someone!

The young man on the boat also looked at the sky with a serious expression. There was a trace of shock on his face.

The red cloud didn’t dissipate, but there was no violent reaction, as if everything was calming down. But this calmness created an invisible pressure that enveloped the heavens and earth.

“This… This is…” The young man’s expression changed greatly. He could no longer keep the composure he had before, and he took a step and disappeared.

When he reappeared, he was in the sky above the imperial city. When he came so close to the divine retribution cloud, his scalp couldn’t help but go numb.

“This time it seems things have gotten out of hand!” The young man bitterly smiled. At almost at the moment he appeared, his right hand reached out toward w.a.n.g Lin. He was about to bring w.a.n.g Lin out of the imperial city to go through the divine retribution. If the divine retribution was what he first thought it was, then he wouldn’t be this alarmed, but right now this divine retribution was giving him a bad feeling.

Just at he was about to reach out, he suddenly stopped before looking up at the sky. He bitterly smiled and thought, “Since this little guy has been locked on to by the divine retribution, I don’t have the ability to move him!”

Then the young man took a deep breath and without any hesitation opened his arms. His body flickered as he changed from one to two, two to four, and in an instant turned into eight people!

Eight identical young men quickly moved to the eight cities around the imperial city and activated a greater teleport spell to instantly move all of the residents away.

The this spell is extremely difficult. Even for this person, he had to use some secret technique to barely be able to pull this off!

Just as he finished doing all of this, the sky suddenly changed!

The red cloud in the sky quickly gathered above Sky Demon City. Then a sense of majesty came from the red clouds before they covered the entire city.

The young man was in the sky outside of the city, and when he noticed this majesty, his expression changed once more!

“This… this is the heavens’ might!” Without any hesitation, he quickly landed on the ground. He bitterly smiled and said, “The heavens’ might has appeared… I wonder if the ancestors will appear…”

Standing upon the shattered square, w.a.n.g Lin looked up at the sky. The unyielding nature in his eyes didn’t change at all!

The second punishment of the heavens descended!

This time the divine retribution appeared in the form of the heavens’ might! The heavens’ might, what is this so call heavens’ might? The heavens’ might is the might of the heavens. When the heavens’ might moves, everything is destroyed! When the heavens’ might moves, the sky changes color! When the heavens’ might moves, no creature is allowed to resist it!

You must yield under the heavens’ might! Become suppressed below the heavens and give into its might!

This is the heavens’ might!

As the heavens’ might descended, a powerful pressure came from the sky. The ma.s.sive red cloud in the sky descended by one inch!

This descent of one inch caused the already shattered square to explode everywhere. The shockwave created by the explosion didn’t even get to spread before being forced into the ground by this pressure.

Under the might of the heavens, the shockwave didn’t have the qualifications to even kick up dust!

w.a.n.g Lin only felt his body become heavy as if there were millions of pounds pressing down on top of him. He could hear crisp bursting sounds coming from his body. At this moment, w.a.n.g Lin had the illusion that he was being squeezed by the world itself!

This was the same feeling from back when he cultivated under the pressure of the spirit vein in the Soul Refining Sect. Back then his cultivation was wasted and he had regressed into a mere mortal.

Shortly after, the heavens’ might moved once more, and all of the red clouds descended once more! This time the pressure increased even more and all of the palaces around the square collapsed into tiny pieces!

This kind of collapse spread like crazy with w.a.n.g Lin as the center, and the heavens’ might slowly descended. In almost an instant, a small portion of the imperial palace began to collapse!

w.a.n.g Lin’s leg didn’t move at all, as a powerful, unyielding aura exploded from his body!

He raised his head as he looked at the red cloud in the sky and softly said, “I won’t give in!”

Bursts of thunder came from the red cloud as it began to descend once more. One inch, one inch, one inch! This time it descended three inches in a row, and the heavens’ might came cras.h.i.+ng down!

The earth made a sound like it couldn’t withstand the pressure anymore. All of the buildings in the imperial palace were crushed under this pressure. The imperial city of the Sky Demon Country which stood for countless years all turned to dust with the exception of the demon drum!

At this moment, it was as if the sky had collapsed!

This was the heavens’ might! One must give in under the might of the heavens! If you don’t give in, then you will be crushed to death by the heavens’ might!

If the heavens want to kill, then you must die!

At the moment the imperial city turned into ruins, bursts of anger rushed out from underground!


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