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Chapter 509 – Nine Mult.i.tude Bug

The people of the Da Luo Sword Sect moved quickly. They didn’t make any stops and charged toward their destination following Qian Qin’s guidance.

Along the way, if any beast appeared, the two Soul Transformation elders would only need to send out a seal and the beast would be turned to dust. Their power was beyond Qian Qin’s comprehension. Her own sect spent a lot of effort to get here, and seeing the beasts that gave her sect so much trouble destroyed so easily made her heart feel bitter.

At this moment, she thought that this was all fate. If she could get just one fruit out of this trip, that would be enough.

As for Guo Xingyin, he was very caring and kept trying to talk to Qian Qin along the way. He was clearly trying to repair the relations.h.i.+p between them. After experiencing the power of the Da Lou Sword Sect, she could only feel helpless and feign ignorance while enduring the humiliation.

Along the way, Huo Xingyin’s uncle-master kept looking at Qian Qin’s voluptuous body, and his eyes revealed a mysterious light.

The group was very relaxed because even if some powerful demonic beasts showed up, the two Soul Transformation elders would easily take care of them.

But in truth, after entering this place, the ones who were most nervous were the two Da Lou Sword Sect elders.

This wasn’t the first time the two of them had entered the Earth Northern Demonic Land, but this time was the most bizarre!

At the beginning, when they first entered, they didn’t have this feeling, but as they went deeper, a pressure that could cause someone to completely break down slowly surrounded the area.

This kind of feeling might’ve been too faint for the others to feel, but for the two early stage Soul Transformation elders of the Da Lou Sword Sect, this feeling was very strong.

It was as if there was a pair of eyes watching them, but when they tried to check with their divine senses, they found nothing. It was like everything was just their own imagination.

“We haven’t gone deep into the mountains, so there shouldn’t be any desolate beasts around here. Why is this feeling so clear?” Although the two elders looked very calm, they were nervously talking to each other through their divine senses as they trailed behind the group.

“Maybe something happened here. In these past 10 days, this feeling has constantly been there, but both of us have been checking our surroundings and nothing has happened. I think that whatever it is, it is not targeting the two of us.”

“Forget it. This place is simply too strange. Once we are done with the matter at hand, it is best for us to leave as soon as possible. Every second we stay here is making it more difficult for me to breath; it’s as if there is a large mountain weighing down on top of me. There is even a feeling like I’m about to collapse, lose control, and kill someone. This is a feeling I haven’t had since I reached the Soul Formation stage.”

The short old man’s eyes lit up and then he quickly sent his message. “Eh? You also have this urge to kill? When I was killing that beast earlier, I almost lost control of myself. s.h.i.+ Fang, there is definitely something wrong here. Should we leave now?”

The old man named s.h.i.+ pondered a bit, then he looked at the juniors before them and said, “We have already gotten this far, and there are only three days left. There shouldn’t be any problems; we just need to increase our speed!”

The two of them looked at each other. They remained silent and continued to rush to their destination.

The people before them, including the Soul Formation old man, didn’t notice the fear that the two Soul Transformation cultivators were feeling. They continued to feel that the journey was going very smoothly.

The Brilliant Golden Fruit isn’t meant to be eaten; it is a material for refining treasures. This fruit can increase the power of any metal element treasure, and the more one uses, the stronger the treasure becomes.

Rumor has it that the four illusionary swords behind Sword Saint Ling Tianhou of the Da Lou Sword Sect were refined with a large amount of Brilliant Golden Fruits. However, the amount he used was beyond imagination, and that was how he refined those four peerless swords.

The places where the Brilliant Golden Fruit can grow are extremely unpredictable. The fruit is formed from natural metal element and is a heavenly treasure that can appear anywhere.

Once this fruit begins to grow, it looks exactly the same as any other normal fruit, but once it matures, it suddenly changes and is filled with metal element.

After it matures, the time before it falls off the tree varies greatly. It can be as short as a few breaths of time or as long as several months. There is no rhyme or reason behind the time it takes for it to fall after it matures; even to this day no one knows.

Once the fruit matures, it attracts many metal element beasts, and these beasts become its protectors. The beasts guard the fruit until it falls, and once the fruit falls, the withered fruit’s energy is absorbed by the roots, forming Golden Spirit Roots. When a beast eats the Golden Spirit Root, their intelligence is awakened, and they gain many benefits.

However, if too many Brilliant Golden Fruits are taken before they fall, the formation of the Golden Spirit Roots is affected. If too many fruits are taken, the Golden Spirit Root won’t form at all.

After the Da Lou Sword Sect people left, w.a.n.g Lin silently appeared on the mosquito’s back. He looked toward where they were going and casually followed behind them.

Due to the oppressive feeling that the two elders were feeling, the entire group was forced to move faster, so the normal three day journey was complete in one and a half days.

At this moment, Qian Qin, who had been leading the way, pointed forward and said, “Two months ago, junior’s sect found the Brilliant Golden Fruits there!”

Everyone’s gazes followed the woman’s finger.

This location was where two mountains met, and between them was a valley. It was really quiet here; not a sound could be heard, and the ground was covered in leaves that gave off a rotting smell.

Following her finger, they could see a faint, golden light coming from inside the valley, but there were many trees blocking the way, so it was hard to see exactly what was inside.

After Qian Qin finished speaking, she took a few steps back and remained silent.

The two Da Lou Sword Sect elders looked at each other. The taller one took a few steps out, his hand formed a seal, and he pressed his hand forward into the air.

A thick amount of celestial spiritual energy suddenly gathered before him and blew toward the valley in a celestial gust.

As the celestial gust flew across the area, the rotten leaves all disappeared, revealing what was underneath. All of the trees blocking the view were pushed apart by this celestial gust as well.

A straight pa.s.sage suddenly appeared before everyone.

The end of the tunnel led deep into the valley. There was a ton of wild gra.s.s inside this valley, but everyone’s gazes first fell to the eastern side of the valley. In the middle of an area covered in wild gra.s.s, there was a bunch of blooming, golden flowers.

There wasn’t just one golden flower but an entire field. There was at least a dozen of them, and they were all competing with each other to bloom.

Below the flowers were oval-shaped fruits the size of a thumb. These fruits were golden and had countless granular spots on them. From a distance, they looked like grapes. They seemed very ordinary and not different from normal wild fruits.

“Brilliant Golden Fruit! It indeed is the Brilliant Golden Fruit!” The two elders’ eyes immediately lit up once they saw the fruits. The two of them didn’t immediately enter the valley but carefully checked it. Finally, their gazes landed on a bush of wild gra.s.s one meter from the Brilliant Golden Fruits.

There was a small pile of rotting leaves on top of that bush of wild gra.s.s. At first glance, there was nothing unusual about this; after all, these rotting leaves were very common here. At this moment, a strange wind blew through the valley, causing the gra.s.s to rustle.

The gra.s.s rustled and all of the leaves inside the valley were moved by this gust of wind. However, it was these leaves flying into the air that caused everyone to suck in a breath of cold air.

At the moment these leaves flew into the air, what was revealed on the backside of the leaves were countless red spots. There red dots were motionless; it was as if they were growing from the rotting leaves.

“Nine Mult.i.tude Bug…” The tall elder named s.h.i.+ Fang said this with a gloomy expression and then looked toward the short elder.

“One hundred Brilliant Golden Fruits would naturally have fierce guardians. Having Nine Mult.i.tude Bugs here is nothing to be surprised about! However, dealing with these bugs requires bait!” The short elder’s eyes lit up as his gaze landed on Qian Qin and the white-robed man beside her, and he revealed a cruel smile.

At this moment, no one noticed that a ferocious figure was floating 1,000 feet away from them, and it was watching them. On the back of the ferocious figure sat a person with an ice cold gaze; his gaze was so cold that there was no hint of warmth coming from it.

“This is clearly the Golden Spirit Root. What the heck is a Brilliant Golden Fruit? I guess these people don’t really understand how to use this treasure and believe that the fruit is the essence. They don’t realize that compared to the Golden Spirit Root, the fruit is really insignificant!” w.a.n.g Lin’s eyes lit up. Although the Brilliant Golden Fruit sounded unfamiliar to him, after seeing it, he was able to find it inside Tu Si’s memories.

This treasured was formed from the natural five elements, so it has existed for a long time and would naturally be in Tu Si’s memory. The best way to use it was to devour the root; this would make his body even stronger.

For a child ancient G.o.d, this treasure was a rare nutritional supplement.

w.a.n.g Lin was pondering when he suddenly looked down at the mosquito beast. At this moment, there was a faint, milky white light coming from the mosquito. Its gaze was locked onto the Brilliant Golden Fruits in the valley and revealed an expression filled with desire for the fruits.

w.a.n.g Lin had an idea and then patted the mosquito’s head. The mosquito turned around, and after seeing w.a.n.g Lin nod to it, its eyes quickly revealed an excited light. It quickly turned around and stared at the Brilliant Golden Fruits. This time it revealed a must-have gaze.

“Could this fruit have some special use for the mosquito…” w.a.n.g Lin’s eyes faintly lit up.


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