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Chapter 374 – Object in the water

w.a.n.g Lin’s eyes lit up and his hand formed seal to activate a low level technique that he hadn’t used in a long time; the attraction technique. The mud on the ground was lifted and a stench quickly filled the water as the mud spread like ink.

He quickly swam up to the top of the well like a squid and the mud quickly followed like it was chasing him.

Soon, w.a.n.g Lin came out of the water and waved his hand. Using the attraction technique, a large amount of muddy water flowed out of the hole.

After a long time, the mud was cleared out and w.a.n.g Lin descended down the well once more.

After repeating this three times, the mud at the bottom of the well was cleared out and what was under it was revealed.

At the bottom of the well, he saw that there was a formation with three spots that held spirit stones. If they were just normal spirit stones, it wouldn’t be much, but w.a.n.g Lin could see the red line on them, meaning that they all had to be top quality spirit stones.

w.a.n.g Lin’s eyes became focused as he carefully looked down. “No wonder this place has so much spiritual energy even though it’s not a spirit vein.”

The three pieces of top quality spirit stone had already turned gray from being placed there for who knows how long and were almost all used up. However, what attracted w.a.n.g Lin wasn’t these three top quality spirit stones but another object!

This was a skeleton!

From the looks of the skeleton, it was a woman. It was nailed to the bottom of the well using some black nails.

“Using three top quality spirit stones to seal this skeleton; what a rich person!” w.a.n.g Lin was able to immediately tell that this formation was used for sealing.

Only the right index finger of the skeleton was pierced deep into the ground.

After pondering a bit, w.a.n.g Lin didn’t act recklessly. Instead, he swam up and was ready to leave.

But just at this moment, his bag of holding released a yellow light. Something inside was forcing its way out. This was the first time w.a.n.g Lin had an item in his bag move without his control.

The mysterious scroll that w.a.n.g Lin had accidentally obtained hundreds of years ago, the one that he had researched for a long time and still to this day didn’t know how to use, charged out.

w.a.n.g Lin’s eyes became serious. The moment he took the scroll out, it caused the Forsaken Immortal Clan’s ancestor to pause. This scroll must have some famous background.

Now he watched the scroll fly out and slowly open up. The scroll was completely black and waves of screams were coming out of it.

Just at this moment, the skeleton at the bottom of the well suddenly began to glow purple. The skeleton’s right index finger glowed even brighter.

A fist-sized ball of purple light appeared before the skeleton and was completely absorbed by the scroll.

The skeleton immediately shattered into grey dust, but the dust mysteriously didn’t mix with the water; it instead covered the bottom of the well.

This all happened very quickly. After the scroll absorbed the purple light, it began to fall slowly and w.a.n.g Lin caught it. After pondering for a bit, he decided to not investigate the scroll and charged out of the water.

After coming out of the water, w.a.n.g Lin was very puzzled. After pondering for a while, he slowly opened the scroll.

He saw a change in the blackness of the scroll. There was a faint, purple outline glowing on the scroll. However, if one didn’t look closely at the scroll, they wouldn’t see this at all.

After a very long time, w.a.n.g Lin frowned. He still couldn’t see through this scroll. If it was an important treasure, why was it in the hands of a Core Formation cultivator back then?

He pondered for a bit before putting the scroll away. Then he looked at the prison and began to ponder.

The skeleton under the well was very mysterious. To be sealed with three top quality spirit stones, this person must have been extremely powerful. But who was the one that sealed her there?

Compared to the skeleton, this scroll was even more mysterious. What exactly was that purple light?”

w.a.n.g Lin’s eyes lit up and he said, “Mosquito beast, bring that middle-aged scribe here.”

The mosquito beast suddenly charged out and let out a roar that caused the snow on the mountain to tremble. Luckily, there wasn’t enough snow to start an avalanche.

But this roar shocked everyone inside the village. Everyone secretly groaned. They didn’t dare to go outside.

The mosquito beast’s eyes revealed a fierce gaze as it charged down and smashed into a house. Its sharp mouth stopped three inches away from the person inside.

That person was the middled-aged scribe. He looked at the sharp mouth before him and fainted.

The mosquito beast brought the person to w.a.n.g Lin and threw him on the ground. When the scribe woke up, his face was pale and his eyes were filled with terror.

w.a.n.g Lin asked, “How did you guys find this water prison?”

The middle-aged scribe trembled as he spoke. “Imm… Immortal, a long time ago, this was just a deserted mountain. This cave only appeared after an earthquake, and this water prison also appeared at the same time. The water always had a bad stench. Back then, the boss took a look and thought it would make a good prison, which is why this area became a prison.”

w.a.n.g Lin raised his head and looked at the mountain. There were some marks of the mountain collapsing before, so this person was not lying.

As a result, everything became clear. This mountain was placed here to seal that skeleton. And then, however many years later, an earthquake opened up a hole in the seal and allowed the skeleton to see the light of day again.

But who exactly was she?

w.a.n.g Lin waved his right hand to signal the middle-aged scribe to leave. His eyes sparkled as he mused over this for a while before throwing it to the back of his mind and focusing on finding a way to help himself recover.

The top quality spirit stones inside the water were almost used up and were getting weaker and weaker. Although it would still take countless years for them to be completely used up, they could can no longer satisfy w.a.n.g Lin’s needs.

He sat down in the lotus position and slapped his bag of holding, causing three top quality spirit stones to appear. Then he once again closed his eyes to begin cultivating.

In the blink of an eye, three more months pa.s.sed. It had been over half a year since w.a.n.g Lin left Chu.

At this moment, the country of Pilu had entered winter. The cold air filled the mountain and chilled the bones.

The bandits in the village hadn’t left the mountain in over half a year, but there was plenty of food stored in the village, so they could still get through winter.

In these three months, w.a.n.g Lin sat motionlessly as he focused all of his attention into cultivating to gather spiritual energy inside his body. He was getting ready to try to break through the domain and seal in one go.

His cultivation had recovered to the 6th layer of Qi Condensation with the help of the top quality spirit stones.

The mosquito beast still guarded w.a.n.g Lin, though sometimes it would look into the distance. The direction it was looking at was Chu. In these past three months, it started to miss the thunder toad. Although they were always at odds, after not seeing the thunder toad for so long, the mosquito beast missed the thunder toad.

On this day, w.a.n.g Lin opened his eyes. He slapped his bag of holding, took out five more top quality spirit stones, and placed them around him.

After pondering for a while, he touched the tea mark on his forehead and revealed a determined look.

Without a word, he closed his eyes and started to absorb spiritual energy like crazy from the eight top quality spirit stones. As the spiritual energy gathered around him, he emitted a green light and a refres.h.i.+ng fragrance slowly spread.

As more and more spiritual energy gathered around his body, he began to active the 6th layer Qi Condensation level spiritual energy in his body to guide the spiritual energy outside his body to collide with the seal.

w.a.n.g Lin was like a metal plate while the spiritual energy inside his body was like a small hammer and the spiritual energy outside was like a large mallet.

The two hammers both hit on the metal to try to create an opening.

After waves of bombardment ensued, w.a.n.g Lin’s face began to show how much pain he was in and the tea mark on his face emitted a dark glow. Then the tea mark began to move. From a distance, it looked like an array was turning.

Every time it turned once, a large amount of spiritual energy would be absorbed by it.

w.a.n.g Lin suddenly opened his eyes and revealed a hint of hesitation, but this hesitation was soon replaced by determination. He took a deep breath and took out a white jade from his bag of holding.

The moment this jade appeared, the surrounding spiritual energy dimmed and made way for the jade.

“Celestial jade… Swallowing this jade is like taking poison, but the domain and seal in my body are also like poison. To use poison to fight poison is the quickest way to create an opening in the seals on my body!”

w.a.n.g Lin pondered a bit, then he picked up the jade, broke off a piece the size of his thumb, and put it in his mouth.

The moment the celestial jade entered his mouth, a powerful surge of celestial spiritual energy entered w.a.n.g Lin’s body and surged through him like a flood. The spiritual energy in his body was immediately pushed aside. Compared to the celestial spiritual energy, it was just too insignificant.

Because he had experienced swallowing celestial jade before, w.a.n.g Lin was calm as he controlled the surge of celestial spiritual energy to attack the tea domain and seal.

One time, two times, three times!

Every collision would cause w.a.n.g Lin’s body to tremble, but it would also cause the tea mark to tremble. Eventually, small cracks began to form on the tea mark.

The ground where he sat began to crack as well with every time he attacked the seals. The cracks spread and hit some of the houses. The houses that were hit by the cracks immediately turned to dust when the wind blew by.

A series of crackling sounds came from within w.a.n.g Lin’s body. At this point, about 10% of the tea mark on w.a.n.g Lin’s face had cracked and fallen off.

The moment they fell, they turned into black gas that gathered before w.a.n.g Lin’s forehead instead of dissipating.

w.a.n.g Lin’s face was pale and blood seeped out from the corner of his mouth, but his eyes were bright.

An opening in the tea domain and seal finally appeared after a long time of attacking them using the celestial jade.


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