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Chapter 371 – Mortal

After w.a.n.g Lin and Red b.u.t.terfly’s fight, the name Ceng Niu gained even more prestige and the treasures he used were seen by all of the messengers of the various cultivation countries. After these messengers returned to their respective countries, the news spread out.

Whether it was the restriction flag, the celestial sword, or the G.o.d Slaying War Chariot, these items suddenly became the most talked about things among cultivators.

The person named Ceng Niu had been t.i.tled the number one person under the Soul Transformation stage on Suzaku.

At the same time, Mount Suzaku sent out a message that Red b.u.t.terfly was going into closed door cultivation to attempt to break through to the Soul Transformation stage. No one questioned this; after all, if Red b.u.t.terfly had a breakthrough during her fight, then going into closed door cultivation was natural.

However, as time slowly pa.s.sed, people found out that Ceng Niu had gone missing.

No one knew where he had gone; they only knew that Ceng Niu had disappeared without a trace when going to Mount Suzaku to get his order.

This matter caused a big storm. The old man who held the t.i.tle of Suzaku came out of his closed door cultivation and looked to the north.

Three days ago, there were shock waves containing celestial spiritual energy coming from there. That meant that two Soul Transformation cultivators were using celestial spiritual energy to fight.

In addition to that, he also felt the Giant Demon Clan’s bloodline power.

Although the Suzaku’s cultivation was powerful, he wasn’t a G.o.d that could know things in advance. Suzaku was huge and complex, so, after some extensive searching, he found out that this matter with Ceng Niu was started by Xue Yue and that the Giant Demon Clan partic.i.p.ated.

However, he couldn’t find the ident.i.ty of the other Soul Transformation cultivator.

In addition, when he spread out his divine sense, he could only vaguely feel where w.a.n.g Lin was. He couldn’t pinpoint his exact location, which was surprising to him.

He judged that w.a.n.g Lin’s origin soul must have collapsed due to serious injuries. This was why he couldn’t pinpoint where w.a.n.g Lin was.

However, in his eyes, w.a.n.g Lin was only one of Liu Mei’s cultivation furnaces. He was important but not that important.

“Liu Mei, go to the northern end of the Suzaku Continent. w.a.n.g Lin is there…” After leaving a message for Liu Mei, the old man went back into closed door cultivation.

Xue Yue’s actions went against his will. They will definitely be in danger in the future.

Liu Mei’s figure floated down from Mount Suzaku and turned into a ray of light that flew toward the northern end of the Suzaku continent.

Right now, on one of the cliffs of Mount Suzaku, stood a woman wearing a red veil. Her eyes were empty and there were no signs of life within her.

There was a bright red flower near her feet. As the wind blew, the flower trembled as if would be blown away, but it still struggled to grow.

Qian Feng’s figure appeared behind the red-veiled woman. He flicked his finger and the flower at the woman’s feet turned to dust.

“Heartless, I know that you have a tiny bit of your origin soul hidden somewhere, but with me in control, there won’t be a second Zi Xin!” Qian Feng’s right hand touched the red veiled-woman’s face and he let out an evil smile.

One month later.

In a village in the northern part of the Suzaku continent, a young man was sitting on a rock at the entrance of the village. His face was filled with very shocking scars, making him look very ugly, and his eyes were dim.

He was looking into the distance. His eyes weren’t focused at all; they only contained sadness and confusion.

As villagers pa.s.sed by the village entrance, they all looked at him with disgust before going around him.

The young man’s expression didn’t change at all as people pa.s.sed by; he just stared into the distance.

Shortly after, a young girl who was wearing flower-pattern top and pants came by. Behind her was a dog the size of a calf.

This girl looked to be about 14 or 15 years old, her face was white, and her eyes were big.

The girl stopped 30 feet from the young man and shouted, “Ugly Mute, my dad told me to call you back for dinner.”

The young man turned around, looked at the young girl, and stood up. His legs were a bit numb, maybe because he had been sitting there for too long, so he almost fell over as he tried to stand up, causing the girl to laugh.

“Mute, hurry up. I’m hungry.” The young girl turned around and walked back into the village. The dog ran before her as if it was opening a path.

The young man slowly followed the girl. As he looked at the village, the sadness in his eyes deepened.

In a house near the entrance of the village sat a middle-aged man. His blue s.h.i.+rt had been washed so many times that it was turning white.

There were herbs laid out on the ground. When the wind blew, the fragrance of the herbs spread.

The young girl bounced into the room, sat down next to the man, and said, “Dad, I called the mute back.”

The man frowned. He looked at the girl and shouted, “Behave yourself! Call him uncle!”

The girl stuck out her tongue and didn’t say anything. Instead, she ran into the house and helped her mom set the table.

The man stood up and looked at young man. He said, “Little brother, don’t mind her; Er Yi has always been like this. Come, let me see how much you have recovered.”

The young man nodded and sat down next to the man. He stretch out his arm, which was very thin. It looked like it was just bones wrapped in skin.

The man pressed his hand on the arm. After a while, he let out a smile and said, “Little brother, you are recovering very well. Let me give you some more medicine and then you will just need to nourish your body and you will be fine.”

The young man pondered and then nodded.

The middle-aged man saw the young man like this and signed. He met this person one month ago when he went to the forest to gather wood. This young man was at the brink of death when he found him. He was a doctor and a parent, so he decided to take the young man in and heal him.

This person’s injuries were very heavy. Even his internal organs were out of place and damaged. The middle-aged man had no confidence in healing the young man at all; he had left it up to fate. However, the young man’s body was very strange. After ten days, his body was getting better and the young man woke up.

However, after the person awakened, the middle-aged man found out that the boy couldn’t speak; he was a mute.

At this moment, a woman walked out of the house and the girl followed behind her. The two of them carried some dishes out and placed them on the table.

The girl pouted and said, “Mom, I’m not going to eat with the mute. He is so ugly that I can’t eat with him here.”

“You!” The middle-aged man stared at the girl. The woman quickly stood before the young girl and placed some of the dishes into her bowl. “Er Yi, go eat inside the house.”

The girl pouted. She was about the speak when the young man picked up his bowl with trembling hands. He stood up, walked out of the yard, sat down on a rock, and stared at the rice in his bowl as he pondered.

No one in the cultivation world knew where he was. He was w.a.n.g Lin.

Someone who once flourished was now in such a state. This was all caused by Xue Yue and the Giant Demon Clan.

w.a.n.g Lin’s right hand trembled while he placed the bowl down on the rock. He let out a bitter smile. One month ago, his origin soul collapsed.

It collapsed but hadn’t completely disappeared; it remained in his body as shattered pieces. However, as time pa.s.sed, the shattered pieces were slowly dissipating.

His body was also heavily damaged, but due to some strange luck, the spiritual energy that released when his origin soul collapsed was able to somewhat repair his body. This was why he was able to get better.

However, the current him had lost all spiritual energy and had become a mortal that even had trouble holding a bowl. Right now, even a mortal could knock him to the ground with one punch.

What he didn’t expect was that the collapse of his origin soul would even affect his original body back in Chu. It had fallen into a deep sleep and hadn’t been able to wake up.

This was very bad news for w.a.n.g Lin.

If his original body hadn’t fallen asleep, he could have his original body come to pick him up. Then he would just need to find a place filled with spiritual energy to cultivate. But now all of that went up in smoke.

He wasn’t mute; he was just unwilling to speak.

The marks caused by the tea domain caused his face to be extremely ugly, so people were fed up with him. Aside from this couple in the village, no one else ever said anything kind to him.

Without any spiritual power, he wasn’t able to open his bag of holding. The current him had completely become a mortal. w.a.n.g Lin let out a sigh and then ate all of the rice in his bowl.

“In nine years, Wan Er will have to face the heavens’ reincarnation cycle again. Nine years…” w.a.n.g Lin swallowed the last bit of rice and revealed a determined gaze.

Throughout this month, he was trying to come up with a way to recover his cultivation.

As long as the domain and seal were broken, he would naturally regain his cultivation. However, he was at a loss when it came to breaking them.

Late at night, w.a.n.g Lin lied down in the wood shed in the yard and slowly fell asleep. His body was very weak right now; it didn’t even have an ounce of strength.

Early in the morning of the next day, the middle-aged man put a basket on his back and went into the mountains with a few hunters to gather herbs.

w.a.n.g Lin opened his eyes, sat down in the lotus position, and silently cultivated inside the wooden shed. After a while, he let out a sigh. There wasn’t any spiritual energy in his body, so it was impossible to cultivate. Only by being in a place with dense spiritual energy could he do some forced cultivation to cause spiritual energy to appear in his body.

He bitterly shook his head and walked out of the shed. His body was still weak.

Just at this moment, the young girl walked out of the house. After seeing w.a.n.g Lin, she pouted and said, “Ugly Nute, you have already stayed here for a month. When are you leaving? My house is not a charity house; how could we have that much extra food for you to eat?”

The woman walked out of the house and scolded her. “Er Yi, how many times has your dad told you to call him uncle.”

The girl let out a dissatisfied snort and said, “Xiu Cai, follow me!” With that, she walked toward the gate.

The dog suddenly charged out from the corner of the yard and followed the young girl while wagging its tail.

The woman’s gaze swept past w.a.n.g Lin as she apologetically said, “That child doesn’t know any better, so don’t mind her. Her dad is going to the mountains to gather herbs. He said your body is very weak, so feel free to stay as long as you want. You can leave once you feel better.”

In the blink of an eye, half a month pa.s.sed by. In this half a month, with the help of the middle-aged man’s medicine, w.a.n.g Lin’s body slowly regained a bit of strength. On one late night, w.a.n.g Lin walked out of the shed. He looked at the house that the middle-aged man lived in and memorized it before walking out of the yard.

He was going to leave!


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