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Chapter 368 – Big Calamity!

Somewhere in a rank 1 cultivation country in Suzaku, a dirty old man who was eating a drumstick suddenly coughed a few times and spat out the chicken meat in his mouth. His face was extremely gloomy as he stood up, but then, after pondering a bit, he sat down.

His expression was extremely ugly as he muttered to himself, “Senior apprentice brother, you and I have battled throughout our entire lives. Are we going to continue to fight even when we are about to die… I lost the battle for the t.i.tle of Suzaku back then so you could have it… But you shouldn’t push it too far! Since w.a.n.g Lin was able to return from the Celestial Realm, he is chosen by me! If you ruin him, I’ll ruin Qian Feng!”

He threw the chicken drumstick in his hand away and his eyes glowed with anger.

“However, I wonder what the the chances of that junior w.a.n.g Lin turning that little girl Liu Mei into his cultivation furnace are… Senior apprentice brother, let’s see if your disciple is better or if my chosen candidate is superior. That will also be very fun!”

w.a.n.g Lin was cultivating with his eyes closed while sitting on the mosquito beast. After a long time, he opened his eyes and sighed.

“My body’s injuries are fine, but the injuries to my soul are a problem. Also, I have this feeling of danger here in Suzaku. This feeling is definitely accurate.”

“Red b.u.t.terfly’s injuries were similar to mine, but she had a breakthrough. If I can’t reach the late stage of Soul Formation by the time she comes out of close door cultivation, I’m afraid I won’t be able to defend against her.”

w.a.n.g Lin was in deep thought when his expression suddenly changed. The mosquito stopped flying and looked around in confusion.

“Big dipper transfer! “ an ancient voice suddenly yelled, and then a giant formation appeared in the sky.

w.a.n.g Lin didn’t hesitate to put the mosquito away and teleport. However, he only teleported 1000 feet away before he was knocked out of his teleportation by an invisible force.

Shortly after, the formation in the sky moved and a powerful surge of spiritual energy poured out of it. w.a.n.g Lin was shocked and was sucked into the formation.

In the blink of an eye, his body disappeared inside the formation.

The formation slowly disappeared and an old man slowly walked out. He muttered, “Country of Xue Yu, you owe this old man a favor!”

This person was the one that was sitting next to Gong Sunpo. He was a foreign affairs elder!

In a deserted area in the northern end of the Suzaku continent, a giant formation suddenly opened up and a person was thrown out.

w.a.n.g Lin stopped his body mid-air. He looked around and his expression darkened.

There was a middle-aged man before him as well as tables, chairs, and a tea set.

The middle-aged man was sitting on the chair as he picked up the cup, took a sip, and said, “Junior Ceng Niu, I’m Xue Yu’s sect master, Li Yuanfeng. I’m here to take your life for Red b.u.t.terfly!”

“Soul Transformation!” He was able to tell the middle-aged man’s cultivation level at a glance. His expression darkened even more. Without any hesitation, he tried to rip open a spatial rift to escape with the star compa.s.s.

w.a.n.g Lin knew that he couldn’t resist a Soul Transformation cultivator. He could only try to escape.

However, w.a.n.g Lin’s eyes suddenly became cold. Normally, with w.a.n.g Lin’s cultivation level, he could easily tear open s.p.a.ce, but right now, he couldn’t tear it open even when using all his power.

This didn’t have anything to do with his cultivation level dropping. After all, he was still at the early stage of Soul Formation, so he should’ve easily been able to open a spatial rift.

The middle-aged man put down the tea cup and shook his head. “Little guy, to prevent you from escaping, I set a formation to seal the s.p.a.ce in this area. Your star compa.s.s might as well be a pile of trash here.”

Without a word, w.a.n.g Lin turned to teleport, but then his eyes suddenly became even colder. He couldn’t teleport.

The star compa.s.s was useless and teleportation was useless. This person had clearly done plenty of research to set up this trap that prevented w.a.n.g Lin from escaping.

w.a.n.g Lin took one step and quickly backed away.

The middle-aged man casually poured another cup, gently blew at the tea, took a sip, put down the cup, and stood up. He shook his head and said, “I normally don’t act, but when I do, I don’t let my guard down just because my target is at the Soul Formation stage. Ceng Niu, you are definitely dying this time!”

He flew after w.a.n.g Lin.

The middle-aged man flew at exactly the same speed as w.a.n.g Lin. He was going too slow to catch up on purpose, like a cat playing with a mouse.

w.a.n.g Lin’s expression darkened even more. He slapped his bag of holding and took out a piece of jade. He filled it with spiritual energy, causing a blue flame to quickly surround it, and then it disappeared.

“Sun Tai, come quickly!” w.a.n.g Lin sighed.

Not long after, he quickly stopped. Before him stood three people.

The three of them were all wearing black robes and their faces were covered. The person in the middle took a step forward and then an oppressive aura appeared.

“Another Soul Transformation cultivator!” w.a.n.g Lin’s heart felt very bitter.

At this moment, the middle-aged man arrived. He stopped 100 feet away from w.a.n.g Lin and said, “There is no need to run, Ceng Niu. Today is the day you die!”

With that, he raised his right hand and pointed at w.a.n.g Lin. A whirlwind suddenly appeared and charged toward w.a.n.g Lin.

w.a.n.g Lin quickly backed up. He took out the celestial sword and slashed at the whirlwind. The sword energy shattered the whirlwind and charged toward the middle-aged man.

The middle-aged man revealed a mocking smile. He caught the sword energy with his hand and crushed it.

“What’s this?” The middle-aged man was a bit surprised. His right hand felt a bit numb.

w.a.n.g Lin sighed again. After his cultivation level dropped, his spiritual energy was a mess. His origin soul had also taken damage, so he couldn’t even show the same power he had when fighting Red b.u.t.terfly.

w.a.n.g Lin clenched his teeth and turned around to escape again.

Just at this moment, the Soul Transformation cultivator wearing black robes let out snort. He caught up to w.a.n.g Lin like lightning and gently hit w.a.n.g Lin’s back with his palm..

w.a.n.g Lin let out a painful groan. He only had time to focus all of the remaining spiritual energy in his body on his back and use the celestial sword to block. However, his body was still hit by a powerful force and was knocked into the ground 1000 feet away. He coughed out a huge mouthful of blood along with some small pieces of his internal organs.

w.a.n.g Lin’s face was almost like a dead person’s. There were now more injuries on top of his previous ones.

The black-robed person reached out and took w.a.n.g Lin’s celestial sword. He said, “This is a good sword. There is even a sword spirit inside. Not bad!”

The middle-aged man faintly smiled and said, “This sword belongs to you, but that little flag that can attract divine retribution belongs to me.”

The black-robed old man laughed and said, “Okay. The star compa.s.s originally belonged to my clan, so I’m going to take it back!”

The middle-aged man nodded and said, “Of course.”

w.a.n.g Lin struggled to get up. His legs were trembling slightly. This was due to his injuries.

With a sullen expression, he looked at the black-robed old man and said, “Giant Demon Clan!”

The black-robed old man took off his mask, revealing a grey-haired elder, but his eyes were like the moonlight.

He looked at w.a.n.g Lin and laughed. “Junior Ceng Niu, this old man is indeed from the Giant Demon Clan. Back in the Celestial Realm, you stole the star compa.s.s from our young master, so I’m here to take it back today. I hope you won’t mind.”

w.a.n.g Lin’s gaze was dark. His right hand trembled as he took out pills from his bag and ate them before the two Soul Transformation cultivators. Then he calmly said, “Two Soul Transformation old monsters came out at once to kill me. This honor, I’ll remember it!”

The middle-aged man faintly smiled and said, “That is correct. Even though you are going to die, you should die with a smile. As for your treasures, I’m very interested in them.” With that, he pointed at w.a.n.g Lin again.

This time, a surge of spiritual energy shot out from the middle-aged man’s finger toward w.a.n.g Lin.

w.a.n.g Lin had managed to recover a bit of spiritual energy, so he took out the restriction flag and shook it. Restriction gas came out and formed walls of restriction to block that surge of spiritual energy.

Many layers of the restriction gas were shattered, but it managed to stop the spiritual energy that was heading toward w.a.n.g Lin.

The middle-aged man’s eyes lit up as looked toward the restriction flag in w.a.n.g Lin’s hand and smiled. “What a good little flag. I have to study it carefully!”

From his point of view, Ceng Niu would die for sure. It was impossible for two Soul Transformation cultivators to be unable to kill a mere Soul Formation cultivator.

w.a.n.g Lin’s face became even more pale and a hint of despair appeared in his heart. His original body definitely couldn’t come. Ignoring the fact that it was too far away, his original body still couldn’t come here or he would die for real.

He had to stall for time until Sun Tai arrived. This was the only way!

However, all of his spiritual energy was used up when he used the restriction flag. There was no more spiritual energy left in his body.

The middle-aged man was about to point his finger again when one of the people in black beside the old man went forth and respectfully said, “Ancestor, let junior kill this person to avenge myself!”

The middle-aged man lowered his hand and looked toward the ancestor of the Giant Demon Clan.

The ancestor looked at the black-cloaked person and nodded.

The black-cloaked person turned around and took off his mask. It was Chi Hu!

Chi Hu’s eyes were calm as he flew toward w.a.n.g Lin.

“Chi Hu!” As w.a.n.g Lin held the restriction flag in his hand, his eyes revealed a complicated feeling.

“Ceng Niu, accept your death!” Chi Hu shouted, but his eyes revealed a mysterious light. His palm shot out a wave of spiritual energy.

When w.a.n.g Lin saw Chi Hu’s gaze, his heart skipped a beat.

That wave of spiritual energy that was flying toward w.a.n.g Lin had no attack power; it was absorbed by w.a.n.g Lin’s body. Soon, spiritual energy began to fill w.a.n.g Lin’s body.


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