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Chapter 989

Exterminating Devils


Three figures stood in the air within the Burning Sky Cauldron. An indifferent look was displayed on their faces as watched Lin Dong slowly appear before them. Soon after, they casually observed this s.p.a.ce within the cauldron. There was not even the slightest bit of nervousness or unease from being trapped in this place.

“I did not expect that you would possess a Pure Yuan Treasure that has a domain within it…” Huo Yuan smiled and remarked in an indifferent tone as gaze swept the area.

“This is a good place to kill someone and bury his corpse.” Chen Ling said with a grin. His gaze was akin to the terrifying sharp edge of a blade as it slowly slowly swept across Lin Dong’s body.

“Indeed, regardless of what techniques you use here, no one from the outside will be able to see it.” Lin Dong replied to him with a faint smile and a nod.

“Oh, is that so…”

Huo Yuan chuckled before slightly tilting his head. A playful expression akin to a cat teasing a mouse appeared within his icy gaze as his said, “I never imagined that you would actually know about the existence of Yimos…”

“From your words, should I a.s.sume that you’ve already admitted to my earlier guess?” Lin Dong spoke out in a soft voice.

This time, Huo Yuan no longer denied as a peculiar smile surfaced on his face. Slowly extending his hand, traces of black Qi started to appear and swirl on his palm.

This black Qi was not the Death Qi that Profound Death stage experts possessed. Instead, an extremely cold and sinister evilness was contained within it. It was Yimo Qi…

“As I expected.”

Lin Dong exhaled deeply as his gaze turned substantially gloomier. He stared at the Huo Yuan trio with a burning gaze as he said, “The reason you three wanted to enter the Thunder World was more or less to save that Yimo king, right?”

“Ha ha. You truly possess quite a bit of information. Did that Mo Luo tell you about it?” Huo Yuan said as he grinned before continuing, “So, can you tell us how is that esteemed one doing now?”

“In the face of the Blazing Ancestral Symbol and the Thunderbolt Ancestral Symbol, do you think that your esteemed one will be able to live?” Lin Dong replied with a sneer.

The pupils of the Huo Yuan trio contracted while a cold and sinister fury flashed within their eyes. Although they had already antic.i.p.ated such an outcome, after confirming it, emotional fluctuations that were hard to conceal still appeared on their faces.

“How vicious…. with the strength of us three, we are indeed unable to deal with that Mo Luo. Nevertheless, someone will find trouble for him sooner of later. As for you… we will deal with you today.” Huo Yuan said in an indifferent tone.

Lin Dong gazed at the Huo Yuan trio who were erupting with killing intent and smiled, before suddenly speaking out, “Since you three have hooked up with Yimos, that goes to say that your Yuan Gate is collaborating with Yimos, right?”

This guess made Lin Dong’s heart slightly tighten. If it was only the Huo Yuan trio that had connections with Yimos, killing them off would do the job. However, if a super sect like the Yuan Gate was in cahoots with the Yimo, how serious of a matter would this be?

“Although you’ll definitely die today, I feel that some matters are best kept secret from even the dead.” Huo Yuan slowly replied.

“Your nonsense ends here brat. Hand over your life to me.”

The moment his voice rang out, the eyes of the Huo Yuan trio instantly turned sinister. Boundless Yuan Power surged and spread like a storm as a powerful pressure enveloped Lin Dong.

“Don’t think you can do as you please on my turf.”

Lin Dong replied with a soft laugh as chilling killing intent erupted from his eyes. Soon after, his hand seal changed and the domain within the Burning Sky Cauldron started to warp and distort. In the next instant, eight gigantic scarlet red gates started to slowly surface.


The instant the eight scarlet gates appeared, the temperature within the Burning Sky Cauldron immediately skyrocketed, causing even the Yuan Power in the area to become scorching hot and berserk.

Chi Chi!

As for the Yuan Power pressure that was heading towards Lin Dong, when it was a hundred feet from him, it turned into white smoke and dissipated.

“Use your full power and kill this kid!” Huo Yuan’s pupils slightly contracted as he gazed at the eight scarlet red gates that had appeared in the sky. The rampaging fluctuations from them caused him to faintly feel some danger. He immediately roared as the trio turned into smoke in a split second and shot out in a peculiar fas.h.i.+on.

“I’ve said before that this is my turf! Those tricks of yours are useless!”

Lin Dong watched as the trio disappeared with an ice-cold gaze and sneered. With a wave of his sleeve, scarlet red rays of light burst out from the eight gates in the sky. The rays of light were as swift as lightning as they shot towards a certain spot some distance in front of Lin Dong.

Under this red light, three figures appeared in that seemingly empty s.p.a.ce. Furthermore, the powerful energy contained within the red light forced the trio to miserably retreat several steps.

Lin Dong looked at the Huo Yuan trio that had been forced out as his seal changed again. The eight Burning Sky Gates in the sky instantly rumbled as they started revolving. Ray after ray of scarlet light shot out of the gates. Interweaving together at lightning speed in the air, they transformed into a gigantic and complex array


Upon forming, the array instantly expanded. In the next instant, under the ugly expressions that appeared on the faces of the Huo Yuan trio, it enveloped them within it.

“Eight Level Burning Sky Gates, execute the devils!”

A cold and detached expression hung on Lin Dong’s face as looked towards the trio that were trapped within the array. At this moment, a low roar suddenly rang out from his mouth.

Lin Dong knew how formidable the Huo Yuan trio was. If he was to face them head on, even the current him would have trouble swiftly finis.h.i.+ng them off. Therefore, he did not hesitate at all and activated the strongest power of the Burning Sky Cauldron. Back then, he had used the Burning Sky Gates to cause serious injuries to the Nefarious Bone old man as well as that old freak Demonic Scorpion with his initial Profound Life stage strength. Now that he had reached the perfect Profound Life stage coupled with his peak initial Divine Symbol Master Mental Energy, the power of the current Burning Sky Gates would make one speechless.

Humm Humm!

The gigantic array continued to tremble as scarlet red energy rapidly gathered. A gigantic volcano started to take shape in the air above the array while rampaging fluctuations continued to radiate from it.

As the Huo Yuan trio gazed at the volcano that was forming above them, their expressions started to change. It was likely that they had sensed the how formidable this move of Lin Dong’s was. At once, the trio took action simultaneously, sending swift and fierce attacks that violently slammed against the scarlet red screen in torrents. However, although the light screen continuously shook, they were ultimately unable to shatter it.


A low roar suddenly rang out from Lin Dong’s mouth. Instantly, the ten thousand feet large volcano abrupt formed before descending in a crazy manner.

Bang bang bang!

As the volcano descended, the air instantly exploded. Even the ground below rapidly collapsed, an extremely horrifying sight.

The Huo Yuan trio watched as the reflection of the volcano rapidly magnified in their eyes. Immediately, the trio swiftly pressed their bodies together. Three abnormally boundless Yuan Power condensed together, transforming into a thousand feet large glowing Yuan Power pillar that collided against the volcano with a loud noise.


An astonis.h.i.+ngly loud sound resounded across the area, causing even s.p.a.ce itself to violently tremble.

However, this deadlock merely lasted for a split second before the thousand feet large glowing pillar rapidly collapsed. Containing frightening power, the volcano shattered the glowing pillar, before viciously descending before the trio’s grim eyes.

The ground shook as if an earthquake had occurred. As the gigantic ten thousand feet large volcano pressed down onto the ground, it looked like a giant dragon. Scarlet red lava containing rampaging fluctuations flowed from its top.


Lin Dong gently exhaled. His gaze was tightly fixed on the volcano that had pressed down on the Huo Yuan trio. If it was in the past, he would have long become weak from the exhaustion of Yuan Power. However, the eyes of the current him still flickered with a bright light.

Compared to the previous time he had activated the Eight Level Burning Sky Gates, the current Lin Dong was much stronger than before. The boundlessness of his Yuan Power was sufficient for him not to fall into a disastrously weak state after activating the Burning Sky Gates.

“This shouldn’t be all they have, right?” Lin Dong thought as he looked at the land which was gradually becoming peaceful again. If the Huo Yuan trio were only ordinary experts at the initial Profound Death stage, this strike of his was sufficient to suppress them. However, it was a pity that…

The strangeness of the trio cause even fear and dread to surface in Lin Dong’s heart. That was all due to the Yimos concealed within their bodies.


While Lin Dong’s eyes were flickering, the volcano which had already turned quietly furiously shook all of a sudden. In the next instant, black Qi that hid the sky and covered the earth erupted from the base of the volcano.

Chi Chi!

As the volcano came into contact with the black Qi, it actually started to corrode at an astonis.h.i.+ng pace. While this happened, evil fluctuations that could blot the sky slowly started to spread.

“The things concealed within their bodies have finally come out huh…”

Lin Dong coldly looked at the volcano that was rapidly being corroded as his hands slowly clenched tightly. Black light and a lightning glow stealthily surfaced within his eyes.

From the looks of it, he still needed to rely on the power of the two great Ancestral Symbols to completely exterminate these Yimo.


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