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792: Might of the Burning Sky Array

Chi Chi!

The flaming light descended from the air, directly engulfing and enveloping the Yang brothers within it. The heat from the rising flames was sufficient to completely melt the gigantic rocks on the mountain cliff. 

The Burning Sky Array was one of the signature moves of the Burning Sky Cauldron. If Lin Dong was stronger, he would be able to suck the two of them into the Burning Sky Cauldron, and then trap them within the Burning Sky Array like he had now. At that time, he would unleashed the full strength of the array, and even a Profound Life stage expert would be reduced to ashes.

Of course, the current Lin Dong did not have strength to achieve such a feat. Furthermore, he had just gotten his hands on the Burning Sky Cauldron, and he did not have a clear understanding of its capabilities. Even so, the weaker version of the ‘Burning Sky Array’ that he had summoned was more than what the Yang brothers had bargained for.

As the flaming light array enveloped the brothers, streams of scarlet fire whizzed around like blazing pythons, and formed a fiery prison.

Fluctuations appeared on the Yang brothers’ faces as they stared at the flaming light array. The blazing hot fluctuations that filled the air caused them to feel some fear and trepidation within their hearts.

“Attack together and break this array!”

However, the Yang brothers were veterans. They looked at each other, and fiercely nodded their heads, before boundless Yuan Power started screaming out of them. Two extremely swift and fierce palm strikes mercilessly slammed onto the same spot on the flaming light array!


A deep sound rang out from the point of impact. However, their attacks did not achieve their desired result. Under their combined attacks, the flaming array was still as sercure as a fortress.  

“What a powerful array.” upon seeing their attacks fail, their expressions changed once again, as heart palpitating fear finally flashed in their eyes and a sense of unease arose in their hearts.

Lin Dong floated in the air as he looked down upon the duo trapped in the array. Suddenly, an sinisterly chilling glint bursted out of his eyes.

“Next, it’s time for the two of you to taste the might of the Burning Sky array.”

As those words faded, Lin Dong’s hand seals suddenly transformed. Instantly, a sky full of flames surged within the Burning Sky Array. Wave after wave of scorching and berserk fluctuations erupted and frantically engulfed them.

The blazing fluctuations radiated within the Burning Sky Array. At this instant, the Yang brothers’ faces suddenly flushed red, as the heart palpitating fear within their eyes intensified. This was because, they had discovered that the blazing fluctuations were unexpectedly invading and corroding their bodies. It was as if it wanted to ignite and burn the Yuan Power within their bodies.

“What a strange array.”

Horror flashed within their eyes. This was obviously the first time that they had seen such a formidable array. These fluctuations was actually able to influence the Yuan Power in their bodies!

Beads of sweat began to form and flow from their foreheads, while they did their utmost to circulate their Yuan Power in an attempt to resist the corrosion of the beserk and blazing fluctuations. At this time, if something were to happen within their bodies, they would die without a doubt.


While they were trying to resist the corrosion from the fluctuations, the flames that blotted the skies condensed in a flash, transforming into two flaming tornadoes. Furiously twisting in the air, wave after wave of astonis.h.i.+ngly destructive fluctuations radiated from them.  


As he watched the flaming tornadoes form, a cold glint flashed within Lin Dong’s eyes. He abruptly extended his finger, as the flaming tornadoes swept towards the Yang brothers like two giant hissing pythons.

The terrifyingly fiery fluctuations became even more wild and berserk. Upon seeing this, the two hurriedly retreated. Boundless Yuan Power whizzed out from them, as their hand seals started to change. Once again, the dark grey shade appeared behind them.


However, just as the shade took form, Lin Dong coldly snorted. With a clench of his fist, the berserk and fiery fluctuations spread outwards. Before the shade could take shape, it exploded with a bang. Even if the duo wanted to unleash their martial arts, it was obvious that they would face great disturbance while within the Burning Sky Array. 


Preventing the brothers from exhibiting their martial art only took an instant. In that same instant, the blazing tornadoes arrived. Under the terrified gazes of the brothers, the tornadoes furiously slammed into their bodies.

A deep m.u.f.fled sound resounded out, as two figures shot out pitifully, before smas.h.i.+ng into the surface of the flaming light array. Due to the blazing hot temperature, the two men were roasted once again, till their faces turned bright red. At this time, even their breathing had turned hagged and rough.

“Since you guys have entered my array, give up any thoughts of escaping.” said Lin Dong with a faint smile as he looked towards the two who were in a sorrowful state. He was pleasantly surprised by the power of this Burning Sky Array. This Burning Sky Cauldron was undoubtedly a Pure Yuan Treasure. If Lin Dong were to engage in a head one fight with the two brothers, it would definitely be a bitter fight, a fight that would be nowhere near as easy as relaxed as the current situation.

Furthermore, the blazingly hot fluctuations within the Burning Sky Array would endless corrode the Yuan Power in the people trapped within. In other words, the longer one stayed within the array, the more Yuan Power one would use up. If this continued, there would come a time when one’s Yuan Power would be completely depleted, which would result in one being totally incapable to put up any resistance.

Within the Burning Sky Array, the Yang brothers’ faces had already turned extremely ugly, as they finally understood the situation they were in. Due to the disturbance of this array, it was unexpectedly difficult to even display their martial arts. This was equivalent to Lin Dong removing 50 to 60% of their methods that they had.

“Okay brat, us brothers will admit defeat now. We will no longer interfere. How about we call it quits?” said Yang Zhan in a deep voice as he gloomily stared at Lin Dong.

With a skin-deep smile on his face, Lin Dong stared at Yang Zhan, while ridicule filled his eyes as he replied, “ Do I look like an inexperienced brat who has just came out to the world to the two of you?”

“Brat, don’t get too conceited. We were only caught unprepared. However, if we were to truly struggle, you will definitely suffer as well!” replied Yang Wei in a stern voice.

Still smiling, Lin Dong stared at the brothers. With an indifferent voice, he said, “It’s possible for me to release the two of you. However…the condition is that you give the ‘Martial Emperor Law’ to me.”

“In your dreams!”

Hearing his words, Yang Wei’s face changed as he started cursing and swearing, “We risked our lives to steal it from the ancient treasury. If you want it, we will exchange it for that cauldron of yours!”

“Looks like you two are still not aware of the situation you are in…” sighed Lin Dong, With a snap of his fingers, the flames within the Burning Sky Array suddenly rose dramatically.


Sensing the violent and explosive increase in heat, the Yang brothers could feel the Yuan Power in their bodies fade away at a more rapid pace. Immediately, their expressions grew much uglier.

“Alright, I’ll give you the Martial Emperor Law. Let us go.” shouted Yang Zhan suddenly after clenching his teeth.

“Elder brother!”

Upon hearing his brother’s word, Yang Wei was instantly alarmed. Just as he was about to speak , he was stopped by Yang Zhan with a wave of his hand. Eyes flas.h.i.+ng, he said, “Our lives are the most important.”

Shock flashed past Yang Wei’s eyes, before he nodded his head.

Lin Dong was all smiles as he watched this scene. An undetectable cold glint flashed within his eyes.

Yang Zhan clenched his hand, before a black jade appeared within it. With jerk of his arm, it turned into a black ray of light that shot straight at Lin Dong.


The black jade shot out of the array and appeared before Lin Dong in a flash. Seeing this, Lin Dong faintly smiled as he extended his hand to catch it.


When Yang Zhan saw Lin Dong move, he icily chuckled in his heart. With a change of his hand seals, the black jade instantly exploded, as an extremely thin golden shade shot out. With an indescribable speed akin to lightning, it headed straight for Lin Dong’s throat while carrying a swift and fierce fluctuation.

“Yuan Spirit? Isn’t it a little too weak?”

This sudden turn of events caused Lin Dong’s eyebrows raise, however, there no trace of panic within his eyes. Instead, a smile appeared from the corners of his mouth. With a thought, a similar golden ray shot out of his body, and heavily impacted against the weak golden light.


A deep sound rang out, as the incoming golden ray was reflected back. Its golden glow swiftly dimmed, and in the end, it transformed into a palm-sized golden shade which looked identical to Yang Zhan. Obviously, this was the Yuan Spirit that he had refined. However, this Yuan Spirit was especially incorporeal when compared to Lin Dong’s.

“You have actually refined a Yuan Spirit?!”

Seeing his sneak attack failing, Yang Zhan’s expression abruptly changed. Somewhat shocked, he stared at the golden shade floating before Lin Dong. The Yuan Spirit of the former was several times more corporeal than his own.   


Yang Zhan clenched his teeth and cursed, before hurriedly summoning back his Yuan Spirit back into his body.

“Since you’ve already called it out, why summon it back?” upon seeing this, Lin Dong smiled. His hand reached forward, as black light shot out from his palm. It transformed into a black hole, and appeared before Yang Zhan’s Yuan Spirit. Devouring Power gushed out, and devoured the Yuan Spirit in a single breath.


When his Yuan Spirit was devoured by the black hole, Yang Zhan’s face instantly turned deathly pale, before spurting a mouthful of blood. His aura rapidly weakened, while his face was brimmed with shock and terror.

“Devouring Ancestral Symbol?!”

A terrified and voice that was filled with despair rang out from Yang Zhan’s mouth. With his sharp eyes, he was able to identify the source of the black light that had come out of Lin Dong.

“You have good eyes.”

With a faint smile, Lin Dong withdrew his Devouring Ancestral Symbol. Soon after, he lowered his head to look at the duo within the Burning Sky Array, before he said with a smile, “I shouldn’t drag this on any longer. Please accompany each other to h.e.l.l.”

As his words faded, the smile on Lin Dong’s face suddenly turned ice-cold. With a sudden change of his hand seal, the Burning Sky Array frantically started to revolve. In the next instant, berserk and terrifying flames that seemed that have turned into lava erupted within the Burning Sky Array, and devoured the Yang brothers.


As the lava like flames swept out, the miserable shrieks of the Yang brothers abruptly echoed in the area.


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