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Chapter 594: Dragon Soul Battling Zhuyan

(*For those of you who are curious about the four ancient fierce beast, do check out  our short introduction on Zhuyan and Yiwu.)


A deafening dragon roar suddenly resounded over the night sky. Sound waves, that were visible to the naked eye, spread over the night sky while being accompanied by an intense pressure. Quite a number of experts felt their skin turn numb wherever the sound wave pa.s.sed. Immediately, their eyes became much more solemn. They had sensed quite a wild and violent energy ripple from within that sonic wave.

Countless number of eyes were instantly focused onto a spot. One could see that the originally rising large black dragon had actually began to struggle crazily at this moment. While it struggled, a kind of deep green glow began to be emitted from under its black scales. Following which, that peculiar green glow spread across the black dragon’s entire body at an alarming rate!

The green light spread and the originally black coloured dragon scales of the black dragon actually faintly turned a pale-green colour, while the entire dragon body began to swell. Green light lingered over its huge dragon claws. It was as it could easily shatter an entire mountain with just a slam of its claw.

The Heavenly Dragon aura was a unique energy that only a relatively high rank member of the dragon tribe possessed. Although the black dragon was also considered part of the dragon tribe, it was clearly far from this level when it was alive. Now that Lin Dong had poured the Heavenly Dragon aura into it, this was undoubtedly providing a divine aid to that dragon soul!

The black dragon currently transformed into a quiet green colour due to the mixture of the green light. Its icy cold large body slowly meandered. It was as though it had a metallic body that was emitted an old and hardy feeling.

“The dragon soul within the Heavenly Soul Treasure huh?”

Xiao Shan stared at the dragon soul that had formed in the sky from within the enormous body of Zhuyan. A grave expression flashed across his eyes. Lin Dong’s strength might only be that of a three Yuan Nirvana Stage, but his fighting abilities caused even him to experience some palpitations within his heart. No wonder he was able to defeat Feng Cang’s group.

“Although it was a dragon soul, it was merely the soul of an ordinary member of the dragon tribe. Humph, this fierce beast Zhuyan of mine contains some of the original Zhuyan aura. In the ancient era, the fierce beast Zhuyan will kill members of the dragon tribe without hesitation!”

“Brat, surrender your Nirvana Seal!”

Xiao Shan laughed coldly. The enormous Zhuyan’s body outside extended its large hand explosively. The hand appeared as though it was chasing the stars and the moon as it grabbed towards that dragon soul. Wherever the large hand pa.s.sed, even the air itself began to emit a ‘bang’ as it exploded.

“Although the reputation of the fierce beast Zhuyan is quite strong, all you possess is its form! I’m afraid that you do not have the ability to s.n.a.t.c.h my Nirvana Seal!”

A coldness surged within Lin Dong’s eyes. He looked at the dragon soul, which fierceness had suddenly soared at this instant. His eyes suddenly turned sharp. He waved his hand down, before the enormous dragon tail broke through the air with a swing. Meanwhile, its large quiet green dragon claw carried an enormously great energy that seemed to be able to split the world, as it ferociously clashed with the fierce beast Zunyan, that was charging over in front of the countless number of eyes!


In the night sky, two enormous beast violently collided before an incomparably fierce violent energy ripple swept downwards. At that instant, a loud sound that one could describe sounded out. It shook the eardrums of quite a number of people until their ears hurt.

Boom boom boom!

The quiet green dragon entrenched itself while the fierce beast Zhuyan roared. These two large beast collided with a shockingly crazy speed under the night sky. Their claws furiously smashed around as waves after waves of shocking energy ripple began to crazily sweep apart in the sky. Some of the surrounding mountain peaks also began to collapse under the cover of that ripple.

Many experts in the night sky looked at the two enormous beings rampantly colliding with each other. Their faces were incomparably solemn. They could sense that each of the attacks by both the dragon soul and the fierce beast Zhuyan could force a four Yuan Nirvana Stage expert into quite a miserable state. As these blows began to sweep apart, it was likely that there was hardly anyone here who could block all of them

“Lin Dong really lives up to his reputation. He is actually able to fight with Xiao Shan in such a manner…”

Some people involuntarily let out a murmur on top of having a grave face. It was fortunate that they did not directly lose their reasoning because of greed previously. Otherwise, if they were the ones who were currently fighting with Lin Dong, it was likely that just one slam from the dragon soul would likely seriously injure a majority of three Yuan Nirvana Stage experts.


Another incomparably fierce collision occurred in the sky. The dragon soul and the soul of Zhuyan were shaken until they were pushed back for over a thousand feet. The momentum was unusually shocking.

“This fellow.”

Xiao Shan, whose actual body was hidden within the body of Zhuyan, felt a incomparably fierce and violent strength. He involuntarily clenched his teeth. In this battle with Lin Dong, Xiao Shan did not hold back at all. Summoning the demonic spirit of Zhuyan was one of his powerful killing moves. However, he had never expected that even this move failed to do anything to Lin Dong.

“My strength is more than just one level stronger than you. I want to see just how long you can endure!”

Xiao Shan’s seal technique changed as a cold glint flashed across his eyes. An increasingly stronger Yuan Power swiftly swept out from his body. Immediately, Zhuyan’s body began to swell.


When he saw Xiao Shan relentlessly pestering him, Lin Dong clearly felt a little irritated. He let out a cold snort and waved his hand. That ‘Black Dragon Sky Roaring Seal’ suddenly whizzed over. After which, it became just like a small mountain. It’s dark black colour emitted a shockingly heavy feeling.

“Heavenly Dragon Seal!”

Lin Dong’s expression was solemn. His hand seals directly changed and the quiet green dragon soul suddenly roared towards the sky. It transformed into a majestic green light that completely surged into that enormous black metal seal.

Following the pouring in of such a mighty energy, the quiet green light began to flash over that metal seal. Finally, it vaguely transformed into an enormous crouching dragon figure.


That black metal seal shook intensely. Finally, it suddenly came slamming down furiously. It was just like a mountain that was suspended in the sky as it violently smashed onto Zhuyan’s enormous body.


The stunning loud sound reverberated over the place as that frightening strength, which permeated from the black coloured seal, actually forced that demonic Zhuyan soul back for a couple of thousand feet. Numerous arm sized thick crack lines began to appear on the latter’s enormous body.

Lin Dong’s fatal attack had directly shattered the body of the demonic Zhuyan soul!

The might that was unleashed when the Heavenly Soul Treasure collaborated with the Heavenly Dragon Aura was actually this frightening.


The crack lines on the demonic soul began to swiftly spread in front of the many shocked eyes. Finally, it emitted a ‘boom’ and completely fell apart. A wave swept apart and the forest below was forcefully turned into flat land.

The explosion of the demonic soul also resulted in a figure shooting backwards in a somewhat miserable manner. His toes continued to press on the air and the air behind him continued to explode because of the frightening strength that seeped out from within his body.

That figure flew for a total of a thousand feet in distance before finally stabilizing himself in a miserable manner in front of the many gazes. Immediately, that figure raised his head, revealing an ugly face. He was Xiao Shan.


Those experts from the Great Net Empire had a drastic change in their expressions when they saw this scene. Clearly, they did not expect that this incomparably powerful Xiao Shan to be forced into such a miserable state in a battle with Lin Dong.

“Attack! Capture the rest!”

Xiao Shan’s eyes became fierce and ruthless as he cried out in a stern voice. After this battle, he had already understood just how strong Lin Dong was. Naturally, he was unwilling to fight alone. Their Great Net Empire had many people and it was likely that they would be able to gain the upper hand if they attacked together.

“Yes sir!”

A fierce glow also flashed in the eyes of those experts from the Great Net Empire after hearing Xiao Shan’s cries. They immediately rushed out and attacked Little Marten’s group on the mountain peak.

“All of you should not move!”

Little Marten’s eyes turned slightly cold as he looked at the experts from the Great Net Empire swarming over. He let out a cold cry before flicking his ten fingers. Purple-black glow directly transformed into ten purple-black chains that erupted out. It appeared as though it was a layer of dragonet, trapping all of the experts from the Great Net Empire.

Boom boom!

Those experts from the Great Net Empire attacked one after another when they were blocked by Little Marten. Powerful martial art attacks smashed onto the layers of dragonet. However, the thing that caused them to be slightly shocked was that even if they were to join forces, they were still unable to break that layer of defence. Immediately, their hearts turn cold. They looked at the distant handsome man with icy cold eyes and began to vaguely feel an uneasiness.

“So many of you, yet all of you are actually unable to break his defence. What are all of you doing?”

Xiao Shan similarly felt that things were not quite right while he cried out furiously. He seemed to have underestimated the strength of Lin Dong’s group.

“d.a.m.nit. If I have known earlier, I would have called the Blood Seal Empire over…”

Xiao Shan clenched his teeth. The Blood Seal Empire, which he spoke of, was naturally another empire that had obtained one of the four great demon sects’ inheritance.

“It is likely going to be difficult to succeed today. Looks like I need to beat a retreat first.”

Xiao Shan’s eyes flashed and he actually had some intention to withdraw. However, this thought had just formed in his heart when a shocking wind strangely appeared above his head. Immediately, he hurriedly raised his head, only to see Lin Dong’s emotionless face.

“I have given you a chance. Yet, you continue to press your luck. In that case, you should not blame me for showing no mercy!”

Killing intent surged within Lin Dong’s eyes. Clearly, he had been angered by Xiao Shan’s actions. He extended his hand and a green light surged uncontrollably. One could see layers after layers of green scales swiftly appeared on his hand. After which, his hand swelled and his entire hand had actually transformed into a green coloured dragon claw!

In the past, Lin Dong was merely able to transform into a dragon finger. However, after experiencing the big battle from the last time, Lin Dong’s mastery of the ‘Green Heaven Materialized Dragon Skill’ had clearly improved tremendously. Currently, he was able to transform his hand into a dragon claw!

“Green Dragon Palm, shattering soul!”

The dragon palm whistled as it rushed down. That green light was torn into nothingness. Immediately, Xiao Shan could only looked at it flash by with a shocked expression. After which, it carried an incomparably fierce aura as that enormous dragon claw ruthlessly landed on his body!


A frightening strength was discharged and Xiao Shan immediately spat out a mouthful of fresh blood. Lin Dong grabbed Xiao Shan’s hand just when the latter was falling. Amidst his furious eyes, Lin Dong completely absorbed the s.h.i.+ny golden Heavenly Nirvana Seal on the latter’s hand.

“Heh, such a forceful Heavenly Nirvana Seal. Looks like you have absorbed the seal of quite a number of people. However, I have ended up benefitting from it!”

Lin Dong looked at his own palm that gradually had an additional trace of purple-gold colour after absorbing the Nirvana Seal of Xiao Shan. A strange smile involuntarily appeared on Lin Dong’s face.


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