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Chapter 268: Disappearing Seal

Lin Dong’s voice reverberated across the entire horizon. Due to his shout, several people turned to stare peculiarly at Lin Langtian. Even though Lin Dong had a grudge with the w.a.n.g Clan, no matter what, he was still a member of Lin Clan. Therefore, as the elite younger generation member of Lin Clan, Lin Langtian chose not to protect Lin Dong but even hit him when he is down in order to appease the w.a.n.g Clan. Therefore, his actions were slightly despicable.

With regards to the change in their expressions, Lin Langtian also detected it. Immediately, his handsome face darkened, before his voice turned icy-cold. Lin Clan and w.a.n.g Clan were both among the four Great Clans in Great Yan Dynasty, and they were held in equal regard. The reason why he acted this way was largely because he never regarded these ants from the branch family as a main clan member.

Of course, though he was ent.i.tled to his opinion, he could not express it in public. Else, it would definitely invoke the wrath of the branch family members and adversely affect his Lin Clan.

Nonetheless, though Lin Langtian understood that laughing it off lightly is the best possible decision now, however, a man of his status has never been challenged as such before. Furthermore, the one who challenged him was no more than an ant in his eyes!

Therefore, Lin Langtian’s eyes immediately darkened before he said: “You dare to challenge me?”

“If you actions are representative of the Lin Clan, it would be a tragedy for our clan!” Lin Dong was evidently not afraid of him as he taunted. Even though he knew that he was unable to defeat Lin Langtian, if they truly fought, he was totally confident that he could escape from him. Therefore, he would naturally no longer have to be courteous towards him.

“What a sharp talker, today I shall capture you and bring you back to the clan for judgement. We shall see who deserves to be punished!” Lin Langtian’s face was solemn as he stepped forth. Just as he was about to make a move, suddenly there were footsteps behind him, before several arms reached out and halted him.

“Langtian, if you really make a move now, everyone here will think that you are submitting to the w.a.n.g Clan. If news of this matter returned, the elders will surely be displeased.” Standing behind Lin Langtian, the man that halted him was an elder from Lin Clan. He seemed to held quite a respectable position because even as he faced Lin Langtian, he dared to speak up. Furthermore, his tone was not courteous. Obviously, he was also displeased with Lin Langtian’s actions today. Regardless, Lin Dong was still a member of Lin Clan, and the strength that he displayed has in fact boosted the prestige of their Lin Clan. If they allowed Lin Langtian to attack him due to personal reasons, then how would outsiders regard their Lin Clan?

“That kid actually dares to rebuke me, if I don’t capture him, how can I maintain my repute in the clan? Clan Uncle Lin Fan, please do not halt me!” With regards to their attempts to halt him, Lin Langtian was fairly displeased about it as he deeply retorted.

“Langtian is right. We should not be helping this kind of punk. That kid is extremely rash and arrogant, if we allow him to go on like this, in the future, he would no longer respect anyone.” Lin Langtian evidently had a strong influence in the clan. Hence, after he spoke, a initial Qi creation stage skinny elder immediately supported him.

When he saw this situation, the elder that Langtian called Lin Fan immediately furrowed his eyebrows. Then he turned to look at another white-haired elder, who had stuck his hands into his sleeves. Based on his action, evidently Lin Fan wanted his opinion.

“Langtian, let’s drop this matter for now. Though this Lin Dong is rash and arrogant, we do not want to lose a good seedling. At the Clan Meeting one year later, he would surely s.h.i.+ne. There is no reason to arrest him in public now.” Under Lin Dong’s stares, that white-haired elder’s eyes glimmered before he coa.r.s.ely said.

When he heard his words, Lin Langtian’s eyes sunk, before he finally nodded his head. Even though he held a pretty reputable status in the clan, he was still a younger generation member. Therefore, he had to listen to his elders. If he chose to act despite their objections, it would definitely cause his support to plummet within the clan.

“Lin Dong, on account of our Clan Uncles, I shall let you off. If you dare to offend me again, I will personally capture you and bring you back to the clan for judgement!” Lin Langtian took in a deep breath and suppressed the boiling rage in his heart, before he stared coldly at Lin Dong and shouted.

When he heard his words, Lin Dong casually laughed it off. There was already a deep grudge between them and he did not care that he had offended him. After all, at the Clan Meeting one year later, he would fulfill the promise that he made!

At that time, he will undoubtedly fall out with him!

“Lin Langtian, since you do not wish to settle this matter, then when I return home, I shall report this matter to my clan head!” When he saw that Lin Langtian was not willing to make a move, that w.a.n.g Tong’s eyes turned cold before he shouted.

“Haha, w.a.n.g Tong, it was just a testing battle between younger generation members. If you pay so much attention to it, won’t you be devaluing yourself?” That white-haired elder from Lin Clan gently smiled as he said.

“Furthermore, now that the Great Wastelands Ancient Tablet’s seal is about to weaken, if you mess up the timing because of this matter, then wouldn’t it be a waste. Am I right?”

When he heard those words, w.a.n.g Tong’s face gently twitched. He glanced at the symbols on the Great Wastelands Ancient Tablet before he turned to look at Lin Dong, who was holding onto his ancient halberd. Meanwhile, his eyes glimmered while he was evidently weighing his options.

“Uncle Tong, we cannot let this kid off the hook so easily!” When he saw this situation, that w.a.n.g Yan wiped the blood stains off his mouth before he hurriedly said.

“Shut up!” w.a.n.g Tong silently chided. “The most important matter now is the Great Wastelands Ancient Tablet. If we mess this up, all of us will be in for a punishment. Therefore, let’s shelve this issue for now. After we have found enough treasures, then we will seek out this kid again!”

When he heard these words, w.a.n.g Yan immediately revealed a disgruntled expression.

“Don’t worry, I will definitely not let that kid off the hook. Based on our current lineup, it is a simple matter for us to capture him. Though the Lin Clan elders have spoken up for him, I doubt that they would actually risk the relations.h.i.+p between our two clans in order to protect a branch family member!” When he saw w.a.n.g Yan’s disgruntled expression, w.a.n.g Tong’s voice was calm as he slowly said.

“Alright then, let’s allow this kid to bounce around for a little while more!” w.a.n.g Yan viciously gritted his teeth before he directly sat down. After the previous fight, he had suffered quite severe injuries. Therefore, he must quickly heal himself.

“Kid, count your blessings this time. However, remember this, after offending my w.a.n.g Clan, you will surely suffer!” w.a.n.g Tong stood beside w.a.n.g Yan in order to protect him, while he stared coldly at Lin Dong and casually said.

When he heard this, Lin Dong involuntarily laughed. Then, his figure flashed before he returned to the giant boulder, under the attention of the crowd. Without further ado, he immediately sat down, before he closed his eyes and waited for the Great Wastelands Ancient Tablet seal to weaken.

When he saw that tense atmosphere gradually cool off, Lin Ke-er stealthily sighed, before her beautiful eyes stared peculiarly at Lin Dong’s figure. That fellow is truly audacious and he actually dared to thrash w.a.n.g Yan to such an extent in front of the w.a.n.g Clan.

“In just one year’s time, he had actually improved so much. I wonder just how powerful that fellow would be at the clan meeting next year. However… There is still quite a large gap between him and Big Brother Lin Langtian.” Lin Ke-er muttered to herself in her heart. She could tell that Lin Dong and Lin Langtian’s relations.h.i.+p had worsened due to the incident at the old tomb. If Lin Dong had spoke casually back to him, perhaps nothing would occur between them. After all, they were from two different worlds. However, the current situation totally exceeded her initial expectations.

Thras.h.i.+ng w.a.n.g Yan from w.a.n.g Clan while not even displaying the slightest bit of fear towards an advanced Qi Creation stage w.a.n.g Tong. This indicated that he was no longer the same Lin Dong, from one year ago at the old tomb, which had to swallow his pride. Right now, he could even be called a legendary genius. Even though there was still quite a gap between him and Lin Langtian, at the very least, Lin Langtian would no longer delete Lin Dong’s name from his memory like before…

Moreover, an earth-shattering battle would eventually occur between Lin Dong, who was now gradually displaying his prowess, and Lin Langtian, who had already displayed his talent.


When she thought of his point, Lin Ke-er silently sighed in her heart. She had interacted frequently with Lin Langtian and she was keenly aware of how terrifying the latter was. Therefore, when she saw Lin Dong’s provocative actions, she became extremely worried for the latter. After all, she knew that if Lin Langtian was truly enraged, Lin Dong would be in for a thras.h.i.+ng…

While she did not want to witness that situation, at the same time, she realized that day would inevitably arrive.

After Lin Dong landed on the ground, the crowd’s attention turned to focus on his body. Even Qin s.h.i.+ from Qin Clan, turned to look somewhat solemnly at the former. Right now, he was about evenly matched with w.a.n.g Yan. Since Lin Dong could defeat w.a.n.g Yan, this means that he could defeat him as well. This fact caused him to sigh in relief. Previously, at the old tomb, he wisely chose to stand aside and ignore the matter. Else, he would surely be hated by Lin Dong now. Even though he was not afraid of him, when he thought of the venomous wolf-like stare when Lin Dong looked at w.a.n.g Yan, his heart began to sunk.

With regards to the attention from the crowd, Lin Dong chose to directly ignore it. Then, he gently shut his eyes before he quietly restored his body’s condition. Meanwhile, the Great Sun Thunder Yun flowing within his inner channels began to quieten down.

As both parties entered a ceasefire, the originally tense atmosphere stealthily dissipated. Immediately, everyone’s attention returned to that Great Wastelands Ancient Tablet that stood in the deepest region of the plains. Right now, the ancient Symbols plastered on the giant tablet were beginning to dim…

“Great Wastelands Ancient Tablet seal is about to disappear!”

When they detected this sight, the entire Great Desolate Ancient Source turned chaotic as countless pairs of eyes instantly lit up.


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