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Chapter 235: Ancient Sword Resents the Dragon Ape

Three people were seated within a great hall in the Ancient Sword Sect. One of them was the third elder who had s.n.a.t.c.hed away a Thousand Beast Fruit from Lin Dong in the wastelands.

“Junior brother disciple, is it true that something has happened to the Ancient Dragon Ape of the Ancient Wastelands?” At the head seat in the hall, a white haired elder held a tea cup, and took a small sip, before looking towards the grey haired elder and inquiring.

“Yes, no idea why that brute went crazy, leaving us no choice but to return earlier.” The grey haired elder nodded his head. Some traces of a smiling expression lingered on his sinister-looking face, likely due to the excitement from his haul this time.

“Heh, old three, I very seldom see such a look on you. Looks like your harvest today was not small.” The smile on his face clearly drew that attention of the other two, as the other red haired elder could not help but laugh in a firm voice.

“Yea, I did gain quite something.” The grey haired elder chuckled, before the Thousand Beast Fruit appeared with a flick of his hand. The vigorous energy undulations it emitted immediately drew the other two’s attention.

“This is?”

Evidently, the other two were not familiar with this Thousand Beast Fruit, their eyebrows quickly furrowing as they asked.

“I’m not too sure about the origin of this thing either, however, I can sense that if I am able to refine it, it will perhaps enable me to advance to the advanced Qi Creation stage like my two sect seniors.” The grey haired elder was all smiles as he spoke.

Upon hearing this, the red haired elder’s eyes could not help but reveal a look of envy.

“Hehe, fate has truly been good to this junior…” The white haired elder softly chuckled, however, before he could finish speaking, his expression suddenly turned concentrated. He could sense a slight tremble appear in the entire hall.

“What is happening?”

The grey haired elder duo also sensed this, as their eyebrows immediately furrowed.

The white haired elder’s eyes brows tightly knitted together. Soon after, he seemed to have sensed something, as his expression suddenly changed. In a flash, his figure dashed out of the hall, and his eyes concentrated at the skies to the west of the Ancient Sword Sect. The undulations that caused the mountain to tremble originated from that direction.

“What is that?” The grey haired elder duo also closely followed, looking towards the western skies in astonishment as they asked.

“It seems to be heading for my Ancient Sword Sect!” The white haired elder’s expression darkened a little, as he suddenly let out a whistle towards the skies. Immediately, figures burst out from the entire Ancient Sword Sect like locusts, before appearing on the s.p.a.cious training area before the former.

“Everyone hear my command, get into your defensive positions. Any suspicious persons who enter the Ancient Sword Sect will be killed on the spot!” The white haired elder’s expression was dreadfully stern. With the aid of vigorous Yuan Power, his ice-cold voice rang in the ears of every Ancient Sword Sect disciple.

“Yes! Sect leader!”

Upon hearing the white haired elder’s shout, all the Ancient Sword Sect disciples instantly responded.

After giving out the instructions, the white haired elder’s body slowly rose up, beside him, the grey haired elder duo also followed, as they stared at the western horizon with serious expressions.

“Has it finally arrived…”

On a nearby mountain, Lin Dong lifted his head and looked towards the western horizon. There, a familiar aura of ruthlessness had already spread out. Evidently, things had progressed as he had expected. The Ancient Dragon Ape was still able to sense the Thousand Beast Fruit’s undulations and had come to kill.

“A good show is about to begin.”

Lin Dong gazed into the distance, at the humongous figure that was growing bigger and bigger, as the grin on his lips grew increasingly wider.


At this moment, the ground suddenly began to shake. Every Ancient Sword Sect disciple stared in amazement towards the west, as their faces gradually paled. This was because they had seen the huge behemoth, that was dozens of meters large, trampling through the towering trees, bringing with it a ruthless aura, and directly charging towards their Ancient Sword Sect mountain. From the latter’s scarlet beast eyes, they knew that the latter was not here for sightseeing…

“Ancient Dragon Ape!”

This mournful and ear-piercing yell rang out in the skies above the Ancient Sword Sect mountain. At this moment, all of the Ancient Sword Sect disciples felt as if a great disaster was about to befall them.

“Ancient Dragon Ape…” In the skies, the Ancient Sword Sect leader and the grey haired elder duo were appalled as they stared at the huge ape, which steps shook the earth as it moved towards them. Even if their strength was outstanding, the skin on their scalps turned numb at this moment.

“This brute, why has it come to my Ancient Sword Sect!” The grey haired elder’s voice was rather piercing as he spoke. The Ancient Dragon Ape and their sect usually never crossed paths, so much so that when they went to hunt Demonic Beasts, they would not dare to enter the Ancient Dragon Ape’s territory. Yet, why was that brute charging towards their Ancient Sword Sect today?

“All Ancient Sword Sect disciples hear my command. Those who are at the Yuan Dan stage and above, head immediately for the great ancient sword formation, and take a spot in the formation!” The Ancient Sword Sect leader’s expression was extremely dark. At this time, he no longer had to time to ponder why that brute had come to find them. The most important task at hand was to quickly defend against that brute, or else, if it was given a free reign to destroy, the Ancient Sword Sect would instantly crumble apart.


As the leader of the sect, the white haired elder was clearly extremely prestigious. Hence, even at this moment, quite a few disciples hastily responded, before almost instantly rus.h.i.+ng towards the surroundings of the stone sword that was dozens of meters large, each finding a position and seating down.

“My two juniors, the three of us will work together and maintain the great formation. That brute has the strength of the Manifestation stage, thus we need to rely on the power of the great formation to contend against it!” Upon seeing everyone get to their places, the white haired elder once again spoke in a stern voice.


Hearing his words, the grey haired elder duo also hastily replied. All of them knew that only by joining hands and adding the power of the great formation, would they be able to match up against the Ancient Dragon Ape.

The three figures flashed and directly appeared around the huge stone sword. The three sat down, as waves of mighty Yuan Power swiftly gushed out, endlessly pouring into the stone sword.

While the three poured in Yuan Power, the numerous surrounding Ancient Sword Sect disciples and protectors etc., also roused the Yuan Power in their bodies. Vigorous Yuan Power undulations were like a resplendent river, as it swirled around the stone sword, a moving sight.

“Boom boom!”

While the entire Ancient Sword Sect was forced to set up their defenses, the Ancient Dragon Ape brought with it an astonis.h.i.+ngly ruthless aura as it neared the Ancient Sword Sect mountain. It roared to the skies before lifting a small mountain and ruthlessly flinging it at the Ancient Sword Sect under many shocked gazes.

The small mountain whizzed over, the huge shadow causing many Ancient Sword Sect disciple’s expressions to pale, as their legs trembled.

Gazing at the looming small mountain, the Ancient Sword Sect leader’s expression turned cold, as he suddenly pointed out. The stone sword that was dozens of meters large immediately shook, as an extremely formidable sword aura gathered on its body. In the end, it shot out, and ferociously clashed against the small mountain.


A loud earth shattering noise rang out in the skies, as the gigantic small mountain was directly smashed to countless pieces, before raining down from the skies like a downpour of rocks.

“This Ancient Sword Sect is indeed the most powerful faction in this area…” When he saw the formidable attack of the Ancient Sword Sect, Lin Dong was also a little shocked, however, the smile on his face quickly grew wider. A good show needed both parties to be strong, only then would they fulfil his wish.


After the small mountain was destroyed, the Ancient Dragon Ape let out a furious roar to the skies. Its huge hands clenched into fists, before abruptly punching out. Immediately, a black energy shockwave, ruthlessly smashed towards the Ancient Sword Sect, bringing with it a crazy and ruthless aura.

“Evil creature!”

Upon seeing wave after wave of attacks from the Ancient Dragon Ape, the Ancient Sword Sect leader was also angered. The seal in his hands changed, and soon after, the huge stone sword actually rose up from the ground, tearing apart the skies, before mercilessly clas.h.i.+ng against the black energy shockwave!


The terrifying energy waves that erupted directly broke all the towering trees in a three hundred feet radius, such that even Lin Dong, who was some distance away, felt the powerful shockwaves from the collision.

“Great Ancient Sword Formation, Split Heaven and Earth!”

The Ancient Sword Sect leader’s expression was stern and serious as his shout violently rang out in the skies. The Yuan Power river that was formed from surging Yuan Power immediately screamed, as it poured into the huge stone sword in the sky.


Under the infusion of such an enormous amount of Yuan Power, rays of intense light actually burst out from the originally grey and dull stone sword. These rays seemed to be condensed from countless sword auras, and were terrifyingly powerful. It was as if even looking at it would pierce and injure one’s eyes.


Rays of light exploded forth, as the stone sword violently swept out, bringing with it an astonis.h.i.+ngly formidable undulation, as it ferociously hacked down onto the Ancient Dragon Ape. Before that formidable attack landed, a deep sword mark that was dozens of meters long had already appeared on the ground…


Faced with the attack that was practically the c.u.mulation of the energy of every pract.i.tioner in the Ancient Sword Sect, even if this Ancient Dragon Ape was a Manifestation Stage Demonic Beast, it did not dare to underestimate the attack. Immediately, black light gushed out from its body like a tide, and took the shape of a black armor-like object in the skies above its head.


The stone sword heavily chopped onto the armor of light, as a clear sound rang out across heaven and earth, as if it was a storm that unfurled across the land.

Clang clang!

As the overlord of the wastelands, the Ancient Dragon Ape would naturally could not be suppressed and beaten in such a way. After withstanding this attack of the Ancient Sword Sect, its body once again swelled, as it waved its gigantic fists, directly coming to blows with the stone sword. For a time, astonis.h.i.+ng Yuan Power storms continuously erupted across the entire land…

Lin Dong’s eyes were filled with shock as he watched this astonis.h.i.+ng fight. It was a long time later, before he deeply breathed in. This was the power of the Manifestation stage, he did not know how many times stronger this was compared to the Form Creation stage…

“I wonder who is stronger, the Ancient Sword Sect, or the Ancient Dragon Ape…”

As he gazed at the exchange, an excited look flashed across Lin Dong’s pupils. Soon after, he suddenly turned his head, and looked towards his surroundings. He could faintly see several figures swiftly rus.h.i.+ng towards this area. Evidently, the disturbance here was too huge, and had drawn all the surrounding Ancient Wastelands pract.i.tioners over.

“Heh, it’s getting more and more interesting…”

Upon seeing this scene, the smile on Lin Dong’s lips grew increasingly wider.


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