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Chapter 1117

Punishment Elder


A young man hovered in midair while a warm jade color flickered on the surface of his skin. If one was to observe carefully, one would be able to see through his skin. Under his skin, was a crystal jade like skeleton.

The pressure that permeated this place originated from his skeleton.

Many individuals standing around the Dragon Transformation Pool were staring in shock at that young man. However, none of them dared to speak owing to that pressure. In fact, their faces were filled with shock, revealing the waves churning within their hearts.

Hovering in the sky, Lin Dong’s gently shut eyes also slowly opened up. Following which, the white light undulated on his skin gradually faded. Finally, it became calm once again. The pressure had disappeared completely.

Opening his eyes, Lin Dong immediately saw many pairs of eyes scattered across the mountain, staring back at him. He was startled as he quickly laughed in a dry and unnatural manner.

Standing on a mountaintop, Yuan Qian also recovered his senses at this moment. His eyes wore a complicated expression as he glanced at Lin Dong, who was hovering in the sky. After which, he turned his head and exchanged glances with the elders behind him. Their faces were also complicated and mysterious.

“Everyone, please be dismissed.” Yuan Qian mused for a moment. His eyes looked around him before he finally opened his mouth to speak.

Those members of the Dragon tribe finally began to leave after hearing Yuan Qian’s orders. However, there were still some whisperings as they left. Clearly, their hearts were not at peace.

After the ordinary members of the Dragon tribe left, the elders stayed behind instead. Their tensed faces caused Lin Dong to gulp softly in his heart. At this moment, he was naturally aware of the magnitude of the gift that he had received from the Dragon Transformation Pool. That was because there was only one set of Primal Dragon Bone in the entire Dragon tribe. However, that only set was now taken by a person without any Dragon tribe bloodline. It was likely that the emotions in the hearts of these members of the Dragon tribe were extremely interesting at the moment.

“Young friend Lin Dong, please come down and have a chat.” Yuan Qian looked at Lin Dong and smilingly said.

Lin Dong nodded and landed on the ground. His face appeared calm, but there was a caution deep within his eyes. Although he had taken great advantage of the Dragon tribe by obtaining the Primal Dragon Bone, he would definitely not hand it over. Otherwise, his training foundation would be severely damaged.

“Haha, young friend Lin Dong, there is no need to worry. Even though the Primal Dragon Bone is an important treasure of our Dragon tribe, we are not a barbaric tribe.” Yuan Qian’s eyes were sharp. Although Lin Dong hid the caution in his eyes, he was still able to detect it. Hence, he immediately comforted him with a smile.

Lin Dong felt a little embarra.s.sed upon hearing this. Following which, his body gradually relaxed.

“It seems like young friend Lin Dong has obtained a great reward.” Yuan Qian swept his eyes over Lin Dong and said.

Lin Dong nodded. Even with his calm temperament, he involuntarily grinned upon thinking of the rewards he had received. After all, he had indeed reaped significant benefits. Not only did the skeleton in his body transform into the most powerful Primal Dragon Bone, but his strength had also soared. In fact, he had directly stepped into the peak of the advance Profound Death stage and even his Mental Energy had reached the peak Divine Symbol Master from the advance Divine Symbol Master.

If he advanced a little further, he would have broken through the Divine Symbol Master and advance into the legendary Symbol Grandmaster, which was comparable to a Samsara stage expert. Only after reaching that level, would the might of one’s Mental Energy be slowly displayed…

Most people in this world practiced Yuan Power. At the same time, there were also some who practiced both at the same time. Although there might be some individuals who were able to obtain significant accomplishments in their Yuan Power cultivation, when it came to Mental Energy cultivation, it was extremely rare to find someone who was able to break the mould and reach the legendary Grandmaster level.

As a result, many of them were stuck after reaching the peak of the advance Divine Symbol Master, and they had no choice but to give up and focus on their Yuan Power cultivation instead. Fortunately, with the help of their Mental Energy, they were far more efficient in their Yuan Power cultivation.

If one was to evaluate the present Lin Dong, unless he was facing some individuals who possess unique techniques, there were hardly any Profound Death stage experts that could match up to him. Moreover, if he unleashed his full strength, it was even possible for him to contend against a Samsara stage expert. In fact, he would no longer be caught in embarra.s.sing situations, whereby he could only rely on a few powerful techniques to threaten a Samsara stage expert, like he did in the past.

Therefore, he had reaped significant rewards during this trip to the Dragon Transformation Pool. It was sufficient for Lin Dong to part his lips and laugh out loud.

“You met our ancestor in the bone burial hall, am I right?” Yuan Qian looked at Lin Dong. Those Dragon tribe’s elders stared at Lin Dong after he uttered those words.

Lin Dong could only nod his head upon seeing this formation.

“You… defeated the will of the ancestor?” Yuan Qian’s eyes widened slightly. Even his tone became a little higher. It was likely that this was quite a shocking fact, even to someone like him. After all, he was once suppressed and destroyed by the will of the Six Finger Sage Dragon Emperor.

“I summoned the will of the Devouring Master.” Lin Dong shrugged his shoulder. He knew that it was virtually impossible for him to defeat the will of the Six Finger Sage Dragon Emperor on his own. At the very least, he was currently unable to do so.

“I see.”

Yuan Qian and the others sighed in relief after hearing these words. If this was the case, it was still possible for them to accept it.

“In that case, have you really obtained the Primal Dragon Bone?” An elder of the Dragon tribe involuntarily asked a superfluous question. His old face suddenly reddened after his words sounded. It was likely that he also realized that his question was superfluous.

“Tribe leader, this is an important matter…” Another elder sighed. He hesitated for a moment before speaking, “If young friend Lin Dong is willing to return the Primal Dragon Bone, we are willing to pay any price for it…”

“Elder, you should be aware how detrimental it would be, if you remove the Dragon Bones from my body? Perhaps, I will have difficulties making progress in my cultivation in the future. ” Lin Dong’s expression changed slightly. He took a step back as he spoke in a deep voice.

“Young friend Lin Dong, there is no need to worry.” Yuan Qian hurriedly said.

“However, the Primal Dragon Bone is an important treasure of our Dragon tribe… Although young friend Lin Dong performed a great deed for our Dragon tribe, he is ultimately not a member of our tribe…” An elder involuntarily spoke in a deep voice.

“Aren’t we turning into ungrateful individuals if we force him to surrender the Primal Dragon Bone?” Some elders opposed his opinion.

“However, this is a major matter.”

Yuan Qian looked at the elders, who were arguing bitterly over this matter, before he quickly glanced at a wary Lin Dong. It was likely that he had also ended up with a headache because of this matter. Things would be alright if Lin Dong had merely obtained the Ancient Dragon Bone. Although it was relatively rare, it was still acceptable to these elders. Unfortunately, he had obtained the Primal Dragon Bone, for which there was only one set in the entire Dragon tribe.

“The Dragon tribe is actually arguing to such an extent because of the Primal Dragon Bone. Are you trying to turn us into a joke?”

An exceptionally old voice suddenly resounded across the sky, while the upper echelons of the Dragon tribe were bickering. Upon hearing this voice, not only did those elders suddenly shut their mouths, but even Yuan Qian lifted his head in shock. He looked at the sky and exclaimed, “Grand Elder?”

Lin Dong lifted his head. He could see the s.p.a.ce at that spot suddenly becoming distorted. Following which, an old man holding a walking stick strangely appeared in his sight.

Based on the expressions of Yuan Qian’s group, this old man clearly possessed an extremely senior position. However, he possessed a smooth, youth like skin and his eyes were exceptionally deep. There was a vague reincarnation ripple surrounding him and that fluctuation was even stronger than Yuan Qian. In fact, it did not lose out to Qing Zhi.

“Greetings to the Grand Elder!” Those elders hurriedly bowed and greeted him upon seeing this. They had an even more respectful att.i.tude compared to when they were facing Yuan Qian.

“Grand Elder, you came out of your seclusion?” Yuan Qian asked joyfully.

“If I do not appear, I’m afraid that our Dragon tribe would have completely thrown away its face.” The old man with a walking stick said. This caused those elders from before, who wanted to ask Lin Dong to surrender his Dragon Bones, to become embarra.s.sed.

“Grand Elder, this matter…” Yuan Qian spoke with a bitter smile.

The old man with the walking stick waved his hand. After which, his extremely deep eyes, which seemed to have seen through reincarnation, looked at Lin Dong. His eyes randomly swept downwards before nodding. An emotional expression appeared on his elderly face, “It is really unexpected that the Primal Dragon Bone would end up being obtained by someone outside the tribe.”

As Lin Dong did not know the agenda of this mysterious Grand Elder, he did not speak up. All he did was cup his hands together.

“The Primal Dragon Bone is indeed an extremely important treasure of our Dragon tribe. However, it is precisely because it was far too important, that no one in our Dragon tribe has managed to obtain it. Since you managed to do so, it seems like you must have some affinity with it. Moreover… we do not dare to object to something that even the ancestor has agreed upon.” The old man with a walking stick slowly said.

“However, he is not a member of our Dragon tribe…” An elder spoke hesitantly.

“If we stick to our pedantic ways, perhaps our Dragon tribe will eventually end up declining like the other overlord tribes.” The old man holding onto a walking stick spoke in a faint voice. Immediately, he paused and looked at Lin Dong.

“Young friend, may I know if you will object to becoming an elder of our Dragon tribe?”

Lin Dong’s heart rejoiced slightly upon hearing this. He hurriedly said, “I am more than willing to do so.”

Lin Dong was naturally able to tell that this Grand Elder, who possessed an extremely high status in the Dragon tribe, was trying to help him.

The old man with the walking stick nodded. Following which, five colored light gathered in his hand and directly transformed into a purple-gold dragon seal. Meanwhile, there was frightening ripples being emitted from that dragon seal.

“Young friend, this is the Punishment Dragon Seal of our Dragon tribe. It controls punishments and you will have the authority to punish any member of the Dragon tribe. From today onwards, you will be a trusted Punishment Elder of our Dragon tribe.”

Lin Dong was startled. He was not familiar with this so called Punishment Dragon Seal. However, he could tell that even the expressions of those elders from the Dragon tribe and Yuan Qian had changed at this moment.


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