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Chapter 193: This Turned Out To Be A Prophecy

Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation Editor: EndlessFantasy Translation

Two hours have pa.s.sed. Fang Ping’s Vitality flowed unimpeded throughout his minor vessels.

Finally, Fang Ping stopped cultivating.

“I’m a Rank-3 now!”

Even though it was not Upper-stage nor Peak, he was without a doubt a Rank-3 martial artist now!

“Year 08, mid-April, I came in contact with martial arts. Year 09, end of March, I have achieved Rank-3!”

In less than a year, he, Fang Ping, had achieved Rank-3.

Even though w.a.n.g Jinyang was said to have gained three ranks in a year, that was counting from the moment he enrolled in a martial arts university, not the time he first came in contact with martial arts.

Even w.a.n.g Jinyang had started in Year 1 when he prepared for martial sciences examination.

“Rank-3, the Catacombs, elite…”

A string of words was echoing in his mind.

“Rank-3 are also the ones who die the most and the fastest!”

Similarly, the two other possibilities flashed in his mind.

In recent years, Rank-3 martial artists were the ones with the highest, quickest mortality rates.

Martial arts university students would start to come in contact with the Catacombs at this stage. This was when they would start entering the Catacombs. This was when they would truly come face to face with the dangers of the Catacombs.

Therefore, many martial artists at this stage died. They died extremely fast.

When Fang Ping thought of this, he could feel his entire body shudder. It was not from fear nor from excitement, but a form of antic.i.p.ation and loss toward the future that could not be described in words.

“Am I finally going to enter the Catacombs?”

“What does the Catacombs look like?”

“Are the living beings inside just like human beings?”

“What kind of dangers await in the Catacombs?”

“Will I be fighting at close quarters right off the bat?”


Doubt after doubt flashed in Fang Ping’s mind.

He could not afford to think about them. Fang Ping fixed his attention on his current stats:

Wealth: 20.8 million

Vitality: 540cal (576cal)

Mentality: 430Hz (449Hz)

Bones honed: 126 bones (90%), 80 bones (30%)

He did not spend much Wealth. Besides, merging minor vessels did not cost too much anyway.

Fang Ping did not plan to replenish his Vitality. In the Energy Room, he even consumed a Rank-2 Vitality Pill. He would be an idiot if he used Wealth to replenish it.

“Vitality upper limit has increased by 51cal. The merging of minor vessels this time has actually brought on such a great upgrade. It is no wonder that the typical martial artists can achieve thousands of cal Vitality when they have achieved Peak.”

After he had said those words, Fang Ping promptly stood up and dashed out in a hurry.

Reception desk.

“Instructor, I cultivated for 4 hours. I would like to check-out.”

The instructor at the reception desk threw him a glance, paused for a while before replying, “Not possible. Once you have activated it, it will remain so whether you use it or not.”


“The energy mine has started to release energy. It’s impossible to return it. Do you understand?”

“Instructor… I…”

“It’s useless no matter what you say!”

Fang Ping looked at the stubborn instructor and felt slightly helpless. 10 credits. It was so valuable!

He caught a glimpse of a few people who were entering the hall. Fang Ping suddenly shouted, “Cultivation chamber. 1 hour cultivation. 9 credits!”

The instructor at the reception desk was stunned. He took a close look at Fang Ping, making sure to remember him.

Fang Ping’s roar caught someone’s attention. “5 credits?”

“Are you a robber? 8 credits. If you don’t want it then forget it. I’ll just leave it empty.”

“Fine. Deal!”

To martial artists, two credits were precious too. They would save whatever they could. Very soon, a martial artist decided to make a transaction with Fang Ping.

This type of transaction required the use of a computer. Alas, the instructor at the reception desk suddenly said, “One credit for each use!”

Fang Ping almost spat blood. This jerk…enough was enough!

Seeing that the clock was ticking, Fang Ping obviously could not complete the transaction with the other party outside; hence, he could only accept the instructor’s words.

Clearly, only Fang Ping could pay this credit fee. The other martial artist who was involved in the transaction would not pay for it.

“7 credits. I lost one Normal Vitality Pill’.”

He took a close look at this instructor in front of him and proceeded to lay his eyes on the badge attached to his chest—Song Yingji!

‘Very well, I, Fang Ping, would remember you well.’

‘One day when I hold great power in MCMAU, you would be sent to clean the toilets and compensate me hundred-fold for the pills that I had lost!’

Recently, he had made an effort to remember many people. CCMAU Fang Wenxiang owed him a high-ranked pill.

Nanjiang Martial Arts University w.a.n.g Jinyang owed him 45 million.

Right now, MCMAU Instructor Song owed him 100 Vitality Pills. He would decide on the ranks later.

Song Yingji saw Fang Ping looking at his badge and grinned. “My ability is only average. Rank-5. Do you want to fight?”

“Forget it, Instructor Song. I am not so narrow-minded.”

Fang Ping grinned, looking very much like an innocent student as he quickly bolted out of the Energy Room.

When he left, Song Yingji laughed uncontrollably. “Good lad. I would love to see how you will try to teach me a lesson.”

When he had left the Energy Room, Fang Ping ran into Qin Fengqing.

Qin Fengqing was mopping the floor… indeed, mopping the floor!

When he saw Fang Ping, Qin Fengqing said awkwardly, “Fang Ping, can you lend me 300 thousand…”

“I’m broke!”

“Fang Ping, we’re friends. How could you say that?”

“Yes, and you owe me 300 thousand. I’ll remember this!”

After saying those words, Fang Ping sprinted off.

Qin Fengqing gaped. He mumbled, “You did not even lend it to me…”

‘Did Fang Ping lend me any money?’

Qin Fengqing instinctively threw a glance at the supervising martial artist over at the hall. The other party shook his head and said, “Don’t look at me. He did not pay for you.”

“Then how can I possibly owe him 300 thousand?”

“How am I supposed to know? Mop the floor nicely. Quit loafing around. The moment you leave is the moment someone sends you the money!”


Qin Fengqing was furious. He fished out his phone, called a number and roared, “Zhang Yu, if you still don’t bring me the money, I will bash your mistress every day!”

“Get lost!”

A bellow of rage could be heard coming from the phone. Very soon, the call was disconnected.

The supervising martial artist threw him a glance. There were many people who had a death wish. Most of them have understandably died. So, it was strange that Qin Fengqing was somehow still alive.

Leaving the Southern area, Fang Ping returned to the logistics department once again.

Nowadays, the logistics department was much quieter. Many students opted for online purchases.

Upon seeing Fang Ping, Old Man Li could hardly raise his spirits. Fang Ping had run out of resources. He had hardly the energy to entertain him.

However, very soon, Old Man Li’s eyes glistened. He grinned and said, “Student Fang Ping, have you redeemed the credit reward for breaking through Rank-2 to Rank-3?”

“Not yet.”

“What are you waiting for? That’s 200 credits!”

Old Man Li had been considerate for Fang Ping’s sake. The reward for breaking through Rank-1 was 50 credits; Rank-2, 100 credits; and Rank-3, 200 credits. They were all given away for nothing.

An influential guy like Fang Ping was Rank-3 now. He would most probably have enough credits for the future.

Fang Ping did not hesitate and immediately went to redeem his credits.

He dashed back after redeeming his credits and said, “217 credits. Give me 80 Normal Vitality Pills…”

“Screw you!”

“80 pills!”

Fang Ping insisted. “Instructor, how many pills have I exchanged with you. Moreover, how many troubles has the execution of the platform saved you? How can you not give me a small discount?

“I am not selling them. I am distributing them to the club members for their welfare.

“They are all a bunch of aspiring martial artists. It is not easy for them…”

Old Man Li frowned slightly.

Fang Ping looked determined. “If I weren’t broke, I would’ve given them one each. It should be 108 pills. Instructor, if you feel that 108 pills are…”


Old Man Li burst out laughing. He had some incredible nerve to make such requests.

“The items at the exchange counter will be recorded. I cannot give you more just for the sake of it. Nothing can be accomplished without rules and standards…”

“Instructor, my sister’s name is Fang Yuan. She does not behave according to the rules and standards too…”


Old Man Li was extremely speechless. After a while, he warned, “You must not sell them anymore. If I find out…”

“I will not!”

Fang Ping shook his head. ‘I would be dead if you found out. How would I possibly let you find out.’


After deducting Fang Ping’s credits, Fang Ping obtained 80 Normal Vitality Pills. His Wealth grew by 12.6 million in an instant.

“22.06 million now.”

Fang Ping made some calculations before leaving in a rush again.

Five minutes later.

Chen Yunxi was feeling troubled. “I really don’t want to buy. I have enough pills now. I don’t need that many.”

“Your mom and dad need to use it.”

“They don’t use this one.”

“Your relatives?”

“Neither do they.”

“What about your friends?”

“None of them lacks any pills.”

“Your… none of your family members use pills?”

Chen Yunxi was increasingly exasperated. Buying and selling by force. Was this still a university?

After sighing, Chen Yunxi was speechless. “You… you are always selling pills. Do you not use them yourself?”

“I need money.”

“What happens if you need to cultivate?”

“I put in effort.”

Fang Ping did not elaborate much. He was here to sell pills. It was useless to say too much nonsense.

“…How much?”

“80 pills. Market price of 8 million. You only have to pay 7.6 million.” Fang Ping calculated in his heart. For this, he could increase his Wealth by 2 million once again.

Chen Yunxi was extremely annoyed. “This is even more expensive than the last. I’m not buying it anymore!”

“Please support me. I am almost achieving Grandmaster. When I am a Grandmaster, I will definitely repay you.”

Fang Ping did not intend to lower the price. For the hundreds of thousands of bargain that he made from her, he could return them to her in the future when he was rich.

“If you invest in me, Fang Ping today, you will not regret it in the future. I have achieved Rank-3 now!”

Chen Yunxi’s complexion changed slightly. She questioned unbelievably, “Rank-3?”

“Yes. Grandmaster is just a matter of time. I am earning money now in order to make the necessary preparations to enter the Catacombs. Once I enter the Catacombs, it will be hard to predict whether I will live or die…”

As Fang Ping was talking about this, Yang Xiaoman suddenly pushed open the door and dashed in. She exclaimed excitedly, “Yunxi, my instructor said that he might bring us into the Catacombs this summer to make preparations for the future…

“Eh, Fang Ping, why are you here?”

Fang Ping’s expression changed slightly. They were really going to enter the Catacombs!

He was only toying with the possibility earlier. He had not actually expected this. Not only did he need to enter, he had even informed Rank-2 Yang Xiaoman about it.

Chen Yunxi was stunned for a while and took a brief look at Fang Ping. She thought that Fang Ping was simply spewing nonsense. She did not expect that they were actually going into the Catacombs.

Thinking about this, Chen Yunxi nodded her head and said, “Leave the pills here. I will transfer the money to you later.”

“Alright. Thanks.”

Fang Ping left the pills, turned around and left.

Once he had left, Yang Xiaoman asked hastily, “Is he selling you pills again?”

“Yes. He said he is going into the Catacombs. He needs money, so…”

“You… you just bought them all? How much money is it?”

Chen Yunxi looked awkward and lowered her voice. “7 million for 80 pills.”

“Oh, that’s fine. He did not trick you this time.”

Yang Xiaoman was slightly surprised. She did not expect that Fang Ping would sell the pills to Chen Yunxi for a 10% discount. He was still quite trustworthy.

Chen Yunxi’s face was slightly red. She had even instinctively, and untruthfully, rounded the number down by 600 thousand. It was better than being laughed at by Xiaoman.

Fang Ping was not interested in their conversation.

Right now, he was only thinking about his journey into the Catacombs.

Summer holiday was near.

They were about the enter April soon. It was only 3 months left to the summer holidays.

“3 months…”

He was thinking about whether he could achieve Upper-stage Rank-3 in 3 months. Fu Changding was walking toward him. He saw Fang Ping in the corridor and asked strangely, “Where did you go this morning?”

“Nowhere. What’s up?”

“My instructor had informed me just now. In June, the university is forming a team of Rank-2 martial artists to enter the Catacombs. I am just informing you.

“The special training cla.s.ses are reorganizing. The cla.s.ses will continue. Mainly to teach the knowledge about the Catacombs.”

“In June?”


“That’s less than 3 months from now…”

Fu Changding heard his response and comforted him. “Don’t worry, this is our first time entering. We won’t go deep. Moreover, there are instructors following along. It is very safe…”

“Don’t jinx it!” Fang Ping snapped. The more he said that, the higher the chances it will happen.

He needed to pay closer attention now. It was better to depend on himself rather than on others.

Fu Changding and the rest have lost their minds, but not him.

In a place where one could not use products of modern technology like in the Catacombs, where the mode of transportation was their feet and their mode of communication was to holler, it was common to hear that instructors and students always lose their way.

Counting on instructors for protection was not as reliable as counting on oneself.

Additionally, he had to head back to the Southern Area as soon as possible. He needed to memorize the topographic map so that when he lost his way, he would be able to find his way back.

Other than that, he needed to start stocking up on more Wealth and Vitality. Weapons needed changing. Perhaps C-cla.s.s would be more suitable.

What was more, he had to consult a few regular visitors of the Catacombs. What were the survival skills to stay alive…

A heavy mission!

Seeing that Fang Ping was full of concern, Fu Changding was speechless. This fellow, was this really necessary?

Fang Ping ignored him and walked out directly. He needed to make a trip to the company.


MCMAU. Vice-chancellor’s office.

Huang Jing looked with great respect and said, “Instructor, the news is out. MCMAU will establish a team of 100 Rank-2 martial artists to enter the Catacombs. By the time these people survive in the Catacombs successfully, my guess is that they will soon make a powerful top-of-the-range team.”


The old vice-chancellor let out a long sigh and mumbled, “Rank-2… they’re still children…”

“Students are all children. However, even children need to bear the responsibilities that they are expected to bear.

“They will only be moving temporarily around the areas that have been swept clean. The risk is not high.”

The old vice-chancellor did not comment further on that matter. He thought for a while before saying, “Make necessary arrangements earlier. Do not enter the Catacombs knowing nothing.

“Also, when the time comes, you will protect them secretly.”

Huang Jing frowned slightly, but he still nodded his head.

“Now, the 22 entrances to the Catacombs are too much for us to handle. One more entrance, and I am not sure if we can even hold it up.

“I can only hope that within a year or two, more elite martial artists will emerge.”

The vice-chancellor let out a long sigh and continued, “The situation in other areas is not looking very positive as well… have you seen the news?

“In Africa, the government is already launching missiles.”

“Yes. I have seen them. The entrance to the Catacombs in that area has been destroyed.”

“I’m afraid that it is getting harder to hide the truth about the Catacombs. Certain countries can no longer bear the pressure. At this moment, they needed every citizen to be a soldier in order to withstand it.

“Once the truth is out… I’m afraid we will never be able to see… the comfortable life of humans ever again.”

Old vice-chancellor let out another sigh. Huang Jing replied calmly, “Perhaps this is a new opportunity. No matter what, martial artists are the minority. If this continues, Sino Nation will no longer be able to hold the fort either.

“We can only use human lives to fill the gaps. Using the number of people to push it. We need to give the martial artists some time to catch a breath.”

His words were unsympathetic, yet the vice-chancellor did not comment on that.

When the time had come, that was the only choice they could make.

After he had stopped thinking about this, the old vice-chancellor said once again, “The government might provide aid locally. This is a catastrophe that affects the whole human race. Inform the instructors to make necessary preparations.”

Huang Jing was about to speak when he stopped. The vice-chancellor shook his head and said, “At least during this period, we should not just sit and watch. Unless even we ourselves are unable to hold on anymore.”

“Alright. Hopefully all of them can return safe and sound.”

When those words were said, the office fell silent.


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