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Chapter Four Hundred and Sixty Three – What Strange Thing Is This?

In front of Zuo Mo, there was a black gold paper about three cun that was covered in cryptic golden seal scripts, each the size of tadpoles.

On the top of the black gold paper was a little figure about one chi tall. It was the black gold seal soldier!

Zuo Mo’s consciousness was like an oil slick that tightly covered onto this piece of paper. He didn’t even dare to blink his eyes. A short while later, his forehead was covered in a fine layer of sweat.

A minuscule line of fire followed his finger and flew onto the seal paper, tracing among the scripts of the paper seal.

Zuo Mo was trying to repair the black gold seal soldier.

Zuo Mo drooled thinking about the black gold seal soldier that seemed unable to die. However, his strike seemed to have damaged the black gold seal soldier. He was now trying out methods to fix the seal soldier. Fortunately, he had managed to find the detailed method and instructions to make the black gold seal soldier in a jade scroll he took from Gu Xiang Tian’s body. Zuo Mo had found the solution after trying a few times.

Possessing the Great Day Banded flame, Zuo Mo innately had an advantage in forging.

Gu Xiang Tian was very skilled in making paper seals but he was not a rich person. This could be seen from the pitifully small amount of things left on his body. Zuo Mo had thought he could get a lot of spoils, but there were not many items.

The black gold seal soldier was Gu Xiang Tian’s ultimate attack and he had invested the majority of his blood and energy in it. But in Zuo Mo’s eyes, the materials were still low quality.

The information Gu Xiang Tian left in the jade scroll also indicated this. Because he could not find several materials at the time, Gu Xiang Tian could only subst.i.tute some materials with others of similar attributes. This caused the black gold seal soldier that he forged to be lacking compared to what he had originally designed, and he had felt great regret.

Gu Xiang Tian lacked materials, but this wasn’t a problem for Zuo Mo!

He had received a batch of high-grade materials on the Sealed Extinction battlefield, including an astounding amount of golden crystal sand. The black gold seal soldier needed materials of this kind the most. And among the items Gu Xiang Tian had regretting not being able to obtain were the materials that had intelligence. Zuo Mo had many of those. The totem fragments were piled up like mountains at Bao Yi’s place.

As the consciousness and ling power moved, Zuo Mo’s body seemed to be pulled by thin invisible threads and uncontrollably trembled violently.

A clear yet strange feeling came.

He had started to become familiar with the changes that merging the three powers had brought and discovered many abilities. When he was controlling fire in forging, what he relied on the most was consciousness and ling power. He could now increase the strength of his consciousness and ling power through controlling the muscles in his body.

Right now, Zuo Mo’s three powers could barely be considered united.

The benefits that came with this were easy to see. In terms of purity, he could not compare to xiuzhe that only cultivated ling power, but in terms of endurance battles, other people were lacking compared to him.

The tiny Great Day Banded Flame threads of fire that curved along the seal paper turned to countless little flames. They seemed to be attracted by the black gold seal soldier, slowly leaving the seal paper and entering the black gold seal soldier.

The seal scripts on the body of the black gold seal soldier suddenly lit up as though they were red hot.

Zuo Mo did not dare to relax. The golden crystal sand he had prepared beforehand was thrown at the black gold seal soldier. The black gold seal soldier was like a magnet, it absorbed all the golden crystal sand. At this moment, the fine flames wrapped the black gold seal soldier.

The seal scripts that covered the black gold seal soldier gave off a blinding light. It was like a dazzling sun!

Zuo Mo eyes stung like they were being p.r.i.c.ked by needles but he didn’t dare to close his eyes. A totem fragment appeared on his hands.

This totem fragment was about the size of his palm and engraved with a simple and old character. Zuo Mo did not know what this character meant. He had asked Wei and Pu Yao, they didn’t know either.

But this totem fragment was one of the most outstanding totem fragments he had acquired. Zuo Mo felt that he really bled this time.

He hesitated and threw the totem fragment into the ball of light.


The light grew and Zuo Mo felt as though his skin was being pierced by countless steel needles at the same time. He was extremely shocked and hurriedly closed his eyes.

The ball of light changed and flickered as though something was moving inside.

Zuo Mo suddenly found that his consciousness could not enter this ball of light, and he was even more shocked!

What was going on?

Eyes closed, Zuo Mo did not notice that the seal scripts on the seal paper seemed to become alive and creep over towards him.

This transformation continued for twelve whole hours. Zuo Mo did not dare to relax during this twelve hours. Thankful, this ball of light was not interested in his ling power so he did not need to channel ling power into it. He released a breath at this. Ling power was always his shortcoming. Even though his three powers had merged into one and could, to a certain degree, compensate for his ling power, but during forging, he still needed to be frugal.

The light gradually dimmed, and Zuo Mo’s heart rose.

But when he saw the appearance of the black gold seal soldier, he was dumbstruck.

The black gold seal soldier had changed greatly, turning from being black and gold to dark gold all over. All the seal scripts on its body had been hidden away, yet what shocked Zuo Mo was the appearance of the black gold seal soldier—it looked exactly the same as him!

What was going on?

How could it be the exact same as him?


Just as Zuo Mo was puzzled, this black gold seal soldier suddenly opened his eyes!


Zuo Mo felt his mind ring as though a heavy hammer had struck. A vicious and savage presence with the black gold seal soldier at the center suddenly swept out!

Dizzy, Zuo Mo heard Wei’s panicked voice in his mind. “Quick! Offer sacrifice!”

“Offer sacrifice?” Not having recovered from the blow, Zuo Mo was blank.

“Use the Golden Armor Guards!” Wei said without hesitation.

Zuo Mo’s mind cleared up. “Golden Armor Guards?” However, he knew that this was not the time for questions, he hurriedly summoned the Golden Armor Guards.

When the large Golden Armor Guards appeared in front of the black gold seal soldier, the black gold seal soldier’s eyes lit up. The Golden Armor Guards uncontrollably flew towards the black gold seal soldier and when they flew close, they shrank dramatically.

The next scene caused Zuo Mo to be dumbstruck where he stood.

The black gold seal soldier suddenly opened his mouth, and those miniaturized Golden Armor Guards flew into the mouth of the black gold seal soldier!

When they had flown over to the mouth of the black gold seal soldier, they were the size of a bean.

The black gold seal soldier swallowed these Golden Armor Guards in one gulp!

Having consumed the Golden Armor Guards, the black gold seal soldier calmed down. The vicious and vast presence quickly retreated and the figure silently floated on top of the seal paper.

Its eyes closed again and slowly landed.

When it landed on the black gold seal paper, it continued to descend. The black gold paper was like a large vortex  and slowly absorbed the black gold seal soldier.

Like this, the figure slowly sank into the black gold seal paper.

The light of the black gold seal paper disappeared and it was motionless.

What … … what was this?

Zuo Mo gaped!

“Using just thirty pieces of fifth-grade jingshi to invite me to kill someone? So I, Ning Yi, is just worth thirty pieces of jingshi!” The disdain on Ning Yi’s face was thick and his tone was extremely unfriendly.

Ning Yi’s eyes were long and narrow, he sat cross-legged, his arms resting on his knees, as he stared coldly at Boss Xu.

Boss Xu’s expression changed, and he couldn’t help but regret his impulse to take on this fatal task. Ning Yi’s personality was fickle and killed people like cutting gra.s.s. If the other was discontent, then his little life definitely would not be safe. Listening to Ning Yi’s tone, he was clearly angry. Terror spread in Boss Xu’s heart. He couldn’t help but tremble.

“Daren, have mercy … …Daren, have mercy … … this insignificant one was thoughtless … … this insignificant one was thoughtless … …”

At this time, a person dressed in azure robes next to Ning Yi said with a slight smile, “Brother Ning, do not argue with these people! They are just insects, killing them will dirty Brother Ning’s hands.”

Ning Yi’s expression eased slightly as he said, “Brother Li, sorry for you to have seen this.”

This young person that Ning Yi called Brother Li waved his hand at Boss Xu and said gently, “Leave.”

Boss Xu seemed to have been pardoned, crawling and stumbling as he exited the room.

“Does Brother Li have something to say?” Ning Yi asked curiously. He smelt something unusual in the other’s actions just now.

“This little brother has something to request of Brother Ning.” The youth with the surname Li had an open expression.

Ning Yi naturally was not a stupid person to be able to behave recklessly. He instantly reacted and said in shock, “These people were able to get Brother Li to speak for them?”

The Li-surname youth smiled slightly and did not explain. He said in a warm voice, “I will not hide it, this little brother noticed the Turtle Island people long ago. This group’s origins are extremely mysterious and have not revealed anything up until now. However, this group of sword xiu is extraordinary in power. Even the famed battalions of this jie may not win against them, much less normal battalions. Yet no matter how I’ve investigated, there is nothing to find. Since there is a possibility of a conflict, I will trouble Brother Ning to go meet them.”

“Oh, what virtues and abilities does this Turtle Island have that they have enter Brother Li’s eyes?” Ning Yi only smiled faintly without any viciousness on his face.

The youth surnamed Li smiled and took out a Bagua mirror.

“This Bagua Energy Mirror is not a very good talisman but has a wondrous attribute. It can calm the heart and focus the mind, resolving bloodthirst. If Brother Ning helps, this Bagua Energy Mirror is Brother Ning’s.”

Ning Yi’s expression changed slightly. The talisman that he had become famous for was a Blood Fiehdish Asura Umbrella. This talisman was powerful but the blood fiendish energy was extremely strong. Over time, his mind would be affected by using it. If he had this Bagua Energy Mirror, it would counteract these effects and be extremely beneficial for his cultivation.

He was slightly suspicious. Why did the other place such importance on Turtle Island?

Was there something else in here?

This Bagua Energy Mirror was good, but if he involved himself in great trouble due to this, then it was not worth it.

Almost as though he detected Ning Yi’s doubt, the youth with surname Li said with a smile, “Brother Ning, do not think too much. That group of sword xiu is pretty strong but they are definitely not from Kun Lun. This little brother just wants to see how they are, there are no other intentions.”

Having the other expose his thoughts, Ning Yi was not angry. As long as it was not Kun Lun, he did not fear them. He chuckled, “It is Ning Yi’s honor to help Brother Li. If that is the case, then we can finalize the deal.”

“Brother Ning is virtuous,” The youth with surname Li said respectfully and perceptively gave the Bagua Energy Mirror.

Ning Yi caressed the Bagua Energy Mirror, feeling his mind was unspeakably calm and clear. The joy on his face increased.

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