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Chapter 302: The Magical Battle Beast

Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation Editor: EndlessFantasy Translation

The langurs were only the size of a palm.

They were not even as big as the petals of some flowers.

The morning dew was like pearls that fell from the sky, each drop crystal clear.

To the langurs, these dewdrops were a little too big.

Each time, the langurs carried a dewdrop.

Even the strongest langur could only carry a little more than a dewdrop.

Locke hid far away and watched as the langurs jumped up and down to collect dewdrops. He could not help but be puzzled.

Could the monkey wine be brewed from these dewdrops?

It could not be!

The dewdrops were just water vapor in the air that condensed on the leaves when it got cold.

In a certain sense, it was no different from the water in a stream.

Although there were all kinds of magic in this world, it was impossible to turn ordinary water into a precious monkey wine.

Locke held his breath and prepared to observe the brewing process of the monkey wine.

Soon, Locke found the difference.

The langurs did not collect all the dewdrops.

They were rather selective.

Although there were dewdrops nearer to them at mid-trees, the langurs did not even glance at them.

Instead, they went to higher places to collect them.

Some of them were from flowers and some were from leaves.

Some were at very high places and some were at very low positions.

Some dewdrops were from buds that had just sprouted and some were from old leaves that had been bitten by insects.

They looked completely random, but they contained some kind of rhythm.

The falling dust even had a feeling.

These langurs were like musical notes on a sheet of music.

What drove them was music.

What was tall or short, new or old, and flowers and leaves were just appearances.

What they were looking for was the rhythm of life.

As if sensing Locke’s enlightenment, the langurs gathered all the dewdrops onto a large leaf.

A rich and sweet wine fragrance wafted over.

Squeak, squeak!

The langurs happily jumped around the leaf.

One by one, they consciously queued up and walked to the monkey wine in the middle. They lowered their heads and took a sip of the wine.

Although it was only brewed from dew, the strength of the monkey wine was very strong.

These little monkeys only took a small sip before they became dizzy.

Some of them could not even stand properly.

They fell from the edge of the leaf.

Fortunately, this was a forest, and the trees were very lush.

The falling leaf monkey fell from one leaf to another.

Then it bounced up high and fell again.

Its small hand grabbed at the edge of a vine.

Then it fell asleep leisurely.

The little langur grabbed a leaf on the vine and rolled it up.

It was a ready-made cup.

Soon, the little monkey fell asleep and even snored.

There were more than one or two monkeys on the leaf.

More langurs fell from the tree when they were drunk but none of them fell to the ground.

It was as if there was a magical spell.

Locke hid at the side and observed.

He found that none of the langur fell to the ground.

“What a magical Battle Beast.”

Locke sighed in his heart.

At this time, there were not many langurs waiting to drink.

However, there was still a lot of wine left.

To Locke, it might be just a small cup of wine but to the langurs, there was absolutely no way to finish it.

Locke’s eyes lit up.

He had heard of the name of the monkey wine even before he had transmigrated.

However, this was the first time he had seen it.

It was a rare opportunity today, so he might as well have a taste.

The langurs were also very precious Battle Beasts.

Their fighting strength was very low and they only ate the shoots on the treetops and some insects.

They would hardly have any conflict with any Battle Beasts.

Moreover, they could only hide and hide from their natural enemies.

Once they were discovered, the entire population would be wiped out easily.

Locke did not want to alarm the langurs in front of him.

So when he saw the monkey wine, he did not immediately go up and s.n.a.t.c.h it.

Now, the langurs obviously could not drink so much.

Ultimately, Locke would not hold back.

When the last langur had drunk the wine and pa.s.sed out, an obviously older langur walked out from the branch.

Locke was surprised.

Even he could not notice this old langur before.

The old langur wore a clothes made of dry bark and a leaf hat on his head.

In his hand was a dry branch.

It looked just like a human old man.

He first dipped his hand in the monkey wine, then put his finger into his mouth.

He nodded and showed a satisfied smile.

Then, he took a gourd the size of a fingernail from his waist and filled it with the wine.

Then, he gulped it down.

Locke was about to make a move, but seeing that the old langur was so old, he could not drink much.

So, he endured it.

The old langur monkey drank a full gourd.

Then, he lay down, his whole head in the wine, and began to gulp down the wine.

Just like a drunkard, he was not as calm as the other langurs.

Locke frowned, feeling that something was wrong.

Two minutes later, the old langur finally raised his head.

At this time, he was also drunk.

His face was redder than his b.u.t.tocks.

He stood up unsteadily, then reached out to dig around his body.

Could there be other gourds?

Locke had never seen such a small wine gourd, and was also somewhat curious.

He wanted to see what other treasures the old langur monkey had reached out to.

The old langur monkey dug for a long time, but he did not take out anything.

Instead, a crystal clear water line shot out from under his clothes.

It accurately landed in the monkey wine in the center of the leaves.

Immediately, a foul stench spread.

After he finished drinking, he immediately peed and destroyed the remaining monkey wine.


Locke was furious.

It was not easy for him to see the legendary monkey wine, but because of a moment of weakness, it was destroyed by an old monkey.

Locke could not bear it any longer and pointed with his finger.

A breeze turned into a rope and tied the old langur tightly, causing it to fall upside down.

Locke came to the edge of the leaves. The monkey wine was completely spoiled.

The stench was pungent.

Looking at the palm-sized old monkey in front of him, Locke really wanted to slap him to death.

“Brother Locke, you’re here.”

Angela also followed him.

She was not worried that Locke would be in any danger, but simply did not want to be separated from him.

“You’re just in time. These fellows are all drunk now.

“We’ll move the camp over later. We’ll stay here tonight.

“Help me ask them tomorrow.”

Locke remembered Angela’s ident.i.ty as a Beast Whisperer and his eyes lit up.

If he could learn the method to brew the monkey wine from these langurs, he would definitely be able to make a fortune.

This monkey wine was not an ordinary item. It was a type of natural treasure.


Angela nodded obediently.

In the past, her ident.i.ty as a Beast Whisperer was a form of restraint. If she were to say anything, she would only be burned to death by the intense flames.

With Locke, it had become a treasure.

Angela was very happy as she felt she was needed in front of Locke.


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