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After arriving at the Heavenly Emperor City, Chen Xiang found out that the Dongfang Yao he had killed actually had a very high status, and was regarded as the successor to the Eastern Dynasty.

Even now, they still could not confirm whether Dongfang Yao was the culprit or not, and there was no evidence to prove it. On the other hand, the Dongfang family only thought that Chen Xiang was the culprit based on the Devil-subduing College’s initial bounty.

After understanding the situation, he found out that the Devil-subduing College had spoken to him. That Dongfang Yao’s grandfather had a high position in the Devil-suppressing Divine Palace, and his family had started a ma.s.sacre in the Mortal Realm. Only then did the Devil-subduing College react and stop the Dongfang Family’s expansion.

“The people behind the scenes in Devil-subduing College are all dead. There has been a big change in Devil-subduing College. This is a good thing.” Chen Xiang heaved a sigh of relief. If the Dongfang family continued with this, before the Great War between Three Realms even arrived, this new world would start to kill each other.

Outside of a huge palace in the Heavenly Emperor City, Chen Xiang gasped in surprise, “This palace was actually built inside the profound Realm. This luxurious palace is only a cover, there’s even an entrance that leads to the profound Realm.”

The headquarters of many great powers were all built inside the profound Realm. This was because they already had the ability to control the profound Realm s, so it would be even safer inside the profound Realm s, such as the Super Martial profound Realm s and the Dan Fragrance Pure Land s.

Originally, Chen Xiang only wanted to take a look at this Dong Fang Clan, but he didn’t expect there to be a profound Realm here. This made Chen Xiang’s heart itch, he believed that this profound Realm must have a lot of treasures, if he didn’t go in and take a look, he wouldn’t be able to sleep.

Just like the last time when he sneaked into the Devil-subduing College, Chen Xiang knocked out a person who was freely entering that family’s profound Realm.

He was the leader of a patrol team, and his strength was similar to that of the Hundred refining realm. Although he was surnamed Dongfang, he was not a disciple of the Dong Fang Clan, and was merely a talented servant who was given a name by the Dong Fang Clan.

“Captain, when are you going to give us a break? You can go out and relax all day long, and we’ll be in trouble. We’ll have to patrol day and night.” A man said with a bitter face.

There were more than thirty people in this team, and all of them were warriors from the True Martial Realm. However, they had been raised by the Dongfang Family since they were young.

“It’s a mess outside, and many worlds have merged together to become very large. A group of fellows left a few days ago, but they never came back. For your safety, there will be a long period of time during which you will be forbidden to go out.” Chen Xiang spoke with reason according to Dongfang Rong’s memories. The meaning behind his words was to prevent these people who had been slaves for many years from escaping.

The new world was currently so big, and once they ran far away, it would be really hard to find them.

Hearing Chen Xiang’s words, the patrolling team members immediately became dejected.

“Although you can’t go out, it doesn’t mean that you won’t be allowed to rest. Right now, you can only stay at your place for three days. Remember, don’t run around.” Chen Xiang said magnanimously. Leading this group of people, it was really inconvenient for him to move.

When the thirty plus people of the patrol squad heard that, a smile appeared on their worried faces. Then, they lined up neatly and jogged away.

The person Chen Xiang had become was the leader of a patrol squad. Compared to the Nirvana Stage, this kind of strength could be considered not bad, so he could travel around a few places in the profound Realm.

According to Dong Fang Rong’s memories, Chen Xiang knew that there were still a lot of important lands inside, and the place closest to him was inside a manor named “Warm Moon”.

Outside the Warm Moon Palace, when Chen Xiang had just arrived, a light voice floated out from inside, “Dong Fang Rong, why are you the only one patrolling today, where are the group of trash behind you?”

The sweet voice was coming from the master of the Warm Moon Palace, it was the elder sister of the patriarch. Her name was Dongfang Xinyue and she was a very beautiful woman, her attainments in formations were very high, and the many powerful formations in the profound Realm were all set up by her, she was very strong, and she was rumored to be the second strongest person in the Dong Fang Clan.

“Motherf * cker, how did this woman find out?” Chen Xiang was a little worried that he would be seen through by this woman. Originally, he had approached them, and used the Heaven tour method to probe inside to see if there were any treasures hidden.

However, he was still very calm. When it came to matters like these, he did not feel the slightest bit nervous.

“Elder Warm Moon, those fellows all claimed that they wanted a holiday, I let them rest for ten days.” Chen Xiang answered immediately. His voice and tone were exactly the same as Dong Fang Rong’s.

“Come in.” Dongfang Xinyue’s voice carried an irresistible dignity, but it sounded extremely comfortable.

Chen Xiang could only brace himself and continue acting. He walked into the Warm Moon, and according to Dong Fang Rong’s memories, he arrived at a simple and elegant small hall.

“Come to the courtyard at the back.” Dongfang Xinyue seemed to know Chen Xiang’s every move, seeing that Chen Xiang had just sat down, his light voice sounded.

Chen Xiang was extremely cautious at the moment. He suddenly didn’t want to continue anymore and wanted to find an excuse to leave.

However, when he found out about this woman’s appearance from Dongfang Rong’s memories, he really wanted to see it for himself.

Walking out of the small hall and pa.s.sing through a small path, he arrived at a quiet and serene courtyard. A beautiful and graceful figure stood quietly by the side of a small pond, her snow-white clothes fluttering in the wind.

Dongfang Xinyue turned around slowly. That beautiful and alluring appearance of hers gave Chen Xiang a shocking feeling, and she smiled faintly at him with her beautiful eyes. She looked so friendly and natural, but the aura she gave off, was so faint that it kept people at a distance.

“Greetings, Elder Dongfang.” Chen Xiang hastily bowed.

“Tell me, what has happened outside these past few days?” Dongfang Xinyue waved her hand, signalling to Chen Xiang that there was no need to be courteous, that mature and charming oval face had a charming and gentle smile, which stirred Chen Xiang’s pure heart.

Chen Xiang quickly lowered his head, and started to talk about some of the things that had happened outside. Although it had been more than two years since the birth of the new world, Dongfang Xinyue had never stepped out of profound Realm.

Even in the past, Dongfang Xinyue rarely went out, and usually, he only found out about what was happening outside through his servants.


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