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This kind of strength was too powerful against them, even if they were slightly stronger than Chen Xiang, once they were struck by a sword, they would be dead for sure.

“We didn’t have any mortal enmity to begin with, so being able to cooperate peacefully is definitely a good thing.” The Wood-creation Race Emperor said.

The Medicine G.o.d had already returned the Chuanglei key back to Chen Xiang. This kind of thing was extremely dangerous, so he didn’t dare accept it.

Those clan emperors left with heavy hearts. The original balance had already been broken, if only one person had Chuangyuan key in their hands, then it would be fine. But if they teamed up, they would definitely be able to eliminate it! But now there are three, and they are all ruthless characters, G.o.d-creation Race did not even dare to fight them and ran away!

Seeing that the situation had stabilized, Chen Xiang heaved a sigh of relief.

“Shen Fei? Your name isn’t Shen Fei, right? ” The Medicine G.o.d laughed.

“Chen Xiang! Greetings, seniors! ” Chen Xiang bowed to the Medicine G.o.d and the others, and said with a smile.

“Don’t say that you are not a senior. In terms of strength, we might not even be able to match up to you!” Ice-creation Race Emperor had turned into a very kind old granny with a friendly smile on her face.

“This is for you!” Ice-creation Race Emperor pa.s.sed the Ice key to Chen Xiang.

“This is more important to me …” Chen Xiang took it. He had prepared to get it back since he was about to gather all nine Ice key.

Chen Xiang took out a box of Holy Blood Ice Crystals and pa.s.sed it to the Ice-creation Race Emperor, saying, “This is Xiaoying’s Holy Blood, you can use it to refine divine weapons, and the effects are the same as Ice key!”

Of course the Ice-creation Race Emperor had one. If the people from the G.o.d-creation Race knew about it, they would be surrounded and attacked! She had been attacked once before and had only recently recovered from her injuries.

Han Yixian said: “Kid, how did you get a Chuanglei key? From what I know, Chuanglei key are scattered across the Initial Thunder-creation Realm … Thunder-creation Sacred Race sent someone to the Initial Thunder-creation Realm before, but there was no news of the person that was sent. Furthermore, the Transmission array over there was also destroyed. ”

“That’s where I came from!” Chen Xiang did not hide this matter at this time.

“Let’s talk when we get back!” The Medicine G.o.d said.

… ….

Chen Xiang and the others returned to the Medicine G.o.d Mountain Villa, and entered a secret hall.

Chen Xiang took out the Spirit Stone he got from the chest and asked, “What is the use of this Spirit Stone?”

“I’m not too sure either. In short, I can use the incantation to absorb the energy inside. The energy inside is almost limitless.” The Ice-creation Race Emperor replied, “There are a total of nine stones. Each clan has one. Other than the Thunder-creation Sacred Race, the rest of the clans have all thrown them away for some reason.”

At least now, Chen Xiang knew that he could absorb the energy inside the rune.

“Chen Xiang, did Xiaoying tell you where she went?” Ice-creation Race Emperor asked.

“She didn’t say, but she did say that if she finds anything over there, she’ll be able to contact me.” Chen Xiang sighed: “She has already been gone for a long time, I am also worried for her.”

“This girl is very clever, there’s no need to worry about her.” Han Yixian said, then asked: “Imperial Family, why were you injured by them in the first place?”

“I was injured by the combined forces of the Thunder-creation Sacred Race and G.o.d-creation Race and was almost killed by them.” Ice-creation Race Emperor thought back to this matter and was extremely furious, “If it wasn’t for the fact that the G.o.d-creation Race emperor ran fast, I would have killed him just now! When I found out that they were secretly setting up a great formation to devour the Most Ancient Era, they wanted to kill me to silence me. ”

Then, Ice-creation Race Emperor talked about G.o.d-creation Race and his plans to devour Most Ancient Era and turn him into energy!

Chen Xiang had already known this before, it was Gu Tong who told him!

“Where are the G.o.d-creation Race and the rest hiding?” The reason why Chen Xiang killed all the people in Thunder-creation Sacred Race was mainly for revenge. On the other hand, the people from G.o.d-creation Race were running too fast, so he and the Ice-creation Race Emperor did not have time to do anything.

“I don’t know, they hid very well.” Ice-creation Race Emperor said, “Now we have to use this holy blood to refine Divine Weapons. The next time we meet G.o.d-creation Race, we cannot let them go.”

Ice-creation Race Emperor and the Herb G.o.d immediately made arrangements, and Chen Xiang left the Medicine G.o.d Mountain Villa because he had other important matters to attend to.

Chen Xiang carefully left the Divine Power City this time, and then released a clone to head towards the Hundreds of Flowers Village. He wanted to send some of the pill formulas to the Hundreds of Flowers Village. Other than that, he also wanted to let Liu Meng’er and the others refine their divine weapons so that they could be used against the Creation Race in the future.

As for Chen Xiang’s original body, he took out the Transmission array Disc that Xiao Xianglin had refined.

This array disc was created by Xiao Xianglin through the Array, and the refined array disc was able to go to the place where the Chuangshen key were hidden, and that was the last key.

“To teleport within the Most Ancient Era, one will need more Tao-creation Holy Crystals, and the place of teleportation seems to be very far away.” Xiao Xianglin said: “You better put a little more Tao-creation’s Holy Crystals in.”

Chen Xiang still had about a hundred million, so he put in a full ten million Tao-creation Holy Crystals before opening the formation disc.

The formation plate shook for a bit, then teleported Chen Xiang to a pitch black place.

Chen Xiang took out a glowing stone to illuminate the surroundings. This was a stone room and there were all kinds of enchantments around. It was much more powerful than what he had seen in the Divine Thunder Mountain Villa.

“This should be the work of the Tao-creation Divine Lord.” Chen Xiang said. Then he saw a box in the middle, he walked over to open it and saw a pale golden dagger. This was the Chuangshen key.

Chen Xiang held the Chuangshen key in his hand, secretly excited in his heart. He had finally gathered nine of them.

“How do I use this Chuangyuan key?” Chen Xiang did not know about this, because this matter was far too important, he did not dare to ask Ice-creation Race Emperor.

Chen Xiang sat on the ground and then took out all the other Chuangyuan key s.

“All nine Chuangyuan key are here, but there doesn’t seem to be any reaction!” Xiao Xianglin frowned: “How do I use this?”

“Big Sister Yun might know!” Chen Xiang said: “When she first pa.s.sed through the Transmission array of the Thunder-creation Sacred Race, she should have gone to the Divine Thunder Mountain Villa, but it seems like before me, the Divine Thunder Mountain Villa did not have any big movements.”

Jing Yun’er arrived at Most Ancient Era before Chen Xiang, then disappeared without a trace. No one knew where she went.

“Let’s return to the Medicine G.o.d Mountain Villa first! to find out what the Ice-creation Race Emperor is saying. ” Xiao Xianglin said.

“Alright, that’s all we can do now!” Chen Xiang still had quite a bit of trust in the Ice-creation Race Emperor and Medicine G.o.d, and he was also able to tell that the Medicine G.o.d and the Ice-creation Race Emperor were old lovers.

After a period of exploration, Xiao Xianglin finally opened a Transmission array, teleporting Chen Xiang and her out of the secret room. At the same time, the place they were heading to was inside a pool of water.

“It’s a sea. That secret chamber should be deep under the sea.” Chen Xiang let Xiao Xianglin enter the You Yao Mountain Villa, and then floated up by himself.

He took out the Six Realms mirrors and flew towards Herb G.o.d Mountain after finding out the direction.


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