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After Shen Xiang killed the five old men, the Divine Thunder Villa shook, and the movement was no less than the last time Lin Tianshuo was killed. Almost the entire Divine Thunder Sacred City could feel the movement.

The peak expert of the five Legendary World Defying Realm! This is a very strong strength for Divine Thunder Villa. When the powerful forces are in the duel, it is the expert of the Legendary Realm peak. Now there are no more than five!

Before Lin Tianshuo was killed, it was nothing. It was not enough to shake the foundation of Creation Thunder Saint Clan, but now it is different. The five Legendary Realm peaks are huge losses for Creation Thunder Saint Clan.

Creation Thunder Clan Emperor roared in anger, and he had already held Shen Xiang’s stone room before he came, and there was only a remnant breath.


The entire Divine Thunder Villa was sent out, searching for traces of the place, Divine Thunder Sacred City was also sealed the city.

Shen Xiang was very relaxed and came to the place where the box was.

“There is a strong box in this place!” Shen Xiang felt the energy released from the box, and his heart was astonished. The energy contained in the box far exceeded his imagination.

“This box has provided Divine Thunder Villa’s various barriers with years of energy, so much energy has been lost over the years, and there is so much energy at this time.”

After Shen Xiang used the penetrating power to enter the deep ground, he sensed the energy from the deep ground, so he could find the box in the direction of energy release.

The box is in a stone room, there is no seal here. If there is a seal, the energy inside the box can also be absorbed.

Xiao Xianglin hastily came out of Hidden Jade Villa.

“This box is not too big!” Xiao Xianglin said, the box was dark, hands could be hugged, in the middle of a formation, so Shen Xiang let her out.

“Master, can you take it?” Shen Xiang asked.

“Of course, many seals are absorbing the energy of this box! Now that the city has been sealed, Divine Thunder Sacred City’s formation barrier should also absorb the energy of the box.” Xiao Xianglin said, she has gone over and scrutinized Explore.

It is because so many formation barriers are absorbing energy, so Shen Xiang can quickly sense the location of this box.

“You have to leave quickly when you take the box away,” Xiao Xianglin said with a frown.

“Know, take the box, those guys will definitely find out.” Shen Xiang said with a smile : “Take the box and take it!”

“No! Once the box is disconnected from the major formation barriers, those formation barriers will collapse immediately, and the various formation barriers contain a lot of energy, which is likely to produce a strong burst of chaotic energy.” Xiao Xianglin seriously said: “So you must leave soon!”

“Good!” Shen Xiang was serious at this time.

“Come on!” Xiao Xianglin took the box away and then immediately entered the Hidden Jade Villa.

At that moment, Shen Xiang sensed that all around was shaking violently. He immediately used the power of penetration to quickly leave the place. Just after he left, the stone room collapsed instantly.

Hōng lóng lóng !

Divine Thunder Villa’s many barrier formations were affected, most of them immediately failed, although only a small part of them broke out because of the disorder, but also produced a strong destruction strength. In the blink of an eye, Divine Thunder Villa was a strand barrier. The qi wave that broke out was swept again and again.

Shen Xiang penetrated deep into the ground, and the movement below was also very fierce. The booming sound continued, the earth was undulating, and many areas in the entire Divine Thunder Sacred City were sunken.

There are not many buildings in the city here, most of them are composed of giant mountains. At this time, many giant mountains have been split open.

After the seal of the city of Divine Thunder Sacred City was affected, a burst of lightning was released, and the Divine Thunder Sacred City was slammed underneath. At this time, everyone shouted to escape Divine Thunder Sacred City, and no one knew what happened. Unexpectedly let this powerful and ancient city fall into ruin.

Divine Thunder Villa suffered the most, and suffered heavy casualties. Only the Creation Thunder Clan Emperor and several older people were not injured. Others were killed and injured. This is a disaster for Creation Thunder Saint Clan.


“The family, the box was taken away!” An old man

“Who did it!” Creation Thunder Clan Emperor roared in anger, and the voice of anger swayed for a thousand miles, even in a far-disturbed city, the angry Creation Thunder Clan Emperor made the heavens and the earth shoot a thunder. Making the Divine Thunder Villa into a ruin more terrifying

“It’s an Alchemist called Ah Sen…” The old man naturally caught the “Ah Sen” plan. He told the Creation Thunder Clan Emperor that it made the Creation Thunder Clan Emperor even more angry because of such a disaster. Unexpectedly they found it themselves.

Of course, as Creation Thunder Clan Emperor, he must be asked back.

“Let’s go to Divine Power for Medicine G.o.d!” Creation Thunder Clan Emperor is too angry, and his anger today must be vented.


Divine Power City, Medicine G.o.d is drinking tea with an old woman in white, and their faces are full of dignified colors.

“If it wasn’t Ah Sen, Alchemist, I thought that Creation Ice Clan Emperor would have to be a living dead person.” White woman sighed: “Ah Sen is now captured by Creation Thunder Saint Clan, they let us do It’s good to be prepared to take advantage of us. We must not sit back and ignore.”

This white woman, unexpectedly is Creation Ice Clan Emperor!

“I blame me for being bad. There is a traitor in Medicine G.o.d Villa. If it is not leaked, Ah Sen will not be stared.” Medicine G.o.d is very self-blaming.

The masks old man had sent people to Medie G.o.d for a message before, telling them that Ah Sen was being arrested and prepared.

Just as Medicine G.o.d and Creation Ice Clan Emperor couldn’t do anything, Han Yixian suddenly rushed in.

“Axian! What is so nervous?” asked Creation Ice Clan Emperor hastily.

“Divine Thunder Villa was destroyed, and the death and injury were heavy! And this…this is what Ah Sen did, Creation Thunder Clan Emperor is already on the way! Ah Sen destroyed the entire Divine Thunder Sacred City, Divine Thunder Villa It’s heavy, it’s said that the entire Creation Thunder Saint Clan’s people have died.” Han Yixian was shocked: “This is news from many sources, there should be no mistake!”

Han Yixian still can’t believe it! Only he knows that Ah Sen is Shen Fei, the person who has been to Divine Thunder Villa before to rescue his daughter.

“Are you sure this is true?” Medicine G.o.d slammed up and asked.

Creation Ice Clan Emperor After hearing it, he also looked up at Han Yixian, which was really shocking for them!

Creation Clan here has been around for so many years, but it has never been such a disaster, not to mention Divine Thunder Villa, which has a large number of barriers and forms, which are very st.u.r.dy and are now unexpectedly destroyed.

Han Yixian nodded. “It’s true! It won’t take long for Creation Thunder Clan Emperor to come here. They must be looking for Ah Sen.”

“Hey, this group of b.a.s.t.a.r.ds, they took Ah Sen first… by Ah Sen revenge, they unexpectedly come to us? We just thought about how to rescue Ah Sen.” Medicine G.o.d coldly snorted and said However, his heart was a bit dark, and he was very impressed with Ah Sen. He could even beat Divine Thunder Villa to Heaven and Earth turning upside down.


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