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At the beginning of the battle, the arms of the mad sword War-G.o.d suddenly flashed into two flying swords, and separated from his body, flying far away to the blood-wolf War-G.o.d, like two groups of glittering golden light, in a flash Hit the blood coat War-G.o.d,

After the blood-warming War-G.o.d’s body was struck, the golden light flashed and the air surged, and the screaming Weng, who was imprisoned inside the barrier, screamed.

The blood-s.h.i.+rt War-G.o.d was knocked out, unexpectedly] injured, able to land firmly on the ground, only to see the muscles of his upper body, unexpectedly like a pale gold crystal,

“That is dao creation saint stone,” Shen Xiang shouted shouted: “This guy, refining his body into dao creation saint stone,”

“Yes, last time he just refined his arms into a dao creation saint stone, but now he has refined his body into it,” Feng Lanyi frowned. “He just spent a hundred years, and it was very fast. ,”

“His dao creation saint stone looks like a sigh,” Hua Liqing surprisedly said: “If he can breakthrough later, his body might evolve into the strength of dao creation saint crystal,”

“The original surname is 饷 蘖 ,,” Shen Xiang can be regarded as an eye-opener. The Blood Devil Shark he had seen before is eating dao creation saint stone, but it is only a little bit of dao creation saint stone.

The blood-wolf War-G.o.d is all dao creation saint stone, like the dao creation saint stone refining the 淼na, think about terrifying,

In the battlefield, the exclamations followed, and especially the admirers of the blood-wolf War-G.o.d, at this time, they all went crazy, and the admirers on the War-G.o.d side were not shouting.

The mad sword War-G.o.d’s face was dignified. Before he played with War-G.o.d, he had the upper hand because he could become a sword, although the arms of the blood-coated War-G.o.d could be turned into dao creation saint. Stone, but not as good as his double Sword Spirit, not as aggressive as his double sword.

Now Blood-G.o.d has cultivated the body of dao creation saint stone, and his double sword is difficult to break the defense of the blood-coated War-G.o.d.

“Would you have to fight hard,” Hua Liqing frowned. “It looks like it’s going to last a long time,”

“No, no more than a hundred strokes will be the winners and losers, and the strengths and weaknesses are disparity,” Shen Xiang said.

“Who is strong and who is weak,” Feng Lanyi did not understand Shen Xiang’s words, because in her view, the blood-s.h.i.+rt War-G.o.d and the crazy sword War-G.o.d are still both have equal share, and the hundred strokes are the winners, she can’t imagine, Because there is very little such a situation in the Shenfeng battlefield, it is usually a long period of time.

“War-G.o.d,” said Shen Xiang. “In the past 100 years, War-G.o.d has had an adventure. It can quickly turn your body into a dao creation saint stone, which requires a lot of resources. Besides, he himself very hardworking,”

“Don’t ignore the strongest point of War-G.o.d, the body that turned into a dao creation saint stone…”

“In battle, you can’t use dao creation saint stone,” Feng Lanyi said. “So even if he has a dao creation saint stone body, he can’t suppress the Mad-G.o.d.”

Hua Liqing also nodded,

“You still] understand what I mean,” Shen Xiang said with a smile: “War-G.o.d can practice such a body in a short time. There are two situations. One is to get a lot of resources, but from him personally. The sulfone, he can’t have such a large amount of resources, and the boss behind him can’t give it to him,”

“So what I mean is that the body of War-G.o.d has become like this. It is because his body has changed. He has explored a path of cultivation. This is a breakthrough that can make him quickly stronger. , I guess, this is his last fight,” Shen Xiang said.

Feng Lanyi and Hua Liqing listened carefully.

“War-G.o.d has to step into the Legendary World Defying Realm,” said Shen Xiang. “He forced his cultivation base, just to win here… and let him consolidate stronger strength. The dao creation saint stone that caused his body is crystallizing,”

Shen Xiang is often alchemy, very clear about this evolutionary process, so the blood-s.h.i.+rt War-G.o.d will win,

The Mad-War and the War-G.o.d have been on more than 30 strokes, and the mad sword War-G.o.d has no benefit at all, because the sword he is proud of can’t break the War-G.o.d defense.

“Blood-War-G.o.d is full of crystals…close to dao creation saint crystal, and the swords of Mad-G.o.d are just dao creation saint stone, which is too big,” Shen Xiang shook his head.

The mad sword War-G.o.d feels very weak, he keeps retreat, and the blood-s.h.i.+rt War-G.o.d has been after all, after every time he releases his envy, he is shot by the blood-s.h.i.+rt War-G.o.d with his fist, even if he occasionally hits the blood coat. War-G.o.d, that’s just a loud sound, it’s not hurting War-G.o.d in the slightest.

“The weakness of War-G.o.d is that the speed is not good, probably because he is too heavy, but it compresses a lot of dao creation saint stone, as heavy as a mountain,” Shen Xiang said.

Although the speed of the blood-s.h.i.+rt War-G.o.d is not as good as the mad sword War-G.o.d, he has tried to catch the crazy sword War-G.o.d flying over the enemies several times, all of them have success, and finally they can only be changed to fight with fists. Only in this way Hit,

Suddenly, the b.l.o.o.d.y hands of War-G.o.d fluttered the sword of War-G.o.d, and then the blood-s.h.i.+rt War-G.o.d laughed and broke the sword directly. After being cut off, the sword was turned into a broken piece. Broken b.l.o.o.d.y arm, falling on the ground,

The crazy sword War-G.o.d looks ugly, full of pain, and gets rid of one arm, but Yuan Qi is very hurt. He thinks that after a hundred years of blood-s.h.i.+rt War-G.o.d, the breakthrough is so fast, far more than him.

After seeing his opponent’s face of fear, War-G.o.d knew that he was going to win. His body flashed a strong golden light, which produced a strength pus.h.i.+ng his bulky body to fly past and slamming into the crazy sword War. -G.o.d,

The mad sword War-G.o.d also expected that the blood-wolf War-G.o.d would suddenly release most of the body’s energy, just to push the body to collide with him.

The mad sword War-G.o.d was. .h.i.t by the blood-s.h.i.+rt War-G.o.d and pressed down on the ground, taking the shackles, making the people’s head numb, the blood-warming War-G.o.d, the dao creation saint stone, the big arm, the lively mad Sword War-G.o.d shredded,

The original noisy battlefields became silent in an instant, their long-awaited great war,] as intense as before, and soon ended, blood-warmed War-G.o.d beat the crazy sword War-G.o.d with overwhelming might ,

The crazy sword War-G.o.d is defeated, and he is dead. The blood-s.h.i.+rt War-G.o.d haha ​​laughs wildly.

“This guy has been playing here for so long, it should be over. After he entered the Legendary World Defying Realm, it must be a very terrifying existence,” Shen Xiang sighed.

At this time, there was also a burst of shouts on the field. Although the battle was not intense, the blood-s.h.i.+rt War-G.o.d was so powerful and shocking. Many people have seen the bleeding suit War-G.o.d break through.

“War-G.o.d, you still accept the challenge, our Emperor War-G.o.d will challenge you, as long as you win, you can get thousands of dao creation saint crystal,” a man’s voice,

This is what the boss of the crazy sword War-G.o.d said, the crazy sword War-G.o.d is dead, he is very upset, so he has to recover,


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