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In front of the Dragon Elephant Sect, the lively and extraordinary, the Dean of the major Sects are coming, and the family forces are also coming! They mainly wanted to see how Dragon Elephant Sect took Shen Xiang and how the Imperial Dragon Palace grabbed Shen Xiang’s Slaughtering Evil Dragon.

In the past six months, Gu Tong and Luo Jiuyang have had no news. If they are all there, Shen Xiang will not have such a big pressure!

“It’s just late at night, the Dragon Elephant Sect’s door is full of many experts.” Shen Xiang went out to inquire about the news and returned to Divine Mirror of Six Paths.

“Dragon Elephant Sect has so many people coming here, so they won’t lose money anyway.” Xiao Hengyong said, he looked at Yuan Zhiqing.

If Dragon Elephant Sect exchanges Yuan Zhiqing with Xiao Xianglin, the process will not be easy.

“Yes!” Yuan Zhiqing also had a bad feeling. If he played it, he couldn’t hold so many experts, and other Sects might not.

But the Imperial Dragon Palace and Dao Creation Sect will definitely be shot, and their relations.h.i.+p is very good at this time.

Half a day after dawn, Shen Xiang entered a secret room in the Divine Mirror of Six Paths and suddenly took out the time formation plate. He opened the time formation plate and took out the dao creation saint crystal.

“I hope not to use this thing!” Shen Xiang looked at the small piece of dao creation saint crystal, this thing is hard to come by, he does not want to use it.

Nowadays, the Dragon Elephant Sect has a lot of people, and he must refine the dao creation saint crystal into a destructive curse!

He not only refining the dao creation saint crystal, but also refining dozens of dao creation saint stones, just in case.

After refining, Shen Xiang came out of the time formation plate. It was still late at night, and his time in the time formation plate was slow.

Finally, when it was dawn, Shen Xiang was alone and came to the front of Dragon Elephant Sect.

In front of the Dragon Elephant Sect’s front door, there are three white-haired long-haired, wrinkled veterans, and next to it is the Imperial Dragon Palace elder and the new Palace Master riding the Black Dragon Horse, and several veterans.

Imperial Dragon Palace A total of ten people, this is a strong strength.

Then there are Dao Creation Sect and Dao Creation Sect. There are also dozens of people, including Dean and several elder elders. Shen Xiang of other forces is not clear. He is not too familiar, but there are at least fifty Divine here. World Defying Realm peak.

More than a dozen powerful forces have stood together, the kind of pressure is very strong, and many people dare to look at it in the distance. Even so, they have to bear a lot of pressure.

However, Shen Xiang is calm and calm, and looks calmly toward the door of Dragon Elephant Sect. He is steady and without a trace of fear. This Realm is also deeply admired.

“What about my Master?” Shen Xiang loudly said, with an imposing manner.

“Here!” A veteran of the Dragon Elephant Sect raised the golden tower in his hand. Shen Xiang was also detained by the tower before, and now he is no longer afraid of this thing.

Yuan Zhiqing saw the veteran in Divine Mirror of Six Paths and whispered: “This guy is Ke Hezong, but an old fox.”

“I said it yesterday, you put my Master out, I will hand over your Dean.” Shen Xiang said, his heart was very excited at this time, because Xiao Xianglin was inside the small tower.

“This requires you to let our Dean out first. There are so many people watching here, we will never say anything.” Ke Hezong is the strongest veteran of Dragon Elephant Sect, and his words are very weighty.

But Shen Xiang still can’t believe him!

“I will release your Dean first, then you will release my Master, how?” Shen Xiang wants to see Xiao Xianglin’s situation at this time.

“Yes!” Ke Hezong’s golden tower flashed, and there was a proud woman in a white dress. Although Xiao Xianglin’s color was slightly embarra.s.sing, she still had a compelling might.

Xiao Xianglin saw Shen Xiang and bit her teeth. She didn’t expect Shen Xiang to be unexpectedly strong at this time. She and Shen Xiang looked at each other. Although they didn’t communicate, they all seemed to feel the strong feelings of each other. .

Shen Xiang also put Yuan Zhiqing out, Yuan Zhiqing was tied up by the chain of azure, and his face was very embarra.s.sing, like being abused, this is what Shen Xiang let him out.

“You let people go first!” said Ke Hezong.

When so many people face, if the elders don’t redeem Dean, their old faces will be lost, even though their faces are not much.

Shen Xiang secretly sensed Xiao Xianglin’s side, there is no s.p.a.ce for imprisonment, but Xiao Xianglin’s waist is tied with things. If Ke Hezong repents, he can also use s.p.a.ce power to pa.s.s, and Xiao Xianglin together…

Xiao Xianglin nodded slightly to Shen Xiang, indicating that he could put Yuan Zhiqing.

“Everyone present, I know that everyone doesn’t want to get involved in this!” Shen Xiang suddenly shouted, the veteran of Dragon Elephant Sect didn’t know what Shen Xiang was doing.

Shen Xiang looked at a few Sect veterans and Dean, and chose twenty good ones in their hearts. They are all at the top of Divine World Defying Realm.

“Shen Xiang, you are a little more profitable.” Ke Hezong shouted.

“I want a few Seniors to help me. If you don’t let me go, I want them to help,” Shen Xiang said.

“You guy who owns Slaughtering Evil Dragon, who will help you?” Palace Master said with a sneer from Imperial Dragon Palace.

“Rea.s.sured, I will not let you help this despicable wicked.” Shen Xiang disdain.

Shen Xiang suddenly took out a dao creation saint stone, everyone saw it, suddenly jumped in the heart, his eyes straightened, so many dao creation saint stone, but more than any Sect reserves, even if all the Sects here add up, may not There are many dao creation saint stones in the hands of Shen Xiang.

“I know that you don’t want to be an enemy of Dragon Elephant Sect. I won’t force you. I just hope that everyone can help when Dragon Elephant Sect is not trustworthy. I will naturally give you five dao creation saint stone. Said Shen Xiang.

Dragon Elephant Sect can do everything, so Shen Xiang is not at ease, anyway, he wants Xiao Xianglin to enter Divine Mirror of Six Paths today, and he only needs to do this step.

Subsequently, Shen Xiang pointed out that twenty people, this is his good Divine World Defying Realm peak expert, which also includes Dean Creation Sect’s Dean Wan Haixu.

“If you agree, just swear by blood, that’s alright! If Dragon Elephant Sect is going to repent, you will help me deal with Dragon Elephant Sect. If Dragon Elephant Sect really puts my Master, you will pledge. “Shen Xiang said: “So you can get five dao creation saint stones.”

Who is not willing to do this easy thing?

They think that playing for one of the five dao creation saint stones is also worthwhile. Then they stand up one after another. Isn’t it a guarantee? They all feel that they are lucky, because Dragon Elephant Sect will not dare to mess up, otherwise they will not be able to compete with their 20 Divine World Defying Realm.

This made Shen Xiang somewhat surprised. He thought that five people would be fine! He suddenly felt that the Expert of Divine World Defying Realm was quite good to buy, and he knew that he would buy a few to help.

After the 20 people made a b.l.o.o.d.y oath, they all received five dao creation saint stones from Shen Xiang, which made other experts look very jealous, because it is equivalent to earning when lying down.


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