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Xue Qing now understood that he had actually known that they were Evil Soul s from the beginning. He now felt that he was extremely ridiculous, to actually lure Chen Xiang out so that Chen Xiang could take action.

“Idiot.” Chen Xiang laughed out loud. “You guys definitely won’t meet a good end.”

“You … When did you find out about our matter, was it Feng Ruxue who told you? ” Xue Qing knew that Feng Ruxue and his family had left, and Feng Ruxue had a good relations.h.i.+p with him, so he felt that it was Feng Ruxue who said it.

“It was Brother w.a.n.g who said it …” I carefully overheard their conversation and after finding out about it, I immediately went to find Feng Ruxue. At that time, Feng Ruxue almost fell for it too. ” Chen Xiang’s face suddenly became serious: Don’t worry, I won’t destroy your Evil Soul, I will keep you and torture you for a period of time.

“I’ll get you out of my friend’s body, filthy Evil Soul.” shouted in anger as he used the Soul Absorbing Devil Spell. He also wanted to know what was in the Evil Soul’s memories, especially the situation he was in right now.

Evil Soul was tormented to the point where he wished he were dead by the Soul Absorbing Devil Spell. Evil Soul was also pulled out and thrown into a cauldron.

Right now, even if that Evil Soul dies, it would still not be possible. Chen Xiang would burn him for a period of time, and then let him recover on his own. When the Evil Soul thought about how he would have to live like this everyday, he couldn’t help but tremble. Even if he wanted to dissipate his soul, he couldn’t.

Chen Xiang had already understood a lot of things from the Evil Soul’s memories.

“I never thought that the seven great villas and three great doors would all be here. Back then, the Myriad Tao City was constructed with the help of this Flying Dragon PaG.o.da and had even reserved the ancient Transmission array to be transferred here.”

Chen Xiang learned a lot of useful things, and he had always been suspicious of the Transmission array, because the spatial power used here was very immature, the reason why Tai Shangzhen and the others came to the Myriad Tao City was through the Transmission array.

Now he knew that the Transmission array were all built by some seniors of the Flying Dragon PaG.o.da, and those old antiques had all gone to the Myriad Tao Mausoleum and not returned. Therefore, the method of setting up the Transmission array that he was able to teleport here was also lost.

Of course, to Chen Xiang, the most useful thing should be the matter of the Natural Law Divine Lord.

The reason he came to the Divine Wasteland was also to look for the Natural Law Divine Lord. Now that he finally had news about the Natural Law Divine Lord, the Natural Law Divine Lord was actually in the Myriad Tao Mausoleum.

He wanted to take over the control of the Natural Law Divine Realm from the Natural Law Divine Lord. As for what he wanted to do, he did not know yet, but it would definitely require a strong power.

“It seems that I have to make a trip to the Myriad Tao Mausoleum after all.”

Not long after he left the Myriad Tao City, the Myriad Tao Divine Stele became abandoned. This was mainly because Xue Yunxiong had previously used those secret methods on the Myriad Tao’s Divine Stele, which could add to the extinction of the Myriad Tao’s Divine Stele.

When he returned to the profound Wu Dan Pavilion, Wu profound had also returned.

When Wu profound saw Chen Xiang, he heaved a sigh of relief. He was worried that Chen Xiang would mess around here.

“How is it, what did the Flying Dragon City Lord say?” Chen Xiang asked, he hated those Evil Soul s who took over the bodies of others.

“The Flying Dragon City Lord has placed great importance on this matter. He said that he would immediately inform the person in charge of the Flying Dragon a.s.sociation to remove this group of people before the Flying Dragon a.s.sociation begins.” Wu profound said: “Actually, Flying Dragon City Masters and the others are also very afraid, they are quite familiar with these Evil Soul s, because they are worried that these Evil Soul have a large group of Evil Soul s in their hands, and these Evil Soul love powerful bodies the most.”

“As long as they value it, that’s enough. Oh right, when is the specific starting time for Flying Dragon a.s.sociation?” Chen Xiang asked: “How do I partic.i.p.ate, and how do I get a placing?”

“I’ve already helped you register. Due to the matter of Evil Soul, we have to delay it. If we don’t destroy Evil Soul, they won’t start.” Wu profound said, “According to the past rules, Tai Dao realm s are divided into three groups, which are the early stage, middle stage, and late stage, and the three levels of Three profound realm are respectively divided into three groups, and there are all the way to Six G.o.ds Stage.”

“Of course, the rules are always different. The specific details will be announced the day before the start of the compet.i.tion.”

“One spot, right? I think there’s still a lot of hope.” Chen Xiang laughed: “If I don’t get the slot, my fifty billion Dao crystal would be a waste.”

“That’s right.” Wu profound laughed: “That’s why we have to work hard. As long as we can get a placing, when we come out, we can definitely improve by leaps and bounds.”

Just as Wu profound finished speaking, a wave of hostility suddenly came from outside the window, causing Wu profound’s face to change greatly.

“It’s that guy again. I’m so bored, to think he would come here to scare people.” Chen Xiang couldn’t help but laugh when he felt the hostility in the air.

Qin profound had arrived and was right below them. Although Chen Xiang and Wu profound were at the height of the tenth floor, the hostility within them could be clearly felt.

“Just pa.s.sing by and scaring us.” When Chen Xiang saw Wu profound stretching his head out to take a look, he smiled and said, “We’re already far away.”

“This b.a.s.t.a.r.d, he was almost scared to death. When I can cultivate two more Rule Dao line, I want to fight it out with him.” Wu profound scolded.

“I say, why are you so afraid of him? Have you been tortured by him before?” Chen Xiang laughed.

“Of course not… I have seen him many times. When I was still a Seating Disciple back then, I often sparred with the Seated Disciples of other sects. I had already seen Qin profound kill people little by little just because he was ruthless.

“It’s not just one or two times. Every time he makes a move, it’s basically the same. Over time, we all fear him, but you, you’re not afraid at all …” Maybe you have seen his cruel and merciless methods. “

Chen Xiang sighed: “I am definitely going to fight with this guy. Although I do not have the confidence to win, I will not let him use his methods on me.”

“Come, let’s go out for a walk. Let’s take you for a walk around the Center of Flying Dragon City.” Wu profound laughed sinisterly: “The quality of the girls in this Center of Flying Dragon City is very high, there are all kinds … “I’ll treat.”

“Not interested.” Chen Xiang curled his lips: “You should bring me around the profound Wu Dan Pavilion. I’m very interested in medicinal pellets.”

“You’re right. You already have a pair of twins, and they’re all of high quality. They’re many times stronger than those mediocre fans.” Wu profound snickered.

“The two of them are just my friends. Don’t let your imagination run wild.” Chen Xiang fiercely knocked him on the head, and then walked downstairs.

Wu profound brought Chen Xiang to the second floor and saw a familiar person. He quickly shouted: “Uncle Feng, why are you here?”

Chen Xiang had thought that Uncle Feng was a man, but the person who had responded to Wu profound was a fat middle-aged woman of great weight. When she saw Wu profound, she walked over with a smile.


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