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After Chen Xiang and Shui Bingyan saved Yue’er, Wu Cang, the second in command of the Star Moon Divine Race, started to attack crazily in the “Star Graveyard”. He didn’t know who saved Yue’er, but before he could even see her, the other party had disappeared without a trace.

Yue’er had disappeared, and furthermore, they already knew about the matters of the Samsara Sacrifice. Furthermore, there were still powerful friends helping her, which made the higher ups of the Star Moon Divine Race extremely worried, because if they didn’t find Yue’er before the arrival of the Samsara Sacrifice, they might be facing Yue’er’s revenge in the future.

“Wu Cang, you have always been extremely cautious, but at this critical moment, you made a mistake. Now, the little thing’s whereabouts was unknown, and the only cage that you could grab was also taken.” An old man stomped his feet in anger. Although he was not as strong as Wu Cang, he could not help but scold Wu Cang when he was angry.

Wu Cang’s expression was extremely ugly as he said in a cold voice, “You can’t blame me for this. For all these years, you have often miscalculated the matters of the Samsara Sacrifice, and I was the one who saved them at every critical moment. This time, it’s also your responsibility, and also the time of the Samsara Sacrifice.

“Samsara Sacrifice’s time is unstable, how could it be so easy to calculate? Back then, it was also because of the frequent miscalculations of the Star-Moon Divine Lord and the others that they refined that cage in order to catch the little thing more easily. Now that the cage is gone, even if we find the little thing, it would still be difficult to catch it.” The old man retorted, “Calculating the time in the Samsara Sacrifice is originally uncontrollable, but you grabbed onto the little thing so easily. You made a mistake on this matter, it’s your responsibility.”

If something were to happen, they would not think of a way to solve it. Instead, they would criticize one another and evade responsibility. Compared to them, they were all worried that they would be blamed by that Clan Chief.

“Don’t tell this to the Patriarch for now. If he knows that Lil Thing and the cage have been lost, we’ll all be in trouble.” Wu Cang also knew that now was not the time to argue, so they had to hurry up and think of a way to get Yue’er back.

The old man said, “What can you do? We don’t have any leads right now. There are too many G.o.ds that are using the power of the ice. Where are we going?”

Wu Cang said: “To the Supreme Divine Palace, Lil Thing went to the Supreme Divine Palace earlier, investigate who she has been in contact with, and then start from there. Go with the rest of you, Supreme Divine Palace’s Mu Chen is famous for protecting Lil Thing, at that time, even if you find out who is related to Lil Thing, I think he will protect you, for the sake of protecting a little imp, he would definitely form a huge grudge with the Prince Divine Lions.”

As one of the G.o.d Clans, they definitely knew about it. For them right now, the Supreme Divine Palace was the only clue they had, even if it was Mu Chen who offended the Supreme Divine Palace, they would have to do it.

After all, if they were to face the strong experts of the Supreme Divine Palace alone, they would feel unconfident. Wu Cang did not go, but rather, stayed in the Star Graveyard. Every time the Samsara Sacrifice was about to start over the years, Yue’er would always come to this place.

He had this doubt a long time ago, but he could catch Yue’er in the past and search her memories for information. However, this time, Yue’er ran away, so he decided to carefully explore this Star Graveyard to see what secrets were hidden here.

… ….

Chen Xiang rested inside the Supreme Divine Palace for a day, then left to head towards the Star Graveyard. Originally, Shui Bingyan wanted to go with him, but he was still somewhat worried, so he let Shui Bingyan accompany Yue’er. After all, Shui Bingyan was very strong, and she said that she could fight with the hall master herself.

Before he left, Chen Xiang had also learned something about that place from Yue’er. Yue’er had told him that that place was called the Star Graveyard, and was extremely famous in the Star Moon Divine Race. It was just that according to the legends, there were many stars that had appeared in that place for unknown reasons, and had existed there for many years.

But Yue’er had said that there was something there that was calling her, which was why she had asked Chen Xiang to look for it.

It took Chen Xiang five days to reach the Star Graveyard. He didn’t need to flee, he also slowed down when he came, and started to conceal himself when he was near the Star Graveyard. He could sense the remnant of an aura in the surroundings from afar, which was the result of Wu Cang’s reckless attacks when he was angry.

“This old fellow should still be here.” Chen Xiang was extremely cautious. He released his probability divine soul and flew into the air, then looked down at the ground. Soon after, he discovered that Wu Cang was sitting on top of a large black boulder.

Yue’er also didn’t know where the thing that was calling her was, so Chen Xiang needed to search for it bit by bit. It was extremely difficult, not to mention that Wu Cang was still at that place.

Chen Xiang did not enter the Star Graveyard. He was worried that he would be discovered by Wu Cang.

Two days had pa.s.sed and Wu Cang still hadn’t left. He had already exchanged for a few large rocks, and he had even broken quite a few of them.

“What is he doing? Is he looking for something?” Chen Xiang was shocked, he did not wish for Wu Cang to find the thing that called Yue’er.

Chen Xiang couldn’t care so much now, he quietly entered the Star Graveyard. He didn’t know how to look for it, he could only use his own mystical techniques.

The Chaos Divine Eye and the Source Spirit Eyes allowed him to see things that were difficult to see with his naked eyes. He had just used the Chaos Divine Eye, but he did not discover anything, and after using the Chaos Divine Eye to search for more than two hours, he did not find anything, and then used the Source Spirit Eyes.

“I wonder if the Chaos Divine Eye and the Source Spirit Eyes can be merged together.” Chen Xiang’s heart stirred. He immediately used the Philosophic stone and began to comprehend the two methods, he wanted to find a fusion point from within.

“Let’s leave this place first, we don’t want any disturbance when we merge together.” Chen Xiang immediately left the Star Graveyard. Before he left, he also paid attention to Wu Cang. This Wu Cang was still looking for something, but he did not discover anything.

After leaving the Star Graveyard, Chen Xiang once again calmed down and tried to comprehend the two cultivation techniques used to cultivate the eyes. The two techniques had something in common, but the usage of the two techniques were different.


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