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The magical beasts of Demon World were different from the so-called magical beasts of Blue Waves Continent. Any magical beast of Demon World could be easily categorized as C-ranked magical beasts. Moreover, the majority of them were vicious and full of bloodthirstiness. Large scale battles to death often happened among various kinds of magical beasts.

One could well imagine how difficult it was to train a magical beast legion. But Blood Demon Diluo had personally supervised, used a lot of resources of Demon World, and spent several tens of thousands of years to train a magical beast legion of 200,000 magical beasts. Various kinds of magical beasts in this legion could cooperate with each other, making their attack power several times more powerful than wild magical beasts.

On a single command, these 200,000 magical beasts could completely slaughter those 100,000 soldiers of G.o.d Race.

When the three great demon generals were discussing countermeasures, Long Yi was still staying in Divine World, waiting for Wei’er Beila’s report.

In the Light G.o.d Fortress, Long Yi looked at the map of Demon World displayed on the crystal wall for a good while. This map was painted a very long time ago. The approximate location of Demon Race’s settlements and some dangerous places were marked on this map.

With the successive reports from Wind G.o.d Legion, Long Yi had a relatively more detailed understanding of Demon World. The military forces of the entire Demon World were divided between Dragon Demon Karola and Emotion Demon Naweiqi. They individually led the army of Demon Race to guard a region. In the beginning, as Blood Demon Diluo guessed, Long Yi planned to use 100,000 soldiers of Wind G.o.d Legion to draw the army of three great demon generals via slaughter, then use the other troops to launch a surprise attack on the places these three great demon generals guarded. One should know that the places they guarded were important places of Demon World. If they were able to successfully destroy them, then the vitality and momentum of Demon World would be greatly damaged.

According to the reports sent back from Demon World, he knew that the three great demon generals clearly weren’t fooled. Their main forces still didn’t move. However, this was within Long Yi’s expectations. It would be strange if no one from the Demon Race noticed this scheme. However, no movement from the main forces was also the best. Like that, Wind G.o.d Legion could ma.s.sacre the surrounding cities and towns of Demon World. In the future, if Demon Race voiced out their complaints, then they themselves should bear the responsibilities.

This was the battle plan of Long Yi, but even after thinking for a long time, Long Yi always felt like he had overlooked something. If the Demon World adopted the tactics of transferring the population and belongings, then he would be utterly helpless and would be forced to directly confront the main forces of Demon World. Only a fool would do this. However, if Demon World didn’t adopt this method, instead let Wei’er Bela’s Wind G.o.d Legion slaughter the people of Demon World, it meant they must have another card in their sleeves.

“It has already been 100,000 years. Perhaps, Demon Race has other secret tricks,” Long Yi tapped on the desk and pondered. Should he withdraw the legion of Wei’er Beila or not?

While thinking, Long Yi’s gaze fell onto the map of Demon World again, and he looked at the places guarded by three great demon generals in a daze. Among them, Diluo guarded the surroundings of Demon Capital while Dragon Demon Karola guarded eastern region’s Ten Great Heroes City. It was the richest and most prosperous city. As for Emotion Demon Naweiqi, she guarded the northern region. This region produces foods and various kinds of demonic crystals that the people of Demon Race needed to survive. The weapon processing and forging departments of Demon Race were also located there.

“If the army of Divine Race secretly arrived here and reduced it to a pile of debris, then the entire Demon World would fall into chaos, and the army of Demon World would also collapse automatically,” Long Yi looked at the northern part of Demon World and mulled.

Because the impartation and inheritance of ancient codes and records of Divine World were discontinued by Dibiya for selfish motives, Divine World had declined for a long time. In addition, in the war of G.o.ds and demon 100,000 years ago, seven Main G.o.ds were cursed, and thereafter the Divine World was further divided into seven regions, doing things each in their own way. The current fighting power of Divine World was also very limited. Even though Long Yi had already planned to appropriately spread some useful ancient books and records, the results couldn’t be seen in a short time.

So, if he wanted to defeat the army of Demon Race, then he had to think of other methods. When the Heavenly Demon King fully recovered his strength, Divine World and Blue Waves Continent would be in great danger.

Just from a broad perspective, destroying the northern reason guarded by Emotion Demon Naweiqi was undoubtedly the best method. But, one side of this northern region faced the vast Myriad Poisonous Forest and the other three sides were flat open land. If the army of G.o.d Race wanted to attack without anybody knowing, then it was basically impossible unless the army snuck in from the side of Myriad Poisonous Forest. But, this Myriad Poisonous Forest was the place Naweiqi had confidence on. Since that was the case, that place should be a forbidden zone even flying birds couldn’t cross.

“Should I go to Demon World?” Long Yi pondered.

Perhaps it was impossible for the army of G.o.d Race to approach that place without anybody knowing, but what about him traveling alone? Heavenly Demon King was still in seclusion, and those three demon generals should be inferior to him in a one-on-one battle for sure. If he found an opportunity to kill Emotion Demon Naweiqi and destroy the war factory of Demon World, then wouldn’t it be a heavy blow to Demon Race? In addition, if he was able to rout all three great demon generals and kill them, no matter how powerful the Heavenly Demon King was, the soldiers below him wouldn’t be untied. Like that, how many waves could be risen?

Of course, Long Yi was just thinking about it. He didn’t dare to believe that he alone could kill those three great demon generals. Although his Chaos Divine Technique had broken through to the fourth level, Demon World was full of experts. Under three great demon generals, there were many high-ranking military officers. Once these experts attacked him from all sides, even if he had some heaven-defying treasures, it would be hard to survive.

At that moment, Mixini entered the room. Since that night, she had been hiding from Long Yi. But, this fellow unexpectedly didn’t take the initiative to look for her. Moreover, he disappeared for several days. Thus, in anger, she gathered her courage to look for him to demand an explanation. She, Mixini, wasn’t a casual person. Although she had taken the initiative to seduce him that night, since he had eaten her, she wouldn’t let him spit out.

“You came?” Long Yi smiled upon seeing Mixini.

“Can’t I come?” Mixini angrily said.

“You can. However, I don’t have time at the moment. I have to leave soon,” Long Yi shrugged his shoulders.

“Where are you going? I will go too,” The complexion of Mixini changed. She immediately walked over and tugged the robe of Long Yi.

The expression of Long Yi became gentle. He patted her head and said, “It’s just a small matter, I will return quickly.”

Upon seeing such an intimate action of Long Yi, her heart became sweet. She no longer pretended to be angry and snuggled into Long Yi’s wide chest and said, “Then, how about I accompany you to handle that matter?”

“That won’t do, be obedient, stay here in the Light Fortress and wait for my return.” Long Yi replied with a stern countenance.

Mixini pouted. She wanted to insist but feared that Long Yi would hate her, so she unwillingly agreed to Long Yi with a look of grievance.

Long Yi happily kissed the lips of Mixini, and after instructing administrators of five magic G.o.d regions about some matters, he prepared to go to the Demon World alone.

Emotion Demon Naweiqi was sitting on a trunk of a ten thousand years old tree just outside the Myriad Poisonous Forest by herself, watching the dark sun in the sky. No one knew what she was thinking. She wore an enchanting two pieces of demonic crystal armor. Her snow-white slender waist was bare, and one could see a red gem inlaid on her smooth belly b.u.t.ton. She was tall and curvy; she could make other women have a sense of inferiority. If her ident.i.ty was unknown, then no one would believe that such a peerless beauty was the cruelest and the most ruthless Emotion Demon of Demon World.

There was a saying, the more beautiful a woman was, the crueler she was, especially women who liked a kind of stimulation, once they got crazy, even ghosts and G.o.ds should retreat ninety li.

A squad of her personal bodyguards was standing not far away in alert. Their master would do this every year in this season. Usually, she would stay here in a daze for several days and nights. Their task was to not let anyone disturb her. Otherwise, no one could bear her anger.

At this moment, Long Yi had already appeared in the northern part of Demon World. In his current appearance, even if he appeared in front of his mother Dongfang Wan, she might not recognize him. One could see a pair of sharp horns sprouting above his straw-like messy hair. His bare chest and hands were full of dark fur, and his handsome face was also covered with a messy beard. All in all, he looked like an ordinary demon. He walked in the midst of all kinds of people of Demon Race, but no one doubted his ident.i.ty.

The entire Demon World had a dark atmosphere. The sun was black, land was black and even the cities were black, giving a strong sense of oppression.

Long Yi entered a remote small town of this northern region. This town was bustling with activity. He looked for a restaurant to sit down. He also planned to hear what was happening recently in Demon World. As many towns and cities of Human World, this town was well-informed and the largest flow of traffic was a restaurant.

This was not a first time for Long Yi to enter a restaurant of Demon World to have a meal. Compared to Blue Waves Continent, the food of this place was far inferior. The dishes were very rough without seasoning. No wonder that little demoness Siyan never forgot the dishes of Blue Waves Continent.

“Waiter, a large bowl of stewed demonic fish,” Long Yi ordered and tossed out a small gem. In Demon World, gold or silver coins weren’t circulated as currency. They used gems, demonic crystal, and the cores of magical beasts as currency.

The demonic fish was a kind of common fish species of Demon World. They lived in a dark and cold river. Only this dish entered the eyes of Long Yi because it didn’t need seasoning and also was comparatively delicious.

“The army of G.o.d Race has already slaughtered more than a hundred cities in the south. Even fowls and dogs weren’t spared. I wonder what three great generals are doing. Even though our fellow countrymen are being slaughtered by the army of G.o.d Race, they aren’t making a move.” The people present in the restaurant were discussing the invasion of Divine World. They were terrified and were very discontented with the three great generals who didn’t make any move.

“Yes, if this goes on, then our Demon Race will be extinct. I think the three great generals are intentionally doing this. I suspect they have already replaced His Majesty. Otherwise, how can a trifling 100,000 soldiers of G.o.d Race slaughter around our Demon World. Did you forget, 100,000 years ago, under the leadership of His Majesty Heavenly Demon King, several million demon soldiers and demon generals of my Demon World had slaughtered throughout Divine World until members of G.o.d Race p.i.s.sed their pants?” Another person loudly said. In the Demon World, strength indeed spoke the loudest. Other than slandering the Heavenly Demon King, even if your 18 generations of ancestors were cursed, no one would bother.

“Don’t talk nonsense here, the three great generals are loyal and devoted to the Heavenly Demon King. They must have their reason to not send the army.” Another st.u.r.dy-looking demon stood up and defended the three great generals.

“Then, you say, what is their reason?” A demon enquired.


“He must be a hired thug of those three great generals, kill him!” Long Yi looked over and shouted.

“Kill him! Kill him!” Most of the demons here were somewhat stupid. They were full of valor and vigor, but they were lacking in wisdom. Immediately after Long Yi jeered like this, many demons suddenly rushed up while shouting.

The entire restaurant got filled with demonic qi and collapsed. As for Long Yi, he just looked from far away with a cold smile. Along the way, he had already caused dozens of fights like this.

A small town further north had a group of Naweiqi’s elite soldiers. There, they made a long defense line. If anyone tried to enter without permission, then the soldiers would attack as soon as anyone approached this town.

Night in Demon World was pitch-black without a hint of any natural light. But, this kind of night didn’t pose a big hindrance to Demon race. They innately had night vision. Although their range of vision was lower compared to daytime, there was no problem to handle basic needs.

Long Yi stood on top of a big tree and watched that brightly lit spider web-like defensive line far away. In this pitch-black night, it appeared dazzling. That place was filled with demonic crystal mines as well as munitions factories. In addition, it was the largest food production base of Demon World.

Long Yi took a deep breath and completely retracted his aura. He then hid in the darkness.

His chaos energy was the pure energy of the universe. In fact, Chaos Divine Technique was just a technique to combine seven-attributed magic power into one, forming the chaos divine power. It could effectively integrate into anything without causing any backlash. It couldn’t be any better to conceal oneself.

Long Yi pa.s.sed through group after group of patrolling demon soldiers. He didn’t trigger any reaction from them and quickly reached the inner area. He then discovered that there were many demon guards here. In addition, their strength was a level higher than the demon soldiers in the periphery. This didn’t startle Long Yi, rather he was happy. This proved that even if there was no munitions factory and so on, there should be the residence of Emotion Demon Naweiqi. But, no matter which it was, it was the same for Long Yi. If there was a munitions factory, then he would first install some energy bombs. If there was the residence of Emotion Demon Naweiqi, then he would look for a chance to kill her.

Long Yi became all the more cautious and avoided one wave after another wave of guards. Then, he suddenly found two rows of unconventional courtyards. This courtyard design made Long Yi feel very familiar. It was built in accordance with the construction method of humankind.

“Where is Great General Emotion Demon?” A high-ranking military officer asked a beautiful maid outside the door.

“Great General has gone to Myriad Poisonous Forest. She has instructed me to not disturb her no matter what happened,” replied the maid.

That military officer impatiently walked back and forth and continued, “I’ve brought urgent military intelligence from Great General Blood Demon. I want to hand it over to Great General Emotion Demon. Please lead the way and let me meet the Great General Emotion Demon.”

That maid hesitated for a while and shook her head in denial, “No one can disturb her at this moment. Otherwise, we will not be able to protect our lives.”

“If you don’t allow me to report this piece of military intelligence, then you will lose your life for sure,” That military officer ferociously shouted.

That maid shuddered and after thinking for a while, she spoke, “How about you give me the military intelligence, I will go and try to hand it over.”

The military officer hesitated for a while and then handed over a sealed crystal ball to this maid. Then, he repeatedly exhorted the maid to deliver this crystal ball to Naweiqi as soon as possible.


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