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Chapter 974 – Xia Lu

“Qingge, so you know each other?” Jie Fei Zhou looked at Yu Qingge, then looked at Tang Huan, as a playful smile surfaced on his lips.

“Of course I do.” Yu Qingge nodded her head slightly as the smile on her face grew wider. She stared at Tang Huan and walked towards him gracefully, “It’s fine if we’re in the wrong place, but since we’re here, we shouldn’t leave. We’ll stay together with these people!”

But in the next moment, a figure had already stopped her.

“Qingge, you just wait here. There’s no need for you to do such a small thing yourself. Why don’t you take care of it yourself? There’s only one more.” As he spoke, he looked at Yu Qingge with eyes full of undisguised love and admiration.

“Sister Yu, not bad. You’ve found a lover in the” Heavenly Mystery Realm “so quickly!”

Tang Huan sized the two of them up and started to mock them.

had long known that Yu Qingge was already a yin tribulation cultivator.

After not seeing her for a period of time, she had already reached the peak of the yin tribulation. As for the flying boat, the Qi that leaked out from its body was even more terrifying than that of Yu Qingge.

If Tang Huan was not mistaken, this guy was most likely already in the Yang Tribulation Realm. At this moment, although Tang Huan’s expression was relaxed, he was still quite vigilant at the bottom of his heart. He was completely confident that he could win against Yu Qingge who was at the peak of the Yin Tribulation Realm, but he was not confident in defeating a Yang Tribulation Realm expert.

The Nine Spirits could see all the Yuan Cultivators as if they were nothing, and could even easily kill the Yin Tribulation Realm’s Fan Tao. However, it was still unable to defeat the Yang Calamity experts, after all, the battlefield did not happen on the “Nine Colored Spirit Sh.e.l.l”.

Within the spirit sh.e.l.l, the Nine Spirits were invincible within the tribulation realm. Not to mention a Yang Calamity expert, even an even stronger Emptiness Realm Expert wouldn’t be able to block its soul attack. However, it had already lost a large portion of its “Law of the Tao”, so its soul attack couldn’t do anything to the Yang Calamity Stage expert.

Tang Huan was connected to it by soul force, so he could clearly feel its fear.

However, Yu Qingge’s smile faded, and her face darkened slightly. Her eyes contained a bone-piercing coldness, as if she wanted to tear Tang Huan into pieces: “Brother Xie, then I’ll be troubling you!”

“Alright, watch me!”

Jie Fei Zhou nodded his head, and then looked at Tang Huan, his two eyes seemed to become solid in an instant, filled with an incomparably sharp light, “Tell me, how do you want to die?”

“I wish for Peony Flower to die and become a l.u.s.tful ghost. Brother Zhang Xuan, please grant me your wish!”

Tang Huan’s gaze swept past Yu Qingge and returned to the flying boat. His eyes were full of ridicule, but his tone was serious.

“How dare you!”

Yu Qingge’s eyebrows twitched, her pretty face turned frosty. The anger on her face grew even more intense as her killing intent intensified. “How dare you disrespect Lady Qingge, you’re courting death!”

“Haha, interesting!”

However, before the flying boat could take action, a loud laughter suddenly reverberated through the air. With only a flick of a finger, a figure arrived at the depths of the valley. It was a golden-robed man with a golden crown on his head. He was tall, had a square face, and clearly defined facial features.

The aura that was vaguely emitted from the golden robed man’s body was also incomparably tyrannical. It was actually not inferior to the flying boat. It was obvious that he was also an expert of the Yang Calamity Stage.

“Senior brother Xia!” It’s Senior Brother Xia! “

“Haha, Senior Brother Xia is here, there’s no need to be afraid.”

“With Senior Xia here, do you still dare to be so arrogant?”


As soon as the golden-robed man revealed himself, Tu Lei and the others, who had already quietly shrunk into a ball to pack up their quail, were immediately overjoyed. All of them were beaming with joy.


Jie Feizhou’s eyes narrowed, he sized up the newcomer and sneered, “Disciple of Ling Xiao Sword Sect?”

“Ling Xiao Sword Sect, Xia Yue!” The golden-robed man said in a deep voice.

“Ling Xiao Sword Sect?”

Hearing these words, Tang Huan’s mind moved. Back then, if there wasn’t a problem with the sword, after he pa.s.sed the “Ling Xiao Ancient Road”, he would have definitely joined the “Ling Xiao Sword Sect” under the guidance of Jian Yi. If that happened, Xia Lu and the others would most likely become fellow disciples of the same sect.

However, even though he had not joined the “Ling Xiao Sword Sect” yet, the speed at which Tang Huan’s cultivation increased wasn’t slow at all.

At the end of the day, no matter how strong the sect was, they still had to rely on themselves. If he had followed Jian Yi to the “Ling Xiao Sword Sect” back then, it would be hard to say whether he would have the luck he had now.

“You are Xia Lu?”

“Xia Lu of the Sky Region. I have heard of her name countless times in Central Wasteland City. Today, I will decide who is stronger.”

“That’s exactly what I was thinking!”

“I have heard of the great reputation of the Yang Prefecture’s Nine Star Holy Sect. I know it like thunder, and since I’ve met it today, I’ll take a good look and see if you’re the one who dealt with the flying boat’s saber, or if you’re my Xia Lu’s sword!” However, before I make a move, I have to get to know this interesting friend of mine. “

Sky Region’s “Ling Xiao Sword Sect” Xia Lu, Yang Province’s “Nine Star Holy Gate” Xie Feizhou …

These people should be the strongest among the pract.i.tioners of the “Heavenly Desolate Secret World”. There should be quite a number of young experts like them. No one knew whether or not the top ranker of the Pure Yang Sword Sect, Mei Yingluo, had long been a master of yin tribulation, but no one knew whether or not he had also entered the “Heavenly Mystery Realm”. That day, when the pa.s.sage was opened, Tang Huan did not sense her existence.

Now that Mei Yingluo was here, he was sure that she would not be any weaker than the Xia Lu and the flying boat.

While Tang Huan was thinking, Xia Lu’s gaze had already landed on his body, and laughed: “This friend, I wonder how I should address you?”

“I am…”

Hearing that, Tang Huan regained his senses, and cupped his hands in greeting. However, before he could announce his name, a young and tender happy voice sounded out, “Big Brother Tang Huan …”

Tang Huan looked over in shock, two familiar figures were rushing over from outside the valley, in an instant, they were right in front of him.

They were two women, one was a 25-26 year old purple-clothed girl, her looks was absolutely beautiful, as if she was carved from heaven, her entire body was br.i.m.m.i.n.g with a cold aura that no one was allowed to enter, the other was a pet.i.te girl in a red dress, at the age of 16 or 17, with an extremely delicate face like a child.

They were actually the sisters Li Shijun and Li Xiang Jun!

Tang Huan was more or less the same as them as they left Eastern Wasteland City together. They followed the group towards Central Wasteland City while Tang Huan went to search for the “Netherworld Nine Spirit Bird”.

He had thought that they would meet again after a long time, but he never expected that they would meet again. Furthermore, looking at their expressions, it was clear that they had not just arrived here, and their cultivation had also increased by a huge amount. Li Shi Jun had already reached the peak of the Yin Tribulation, and Li Xiang Jun had also reached the peak of the Yuan Level.

Judging from this, he must have stayed in the G.o.d Creation Stone for quite a long time.

In an instant, Tang Huan revealed a smile on his face. No matter what, being able to meet two familiar faces here was always something to be happy about.

Just as Tang Huan was prepared to greet the two of them, the little girl seemed to have thought of something, she suddenly stopped, covered her mouth, and stared with her beautiful eyes: “Aiya, not good!”


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