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Chapter 1932

“Boom —”

Origin crystals continued to tremble non-stop, and deafening sounds of collisions rang out one after another.

The terrifying impact pa.s.sed through the Mind Stigma inside the Origin Crystal and continued to invade Tang Huan’s soul.

This time, Tang Huan was fully prepared, he guarded his mind, and stabilised his soul.

At almost the same time, Tang Huan also activated the “Primal Chaos Source Crystal” to the extreme using the mental sculpture. While enduring that terrifying force, the three kilometer tall Origin Crystal began to rapidly expand. In an instant, it had already returned to its original shape, reaching an astonishing one hundred thousand meters.

During this process, he actually didn’t encounter any obstacles.

Tang Huan couldn’t help but feel a tinge of alarm in his heart. Other than worrying about the safety of the nine spirits and Xiao Zihan, he also had a huge concern: The collapse of the Qingming Secret Realm would very likely cause the s.p.a.ce in the Sacred Dragon Hall to collapse as well, allowing him to devour this “Primal Chaos Source Crystal.”

This should be the intention of the Dragon G.o.d’s Remnant Will.

He should know that whether it was detonating the Divine Attendant or the Qingming Secret Realm, none of them would be able to truly harm Tang Huan, who was protected by this “Primal Chaos Crystal.” However, through this method, if he could break through the spatial barrier of the “Heavenly Imperial Dragon Palace”, he could send the “Primal Chaos Crystals” into the void of darkness.

Back in the Nether Realm, when the Nine Spirits used the Life and Death Dao Lotus to break through the spatial barrier and enter the void, they were able to return to the Violet Cloud Sky Realm because the Nine-Colored Immortal Sect had been guiding the path of the Life and Death Dao Lotus the entire time.

As a result, the “Primal Chaos Source Crystal” would likely forever be lost in the void of darkness.

At this moment, the “Primal Chaos Source Crystal” did not feel any resistance from the outside world. This likely meant that the chaos source crystal was slipping into the void, otherwise, it would not be like this. After all, it was impossible for the Dragon City’s dimension to hold a hundred thousand meters of the “Primal Chaos Crystal”.

If he was still in Dragon City, Tang Huan would have been able to feel the obstruction from Dragon City before the “Primal Chaos Origin Crystal” had recovered to its initial height.

After the short period of astonishment, Tang Huan had instead calmed down like never before, his mind spreading out through the “Primal Chaos Origin Crystal”. In the next moment, Tang Huan caught sight of a pitch-black image. The energy that erupted when the Qingming Secret Realm collapsed was continuously pushing the Origin Crystals into the depths of this dark s.p.a.ce.

Tens of miles away, a glowing hole was rapidly closing up.

He had indeed entered the void of darkness!

After confirming this fact, Tang Huan did not panic, but instead, started to think quickly. Even though the dimensional hole that the Profound Sky Mystic Realm had detonated was huge, the healing speed was extremely fast.

At this time, forget about the shock wave that the “Primal Chaos Source Crystal” had endured, even if it had already disappeared, Tang Huan wouldn’t have enough time to re-enter Dragon City before the hole was completely healed.

Once that hole disappeared, it would be very difficult for Tang Huan to locate the location of the “Heavenly Imperial Dragon Palace”.

However, with the “Primal Chaos Source Crystal” and the “Myriad Sword Heavenly Diagram”, he would be able to protect his life and not be lonely with Xiao Budian around. He could only hope that the nine spirits and Xiao Zihan who were outside the Sacred Dragon Hall were safe and sound.

Although it was not convenient for Scarlet Radiance Tian to have him as a protector, with the Immortal Body clones, Shan Shan and Mu Yan would still be able to protect them if they were to transcend the heavenly tribulation and reach the heavens. If they could find a way to return to the Scarlet Radiance Heaven before they reached it, that would be for the best.

At this moment, countless thoughts pa.s.sed through Tang Huan’s mind.

“Master, look!”

Jianxin’s voice suddenly rang out.

Tang Huan’s mind moved, the hole that was quickly closing up started to expand again, in the blink of an eye, it had expanded by more than a hundred times. Within the hole, the flames that seemed to be mixed with white and green were actually raging, and within the flames, a figure of Pang Shuang could vaguely be seen.

In the next moment, countless roots seemed to cling onto the edge of the hole, preventing it from contracting.

It was also at this moment that nine abnormally dense green lights rushed out of their holes and entered the void of darkness like vines, continuing to grow longer.

“Little brother Tang Huan…” A faint call came from behind the hole.

“Sister Liu Li!”

Tang Huan was overjoyed. In between mind instructs (in a second), the “Primal Chaos Origin Crystal” had rapidly shrunk to the size of a baby’s fist, and then, it forcefully endured the energy of the blow that had already been depleted. It shot explosively towards the hole at an extremely fast speed, as if it was a meteor that was cutting across the horizon.

The nine green vines seemed to have also detected the existence of the “Chaos Origin Crystals.” They all changed their direction and came forward.

In a split-second, the distance between the two sides had been shortened to the limit.

The nine green vines rapidly weaved back and forth around the “Chaos Origin Crystal”. In an instant, they seemed to have formed a huge net that dragged the Origin Crystal back into the hole. At this time, they were like springs that had been stretched to their limits and then suddenly released. The speed at which they retreated had actually become even faster.


Its astonishing speed allowed the nine green vines to let out short, ear-piercing howls. In just a short span of one or two breaths, the green vines had already pa.s.sed through the holes formed by the powerful firepower and countless roots. Pang Shuo’s “Nine Palace Gla.s.s” then entered into Tang Huan’s senses.

“Little brother Tang Huan, this is so close, you almost sunk into the void.”

Heavenly Emperor Liu Li’s voice sounded outside of the “Primal Chaos Origin Crystal” and he seemed to heave a sigh of relief.

As he spoke, the nine green vines had already released their bindings on the Origin Crystals. The root hairs and the fireb.a.l.l.s that bore the holes quickly retracted. After a while, the figure of “Nine Palace Gla.s.s”, which was covered by the flames, became clear as well. Soon after, the “Nine Palace Liu-Li” transformed into the young girl in a green skirt.

“Thank you, Sister Liu Li.”

With a slight movement of his body, Tang Huan separated himself from the mind sculpture and appeared outside of the Origin Crystal.

Just a moment ago, it was indeed extremely thrilling, and if Heavenly Emperor Liu Li were to make a move, even if she were just a second late, that hole would completely close, and Tang Huan would completely sink into the void of darkness. Even if Heavenly Emperor Liu Li were to immediately blast open the spatial barrier of the “Heavenly Imperial Dragon Palace” in the same area, it would be impossible to find traces of Origin Crystals.

“Who would have thought that the old fellow would become so crazy?”

Heavenly Emperor Liu Li lightly shook his head and said with a smile, “It seems like we forced him too much. If I had known earlier, I wouldn’t have gotten rid of Gu Keng.”

“Gu Chi is already dead?”

After Tang Huan heard this, he could not help but be shocked.


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