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Chapter 1931 – Doggy Wall

“Hmm? “That’s not right!”

The Dragon G.o.d’s Remnants immediately noticed the change in the sucking’s power. It was anxious and angry, “Little b.a.s.t.a.r.d, what kind of treasure did you add this time?”

At this moment, the power of the sucking that originated from the “Primal Chaos Origin Crystal” had actually become even stronger than before.

When he was fighting against the primordial flames, although his power was melting, he wasn’t as impatient as he was now. This was because as his power melted, he was also using up his power. However, the situation now was very different.

While his power was being drained, Su Yun could refine sucking at the same time as Su Yun’s power, and use it to increase his own cultivation. If this continued, the opponent’s cultivation and strength would become increasingly strong, while he would become increasingly weak.

Both of these situations would weaken his strength.

He could tolerate himself weakening. After all, it had been this way for countless years. However, what he found difficult to tolerate was that his own strength had actually turned into nourishment for his opponent.

“Senior Dragon G.o.d, your senses are indeed sharp.” “Senior’s power is extremely pure, if it melted with the dao flame, it would be too much of a pity, so it would be better if I accepted it with a smile. After refining it, it would definitely be able to increase my supply of dao crystals by quite a bit.”

“How hateful!”

The Dragon G.o.d’s remnant thoughts flared up, “Little b.a.s.t.a.r.d, since you want to end this matter, don’t blame this old man!” The moment the roar rang out, the colossal dragon’s body, which was entwined with the ‘chaos source crystal’, transformed into countless streams of azure energy, slowly merging into every single inch of s.p.a.ce within the secret realm.

“Huh? What does he want? “

Inside the Origin Crystal, Tang Huan’s mind was filled with suspicions, a strong sense of danger rose from the depths of his soul, immediately following, an earth-shattering sound of explosion could be heard.

“Boom —”

Terrifying power immediately surged forth like raging waves and ruthlessly struck the “Primal Chaos Crystal”.

Tang Huan frowned, he immediately understood what was going on. The Dragon G.o.d’s remnant consciousness had actually detonated the round platform that was used to train the Divine Attendants, and it was not just one, but the remaining eight.

On the eight round tables were eight High King level divine servants.

With the circular platform detonated, the Dragon Clan Divine Attendant, who had merged with the circular platform, naturally could not be spared either. The power the eight Dragon Clan Divine Attendants could unleash after being ignited by the remnant will of the Dragon G.o.d definitely far exceeded the power that could be released by the explosion of the eight Highest Heavenly Kings.

In practically the blink of an eye, the “Chaos Origin Crystals” had been annihilated by layers and layers of energy.

Tang Huan also completely did not expect that when the Dragon G.o.d’s Remnants, a wild dog, leapt into the wall, it was actually so crazy, to the point where it was even willing to give up on the divine servants that it had spent hundreds of years of painstaking effort to cultivate.

However, in the next moment, Tang Huan was relieved.

The Divine Attendant that the Dragon G.o.d’s Remnants most favored was Xiao Budian, a twelve-winged Blue Dragon who was a descendant of a “Chaotic Heavenly Dragon.” At the same time, he placed all of his hopes on Xiao Budian. Now that Xiao Budian had been saved, he was obviously greatly agitated. Under such a situation, he might as well give up on himself.

Under the onslaught of the surrounding terrifying energy, this hundred thousand meter tall and terrifyingly heavy “Primal Chaos Source Crystal” actually began to shake uncontrollably, and there were even incomparably fierce Strength Qi s that poured in majestically from the countless tunnels like a collapsing dam.

Fortunately, although the “Primal Chaos Source Crystals” were currently only three thousand meters tall, their original bodies were extremely huge, and the inner pa.s.sages were criss-crossing, and zigzagged as well. The Strength Qi traveled chaotically within the channels, continuously weakening, and by the time they arrived at the center of the “Primal Chaos Source Crystal” area, they were already exhausted to the extreme.

However, the impact that the power had on the “Chaos Origin Crystals” was not limited to just that.

Tang Huan’s mind was already connected with this “Primal Chaos Origin Crystal”. Although the “Primal Chaos Origin Crystal” had not injured Tang Huan’s body, his soul had still suffered from the heavy blow. Fortunately, Tang Huan’s soul was far stronger than an ordinary Heavenly King, and after being dazed for a short while, he regained his clarity of mind.

This temporary crisis had pa.s.sed, but not only did the warning sign that came from the depths of Tang Huan’s soul not disappear, it had instead become even more intense.

“This old man is crazy. He even wants to detonate the Green Eerie Swamp!”

With that thought, Tang Huan immediately guessed the dragon G.o.d’s remnant thoughts’ true intent. To detonate the eight round tables that were used to train G.o.d servants, it was just an appetizer. The true purpose of the dragon G.o.d remnant thoughts was to detonate the “Green Underworld Holy Dragon” that was condensed by the power. If the dragon’s body exploded, the mystic realm s.p.a.ce would immediately collapse.

Looks like losing Xiao Budian, the Blue Dragon’s Divine Attendant, was indeed enough to excite the Dragon G.o.d’s remnant thought, and the sucking had become the last straw that broke the camel’s back. As long as there was still hope for regaining his former strength, the Dragon G.o.d’s Remnants would not be so reckless.

It had to be known that detonating this servant and this Green Eerie Swamp would deal severe damage to the remnant consciousness of the Dragon G.o.d. It might even cause him to fall into a deep sleep for thousands of years.

Tang Huan was not actually worried about her safety.

With the great treasures of “Primal Chaos Source Crystal”, “Nine Yang Divine Furnace”, and “Myriad Sword Heavenly Diagram” here, not to mention a small s.p.a.ce like the Azure Underworld’s collapse, even if the entire “Heavenly Imperial Dragon Palace” were to collapse, he wouldn’t even need to worry about his life. What he was truly worried about was the Nine Spirits and Xiao Zihan outside of Holy Dragon Palace.

With the Qingming Secret Realm destroyed, the vast area outside would definitely be razed to the ground. With Nine Spirits and Xiao Zihan caught off guard, it would be difficult for them to escape.

“Boom —” Suddenly, an explosive sound was heard.

“This old fellow has already made his move!”

Inside the mind sculpture, Tang Huan’s heart couldn’t help but sink. He knew that this secret realm must have been detonated by the Dragon G.o.d’s remnant consciousness. Indeed, in a flash, an even more terrifying power crashed down on the “Primal Chaos Crystals” from all directions like an enormous wave. It was extremely powerful, like a thunderbolt.

Instantly, Tang Huan couldn’t help but become somewhat anxious.

But now, he had no other choice but to wait. If he were outside of the Origin Crystal, he could activate the “Yin-Yang dao diagram” the moment the s.p.a.ce collapsed. He could force his way out, and then absorb Jiu Ling and Xiao Zihan as fast as he could into the s.p.a.ce outside the Holy Dragon Palace.

But at this moment, if Tang Huan left the “Primal Chaos Source Crystal”, he would not even have time to save her. Even he himself, would be smashed into smithereens by the terrifying energy.

Now, he only hoped that Nine Spirits and Xiao Zihan could make it into the Life and Death Dao Lotus in time. Only by doing so would he be able to avoid a calamity.

Tang Huan took a deep breath, and forced himself to calm down. Inside his soul, the G.o.d Casting Crystal was already activated to the limit, and the impact his soul would receive next, would definitely be even more intense.


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