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Chapter 1923 – Green h.e.l.lish Holy Dragon

After a while, Tang Huan was in the Holy Dragon Palace.

The interior of the palace was much more s.p.a.cious than Tang Huan had imagined. When she was outside the hall, it seemed as if there was a layer of mist shrouding the entire place. After entering, Tang Huan’s vision immediately became extremely clear, and a thick cyan color instantly appeared before her eyes.

Within the vast palace, there was actually an enormous azure colored dragon occupying it.

Its appearance was actually exactly the same as the colossal dragon that Tang Huan saw when she was chased to the entrance of the “Heavenly Imperial Dragon Palace” by the phoenix head. Although it was quiet and unmoving, the imposing aura it faintly emitted was shocking, especially its pair of eyes, which seemed to contain the power to penetrate through the soul.

Not only was the aura emitted by the enormous azure dragon’s body extremely majestic, it was also abnormally profound. It actually had a faint meaning beyond the Heavenly Dao, and was similar to Tang Huan’s “G.o.d Casting Crystal” in a different way. However, this aura was not one of life.

Tang Huan suddenly came to a realization. This enormous green dragon was only a condensed form of energy, moreover, this green dragon was not an ordinary Dragon Clan, it should be the legendary Dragon G.o.d. According to what Heavenly Emperor Liu Li said, that Dragon G.o.d was a “Green h.e.l.lish Holy Dragon”, which was probably why this palace got its name.

If he could condense such a “Green h.e.l.lish Holy Dragon” out of his energy, perhaps the remnant will of the Dragon G.o.d would also be here.

Suddenly, Tang Huan couldn’t help but frown.

He had a strong premonition that the secret realm that Long Jun and the Heavenly King of Dragon Clan had revealed should be within the body of this “Green h.e.l.lish Holy Dragon.” However, if that Dragon G.o.d’s remnant consciousness was truly within, then it would be troublesome. Of course, Tang Huan was not worried that it would pose a threat to him.

Although the remnant thought originated from a Divine Level expert, but over the course of countless years, it had long since become extremely weak. Otherwise, it wouldn’t have been necessary for it to nurture the Dragon Clan’s Divine Attendant to sacrifice itself.

Especially when that Dragon G.o.d’s Remnant Spirit had activated the so-called “Dragon G.o.d’s Fury” a few years ago, and was now being used to activate the “War Blood Asura Array”, it must be extremely weak, and definitely could not threaten Tang Huan at all. Otherwise, it would have attacked Tang Huan a long time ago.

What Tang Huan was really worried about was that it would resist him from entering that secret realm.

However, after the flick of a finger, Tang Huan started laughing.

Since Xiao Budian had been chosen as a Divine Attendant, it meant that she had already entered the mouth of the dragon. Then how could the remnant will of the “Green h.e.l.lish Holy Dragon” so easily spit out the food that was in its mouth? This kind of difficulty was something that had already been antic.i.p.ated long before they had arrived at the Dragon City. Even if such a thing truly appeared, what was there to fear? If the remnant consciousness of the Dragon G.o.d wanted to block it, then he would just force his way in. How could the remnant consciousness of a Divine Realm expert compare to the divine crystal of a Divine Realm expert?

In the next moment, Tang Huan’s powerful mind completely enveloped the “Green h.e.l.lish Holy Dragon”.

It was just a little while, but Tang Huan’s eyes couldn’t help but flash a flash of understanding. It was just as he had guessed before, the body of the “Green h.e.l.lish Holy Dragon” that was condensed from this power did indeed hold a s.p.a.ce, it should be the secret realm used by the Dragon Clan to train its divine servants.

An abnormally powerful repulsive force indeed existed within the “Green h.e.l.lish Holy Dragon”, preventing Tang Huan’s mind from investigating the area of s.p.a.ce in detail.

“You can’t stop me!” Tang Huan squinted his eyes, looking at the green dragon, he smiled.

“Who are you?”

A voice that was materialized from the huge green dragon’s body suddenly came out, and his tone revealed a hint of surprise. “A mere middle level Heavenly King, actually has the power of a divine crystal, you … Who exactly is it? ” As he finished speaking, his voice was filled with an unconcealable gloominess and chilliness.

As soon as the voice was heard, the huge green dragon seemed to come to life.

“As expected of senior!” Tang Huan cupped her hands towards the enormous cyan dragon and said with a smile, “I am Tang Huan, disciple of the Cast Divine Dragon Abyss. Paying my respects to Senior Dragon G.o.d!”

“Cast Divine Dragon Abyss?”

That voice contained a trace of shock. Tang Huan’s ident.i.ty had obviously greatly exceeded his expectations, “You’re actually a disciple of Dragon Lake City?”

Tang Huan laughed, “As expected of Senior Dragon G.o.d, you know of my master.”

“So what if it’s the Divine Cast Dragon Abyss?”

The voice was silent for a moment, as if it was digesting the shocking news. However, it had already calmed down after a short while, and let out a cold snort, “Back then, even if it was the Divine Cast Dragon Abyss, it wouldn’t dare to be impudent in front of this old man, much less a disciple like you.”

“Senior also said that it was back then.”

Hearing this, Tang Huan did not panic, and said while laughing, “A good man does not mention what happened back then. Senior’s strength may truly be stronger than junior’s Master, but that was only back then. Now, what appeared in front of this junior was not this senior’s true body, but a strand of mind instructs (in a second). This mind instructs (in a second) is also not at its peak, and after the pa.s.sage of many years, Senior’s mind instructs (in a second) has already become an extremely weak remnant of thought, and is no longer as strong and prosperous as before. “

The voice once again became silent, Tang Huan’s words evidently stabbed at his sore spot.

“Brat, what are you planning to do by infiltrating this old man’s dragon city?” After about ten breaths of time, the sound once again rang out.

“I heard that the Dragon City’s Secret Realm is quite marvelous. Junior would really like to go in and take a look.”

Tang Huan smiled lightly.

At this time, he naturally would not reveal his true purpose. If he knew that he had come for Xiao Budian, this remnant will of the Dragon G.o.d might have used Xiao Budian to threaten him. The Dragon G.o.d himself, might not do such a thing, but Tang Huan was only facing the remnant will of the Dragon G.o.d.

“To Disciples, my secret realm is indeed a holy land for cultivation, but to Human Clan cultivators, it is not a good place to go to.” The voice snorted, “Brat, that isn’t a place you should go. Quickly bring your friend away from the Dragon City, this old man can let bygones be bygones.”

“What if junior must go?” Tang Huan was still smiling.

“Do you have to go?”

The voice sneered, “Kid, you can give it a try! However, no matter how weak my will is, it still originates from the cultivators that have proven themselves to be the G.o.ds. Furthermore, the Secret Dimension is also in my body. “

“Since that’s the case, then this junior shall not be courteous.”

Tang Huan smiled slightly.

In between his mind instructs (in a second), a majestic and vigorous firepower roared out from within Tang Huan’s Dantian Furnace. In an instant, it transformed into an exceptionally violent “Primal Chaos Daoflame” in front of him. As soon as the transparent flame appeared, it rapidly expanded and rolled forward like a tidal wave.

“Chaos energy …”

Almost in the next moment, an astonished exclamation came from within the body of the Azure Dragon.


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