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Chapter 1884 – Urgent

Tang Huan did not immediately make a decision, and instead, sank into deep thought.

After a while, Tang Huan exhaled lightly, looked at Pterosaur and said slowly: “Swear an oath to the heavens, be loyal to me, I will spare your life.”

When Nine Spirit heard this, she could not help but feel a little surprised.

However, even though she wanted to vent her anger by getting rid of this Pterosaur, she did not question Tang Huan’s decision. He definitely had a reason for making such a decision.

“Alright, I agree!”

Pterosaur agreed almost without hesitation.

As the master of the “Heavenly Imperial Dragon Palace”, the Disciples had actually submitted to a human cultivator who was just a prey for the Heavenly Imperial Dragon Palace … This was indeed disgraceful to the Dragon Clan, but compared to his life, what did his dignity amount to?

Although it was severely injured and no longer possessed the strength it had before, its cultivation base was still there. It was still possible for it to swear upon the Heavens and Earth.

After a while, Pterosaur completed her oath.

“Eat it!”

Tang Huan took out a healing pellet and threw it into Pterosaur’s open mouth.

Immediately after, he activated “Primal Chaos Dao Fire”, under the astonished gaze of the Pterosaur, a powerful firepower enveloped Pang Shuang’s body, following that, the firepower gave birth to a boundless life force, as though it was an all-pervasive flood, and majestically poured into its body.

Dragon Clan’s flesh body was strong in the first place, and had an extremely strong recovery ability, so under the effects of the medicinal pellet and such a dense life force, Pterosaur’s heavily injured body immediately started to heal.

First, the densely packed wounds on his body quickly disappeared, and then the broken bones were reattached, and his broken internal organs were slowly rea.s.sembled. In just a short two hours, the originally dying black Pterosaur became lively and energetic once again.

Of course, if he wanted to completely recover, he still needed to rest for a period of time.

“Long Jun, I’ll send you out in a bit.”

Tang Huan kept the “Primal Chaos Dao Flame” and stared at the Pterosaur, and said slowly, “Next, you will guard my ‘Myriad Sword Heavenly Diagram’ and recuperate well for three days. Once you have fully recovered, you will bring it along and head towards the Dragon City. In addition, contact your close friends to find out the whereabouts of the Dragon Lady. “

Long Jun was the name of this black Pterosaur.

“Take these three medicinal pills and absorb one per day.”

Tang Huan waved her hand lightly, and another three pellets appeared in front of Pterosaur, “Also, put away your temper, and remember what you need to do. If you encounter any other Dragon Clan or strong Heavenly Beasts, try your best not to clash with them, otherwise, you will be severely punished. ” As she finished speaking, Tang Huan’s tone was extremely strict.


Pterosaur’s mind was in a state of shock, she quickly caught the pill and agreed.

Jianxin had now found a new hiding place, and it was still a small dark stone cave.

Not long after she controlled the “Ten Thousand Swords Heavenly Diagram” to exit the cave, Pterosaur appeared from the newly unfurled painting a flash. She repeatedly roared excitedly and her pair of fleshy wings also started to flap ferociously, somersaulting a few times in the air, filled with the joy of having survived a disaster.

For a time, the strong winds howled, and it affected many of the towering trees below.

However, Pterosaur did not dare to get too excited, after a moment, she closed the scroll again and folded her wings, sinking into the forest below.

“Big Brother, Xiao Budian is in great danger.”

“It must have been chosen as some kind of divine servant, if not, that guy would not have even heard of it. The twelve-winged Blue Dragon might not be unique within the Dragon Clan, but it is definitely the only twelve-winged Blue Dragon with the potential to become a divine beast.”

Since the Divine Attendants had the best apt.i.tude out of all the Dragon Clan s who had gone through tribulation in the lower realms, there was no reason for them to ignore Xiao Budian.

“I know.”

Tang Huan took a deep breath, and said in a deep voice, “So I left Long Jun here. With it, even if other Dragon Clan were to sense your imprint in the next few days, they would be able to overcome it. “

“Most importantly, with the help of its ident.i.ty as a Disciples, we should be able to find the whereabouts of all the Dragon Children and Dragon Ladies, in order to get a general idea of the situation regarding the Secret Realm and the sacrifices made. Otherwise, even if we infiltrate the Dragon City, we would not be able to rescue Xiao Budian.”

“After knowing the situation, if we want to enter the Dragon City, we’ll need the help of Long Jun.”

“I see.”

“Big brother, I heard from Long Jun that those Dragon Children and Dragon Women are both peak Highest Heavenly Kings, and the two of us are only low level Heavenly Kings now. With just the two of us, even if we have the ‘Primal Chaos Crystals’, we can’t do anything to them.”

“Therefore, we need to train more diligently.”

“It’s not long before the hunt begins, and the sacrifice will take place after the hunt, which means we have more than four years left. Of course, Xiao Budian might not necessarily be sacrificed after this hunt, but we need to prepare for the worst. “

“More than four years …”

At this moment, no matter if it was her or Tang Huan, both of them felt an exceptionally strong sense of urgency.

To a lower Heavenly King, four years was simply too short.

In such a short period of time, to raise his cultivation level to the point where he could contend with a peak-level Heavenly King, the difficulty could be imagined. Fortunately, the “Primal Chaos Origin Crystal” was in Tang Huan’s hands, which allowed him to see a considerable amount of hope. Otherwise, he really would not know how to save Xiao Budian from danger.

As for the Heavenly Emperor, even if he had the “Primal Chaos Origin Crystal”, even if Tang Huan was given two or four years, she would still not be able to contend against it.

“Jiu Ling, the situation is urgent. We need to hurry and train.”


In the next moment, Tang Huan brought the nine spirits and entered the center of the “Primal Chaos Origin Crystal”.

“The nine spirits summoned the ‘Life and Death Dao Lotus’ and entered its inner s.p.a.ce.” The Life and Death Dao Lotus “existed within the Dantian. Although it could also quickly convert vitality into death energy for cultivation, it could be controlled inside the Dao lotus. The transformation speed of vitality and death energy was faster and the cultivation speed was faster.

Tang Huan then merged into the mind sculpture once again and began cultivating while channeling “Creation G.o.d Technique”.

Tang Huan who possessed a primal chaos aura and had comprehended the Primal Chaos Law of the Tao to refine the Chaotic Force felt like she was walking in a hot spring when she was tired. Her body and even her entire soul felt relaxed and comfortable.

Not long later, within Tang Huan’s Dantian, the total number of crystals started to rise crazily like before.

One hundred and fifty-one million … One hundred and fifty-two million …


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