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Chapter 1704 – The Primal Beginning Immortal Bead

This white bead was the ‘Celestial Pearl of Taishang’.

Even if there were people who coveted it, and killed one of the top five thousand cultivators on the Martial Arts List, they would never be able to take over the “Primal Beginning Immortal Bead” they obtained. The prize for the bead could only belong to someone else. In addition, the more brilliant the bead was, the greater the amount of energy one would be able to draw in from the primal chaos region.

At this time, whether it was Flower b.u.t.terfly, Zhang Jingling, Xiao Niao, or the thousands of other cultivators that had obtained the “Pearl of Absolute Beginning”, they couldn’t help but reveal an expression of joy.

“The top ranker of the Artifact Board can obtain a hundred places.”

“The second rank of the Artifact Board can be ranked 80; the third rank of the Artifact Board can be ranked 60; and the fourth to tenth ranks can be ranked 5-4 each. “Ranked # 11 to # 40 on the Artifact Board can be placed in the top 30; ranked # 31 to # 70 on the Artifact Board can be placed in the top 20; ranked # 70 to # 100 on the Artifact Board can be placed in the top 10.”

“The first name of each of the major realms will be obtained by five spots.”

“The rewards cannot be overlaid. If the first name of the domain realm simultaneously enters the top 100 ranks of the Artifact Board, then this reward will be cancelled!”

The voice of the Celestial Mirror once again echoed in this s.p.a.ce.

There was indeed a huge disparity between the rewards of the Artifact Board.

The difference between the top 100 on the Artifact Board and the bottom 30 was 10 times, and the difference between the first place and the first place of each major region was also 20 times. However, the rewards for the “Myriad Domain Dao Arts” had always been like this. As a result, no one felt it strange, and they could only look up into the sky.

Threads of white-colored odor rose into the air once more as they rapidly formed a large number of “Primal Beginning Immortal Beads” in the air. The white l.u.s.ter they emitted was also different in strength.

Seeing this scene, some of the cultivators even began to breathe heavily.

“Chi!” “Swish …”

The sound of something tearing through the air once again rang out in the ears of the cultivators, and high up in the sky, the “Pearl of Absolute Beginning” once again shot out in all directions.

“One hundred spots…”

Tang Huan squinted, and a hint of excitement also appeared in the bottom of her heart.

A hundred spots meant a hundred “Primal Beginning Immortal Beads”. One of these beads would directly fuse into the body of the person who had won the prize. Just like the celestial beads that the top 5000 cultivators obtained, they wouldn’t be able to take them out again. However, the extra celestial beads were temporarily ownerless.

Basically, those immortal beads would be distributed to the most outstanding disciples in the sect.

However, there would occasionally be a sect that would take out one or two of these “Primal Beginning Immortal Beads” to trade. Immortals’ Beads like that were all sold at sky-high prices, and the price was said to be above two hundred million Heaven beads. Of course, when it was actually traded, it was definitely not directly using Heavenly Jewels, but rather some other treasures of equivalent value.

In the blink of an eye, a white light had already arrived in front of Tang Huan.

The brightest pill went straight for Tang Huan’s abdomen, and in that moment it had a.s.similated into the Dantian. When a partic.i.p.ant with immortal beads directly entered the body, they would receive the same treatment as the other five thousand cultivators on the Martial Ranking, which was the infusion of power.

As for the other ninety-nine immortal pearls, they quietly floated in front of Tang Huan.

Although these beads were constantly releasing white light, they were much dimmer than the one that was absorbed into Tang Huan’s body. Although the cultivators who absorbed these beads would be able to enter the “Primal Beginning Immortal Domain” in the future, they would be treated a little worse off, as they would not have the energy to do so.

“Lots of ‘Absolute Beginning Immortal Pearls’!”

Du Xinghe was beaming with joy as she laughed so hard that the corners of his mouth almost touched the back of his ear. She laughed so hard that the corners of his mouth curled up to the back of his ear.

Xiao Zihan, Pang Xuan, Hua Die, and the other cultivators of the Nine-Colored Immortal Sect also had smiles plastered on their pretty faces.

They were only curious about his ident.i.ty and origin. It was even more impossible for them to respect him, since his cultivation was truly too low. The reason why they called him “Master Ancestor” was because of the decree left behind by the founder.

But as time pa.s.sed, their opinion of Tang Huan continuously changed.

Now, forget about Hua Die and the other nine cultivators, even Pang Xuan, Gu Jingbo and the other elders looked at Tang Huan with deep admiration in their eyes.

Although Tang Huan’s cultivation could not be compared to theirs, Tang Huan’s Tools Method was just too strong. The current him was able to defeat the Heavenly King Realm’s heaven rank skills in the “Myriad Domain Dao Arts” compet.i.tion, so one day, when Tang Huan became a Heavenly Grade heaven rank skill, how terrifying would her Tools Method be?

At that time, he would have been able to easily forge a perfect Heaven grade Dao item.

Unfortunately, Tang Huan did not represent the Nine Colored Immortal Sect in the compet.i.tion! However, he couldn’t help but feel some regret in his heart. Tang Huan was the ancestor of the Nine-Colored Immortal Sect, and she represented the Emperor Dragon’s Heavenly Palace. However, this was Tang Huan’s decision, so she naturally respected it.

As for the Kui Cow and She Yuji who came from the Nether Realm, their eyes were only filled with respect and reverence.

“Big brother, big brother …” Jiu Ling looked at Tang Huan anxiously. Although she did not say the rest of her words, her meaning was very clear in her eyes.

“Don’t worry, I won’t forget you.”

Tang Huan laughed, extended her hand and grabbed, releasing the ninety-nine “Absolute Beginning Immortal Beads”, which were all piled up in her right palm.

Then, Tang Huan turned to Du Xinghe and Xiao Zihan and slowly said, “Sect Master, Sect Master, I will leave three of these ‘Primal Beginning Immortal Beads’ for Jiu Ling, Kui Cow, and Yuji. As for the other ninety-six, we will split them equally, how about that?”

This kind of allocation method was something that Tang Huan had long thought of.

Although he was partic.i.p.ating as a disciple of the Emperor Dragon’s Heavenly Mansion, he and Nine Spirits had received a lot of help from the Nine Colored Immortal Sect during this period of time. Thus, he had long decided that regardless of how many spots he obtained in the auction, he would leave half for the Nine Colored Immortal Sect.

“Of course.”

Du Xinghe was slightly surprised for a moment. She and Xiao Zihan looked at each other, and then nodded with a smile.

Even after Tang Huan had returned, Du Xinghe never thought that he would enter the top hundred. She would be satisfied if she could suppress the Heaven’s Qian Yuan Sect and the Limitless Temple, win first place in the Flowing Flower Domain and obtain five spots. But now, what he had obtained was a total of forty-eight spots, which completely exceeded his expectations.

Although the other cultivators of the Emperor Dragon’s Heavenly Mansion were a little dazed, they did not object.

These spots were things that Tang Huan had obtained in the first place, so it was naturally Tang Huan’s decision to decide on the allocation of the slots. After all, if not for Tang Huan, let alone forty-eight spots, no five places would be possible. Furthermore, if not for the high grade perfect Dao Artifact provided by Tang Huan, Xiao Niandie would not have been able to obtain a spot.

“Then, I’ll have to thank Martial Ancestor.”

Xiao Zihan, on the other hand, didn’t expect Tang Huan to make such a distribution. After a brief moment of surprise, she cupped her hands and smiled, not rejecting his good intentions. When Pang Xuan, Hua Die, and the rest of the Rainbow Immortal Sect cultivators came back to their senses, the happy smile on their faces couldn’t be suppressed at all.

The Kui Cow and She Yuji did not expect themselves to also have a spot, their faces instantly flushed red with excitement …


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