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Chapter 450: Martial Will Valley

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Su Mo currently had more than four billion lower spiritual stones, so he could devour them to his heart’s content.

As he continued taking out huge amounts of spiritual stones, dense spiritual Qi filled the room.

Su Mo’s physical strength was sky-rocketing.

He might have been devouring spiritual stones at a faster rate, but since he now possessed riches beyond belief, he could continue devouring them without a care.

As long as he had spiritual stones, he could rapidly increase his physical strength.

Su Mo stopped cultivating an hour later. Both the golden glow and the golden scales on his body were now more dazzling than before.

He could now easily defeat an average Lv 3 Enlightenment Realm martial artist with his physical strength alone. Such a rate of improvement could only be described as terrifying.

His physical strength had progressed from a half step to the Enlightenment Realm to Lv 3 Enlightenment Realm in merely an hour.

Obviously, this came at an equally terrifying cost. He had exhausted more than two hundred million lower spiritual stones this time.

Su Mo’s eyes lit up as he fell into deep thought. Now that his cultivation and physical strength had reached Lv 1 and Lv 3 Enlightenment realm respectively, he wasn’t planning to improve them anymore. He wanted to settle down and stabilize his cultivation for a while before strengthening himself again.

In the meantime, he was going to improve his sword will and martial arts techniques.

He was only so powerful now because of the Grand Chaos Five Elements Skill and his overwhelming physical strength.

Now, his various martial arts techniques were not up to par with his current cultivation.

For example, his Tenth Senior Brother Tian Chen’s saber technique was much more powerful than his Infinite Sword Art.

If Su Mo had cultivated a swordplay of that level, his strength could further improve by leaps and bounds.

Body moves were just as important. Su Mo had made use of his free time to cultivate the ‘Dragon Sky-roaming Steps’ that he obtained in the Firmament Divine Realm. However, given his tight schedule, he didn’t manage to master it.

Dragon Sky-roaming Steps was a Medium Lv 4 martial arts technique, which was meant for martial artists of the middle stage of Enlightenment Realm. Although its level wasn’t high, it would suffice for now.

After some consideration, Su Mo decided to start with the Lower Lv 6 Nirvana Swordplay.

Nirvana Swordplay was part of the Nirvana Swordplay Skill. Su Mo had already combined Nirvana Cultivation Method with Grand Chaos Five Elements Skill, but he had yet to start on Nirvana Swordplay.

It was a profound swordplay that Su Mo couldn’t decipher previously, but now that his cultivation and strength had increased, he was finally gaining a better understanding of it.

There were four moves in Nirvana Swordplay, namely:

The first move—Sky Serenity!

The second move—Dark Serenity!

The third move—Holy Serenity!

The fourth move—Obliteration Cut!

Su Mo meditated for an entire day in order to decipher the basics of the four moves before he started cultivating.

In the following half a month, Su Mo’s life was pretty peaceful. He cultivated Nirvana Swordplay and Dragon Sky-roaming Steps in the morning, and refined his Vital Spirit and cultivation at night.

His advancement of sword will was the slowest, but since he was practising his swordplay everyday, his understanding of swordsmans.h.i.+p had improved. He felt that his sword will had reached the peak of Rank One, and he just needed a tiny push to advance to Rank Two.

On this day, Su Mo was practicing his swordplay in the square of Towering Sky Peak.

He was moving like a dragon as he delivered a dazzling five-colored sword radiance that destroyed everything within a distance of several thousand meters while sending out a destructive aura.

Clap! Clap! Clap!

Su Mo stopped his practice when he heard the round of applause, and saw Tian Chen striding toward him.

“Eleventh Junior Brother, what a great swordplay. It’s comparable to my ‘Illusive Raging Saber’!” Tian Chen said with a smile.

“Hehe! It’s a pity that I’ve barely managed to reach the Minor Completion realm, so I have yet to unleash the true power of this swordplay!” Su Mo laughed and replied.

Shaking his head, Tian Chen said, “The level of your swordplay isn’t low, and it should be sufficient for you till the Martial King Realm, so you can take it slowly. I’m going to bring you somewhere now!”

“Oh? Where?” Su Mo asked curiously.

“Hehe! You’ll know once you get there!” Tian Chen kept Su Mo in suspense, saying, “This place is beneficial for both of us so let’s go!”

Tian Chen launched himself into the air and flew away.

Su Mo smiled with a shake of his head, and then followed after Tian Chen.

Soon enough, the two of them arrived at a huge valley.

This valley was located between the Great Heaven Peak and the Dark Sky Peak. It was huge at almost 10,000 feet wide, but its length was unknown. The place was bustling with disciples of the Celestialspirit Sect going in and out of the valley.

There was a giant stele at the entrance of the valley with three beautifully written words on it—Martial Will Valley!

“Martial Will Valley? What is this? Could it have something to do with martial will?’ Su Mo asked Tian Chen with a confused gaze.

“Indeed! This is a place that the Celestialspirit Sect has designated for their disciples to improve their martial will. Let’s go!” Tian Chen nodded and flew into the valley.

“A place for disciples to improve their sword will?” Su Mo became more confused. “Isn’t martial will completely up to one’s own comprehension? Could there be a way to improve it?”

With his curiousity piqued, Su Mo headed for the valley as well.

After taking a while to get through the deep valley, Su Mo was surprised to discover several gigantic statues.

These statues seemed to be built from giant rocks, but instead of statues carved into a human likeness, they were shaped like weapons. There were a dozen statues that included a sword, saber, spear, and fist.

Each of them was over a hundred feet tall and gave off an extraordinary aura that was similar to a divine weapon.

However, Su Mo was greatly amazed by the overwhelming martial will imbued within the statues.

The huge sword, for example, was giving off a piercing sword will that chilled Su Mo even from thousands of meters away.

There were many disciples sitting before each of the statues and all were trying to comprehend the martial will of the statues.

Su Mo was shocked by the Celestialspirit Sect’s ability to come up with such a great place. It truly lived up to its t.i.tle as one of the seven superpowers of the East Continent.

This place could not only help the disciples that had already comprehended martial will to quickly level up their martial wills, it also allowed the ones that had yet to comprehend martial will to grasp the concept.

“Eleventh Junior Brother, I sensed that your sword will is only at the Grand Completion realm of Rank One, so I brought you here. How is it? Are you satisfied?” Tian Chen’s voice rang in Su Mo’s ear.

“Haha! I’m satisfied! I’m too satisfied!” Su Mo laughed heartily.

He knew that with the help of such a place, his sword will would be able to advance rapidly in a short amount of time.

“It’s Tian Chen from Towering Sky Peak!”

“This guys is a fiend. He killed three disciples from Holy Sky Peak when he was there previously!”

“Who’s the guy beside him? How dare he stand next to Tian Chen?”

“I’ve heard that Towering Sky Peak took in a new disciple. I wonder if he is the one?”

“All the disciples from Towering Sky Peak are lawless freaks. We gotta stay away from them!”

Many people started moving to the side when they saw Tian Chen and acted as if he was after them.

This left Su Mo completely speechless, since he felt that his Senior Brothers and Sisters were actually pretty nice and easy to get along with!

Why was everyone treating disciples from Towering Sky Peak like ruthless fiends?


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